Vegetarian Diets

By Dr. Lawrence Wilson


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.



            Definitions. There are different types of vegetarians:


  1. Vegetarians. This is a general term meaning those who do not eat animal products.  My mentor, Paul Eck, used the term to describe people who do not eat red meat.
  2. Obligatory vegetarians. These are people who become vegetarian because they do not feel well eating meat.  Some can no longer digest meat, and some may experience other symptoms when they eat meat such as fatigue, abdominal pain, constipation or bloating.  This is a disease state of the body.
  3. Lacto-vegetarians eat dairy products, but not meat.
  4. Lacto-ovo vegetarians eat dairy and eggs but not meats.
  5. Vegans (very deficient diet-wise), eat no dairy products and no eggs.
  6. Semi-vegetarians. These are people who eat meat no more than three times per week.
  7. Fruitarians (even more deficient) eat only or mainly fruit.
  8. Carnivores are people or animalswho live mainly on meat.
  9. Omnivores are people or animals that live on a mixed meat and vegetable diet.
  10. Herbivores are people or animals that live on only plant foods with no meat.


            For three years, I lived and worked as the Health Director at a vegetarian health spa in Cuernavaca, Mexico.  It is no longer open.  However, while living there I learned the Vegetarian philosophy and practiced it thoroughly.  I gave three lectures a week about it to all the guests.

Unfortunately, my health became much worse on a regimen of mostly raw, vegetarian food.  I had no idea what was happening to me at the time.  The imbalances and problems still plague me after thirty years of trying to undo them.  The body is weak, sluggish and still deficient in some nutrients.  That may sound crazy, but it is not.

I could not figure out why this happened until I understood the importance of certain subtle nutrient compounds that are only found in meats.  Anyone who says you can get every nutrient from a vegetarian diet is a liar, either intentionally or through ignorance.


Many vegetarians believe that mankind has lived a vegetarian lifestyle for centuries.  While this may be true for some Chinese and Indian people, it is certainly not true for most Western people, in spite of propaganda spread by some vegetarian groups.  They claim that "most of mankind for “most of human history” has lived on vegetarian or near-vegetarian diets."  This is simply not true.

Weston Price, DDS, and many other anthropologists, have found that almost all early humans were hunters and gatherers. Humans have not been vegetarians, except when there was nothing else to eat.  On every continent, mankind has killed animals for food.



The benefits of vegetarian diets. Some authors such as Colin Campbell tout the benefits of vegetarian diets.  I would add, however, that they don’t matter because they are far outweighed by the problems of these diets.  So I will not repeat them here.

A lot of the so-called benefits are that people give up some junk food when they adopt a vegetarian diet.  This is not an advantage to a vegetarian diet.  It is just a change for the better in one’s eating habits.

              Problems with vegetarian diets.

This section is divided into “Always Problems” and “Often, But Not Necessarily Problems”.




High in copper.  This may not seem important, but it is critically important today when most people are already extremely toxic with copper.  Meats are an excellent source of absorbable and usable zinc, which is the main copper antagonist.  Taking zinc tablets is no substitute for zinc in meats!

Too much copper is associated with yeast problems, cancers, heart disease, and mental illness, for starters.  Many female problems and skin problems also have to do with copper imbalance.


Low in zinc. This is a very serious and almost universal nutritional imbalance in everyone today.  Vegetarian diets always make it much worse.  The main foods that contain zinc are meats or flesh foods – not eggs or cheese, by the way.

Zinc has hundreds of uses in the body from preventing birth defects and other genetic uses in biosynthesis, to detoxification and the operation of thousands of enzymes in the body.  The deficiency is severe in most people.

Blood tests, hair tests and other tests do not reveal the problem, in our experience.  Dr. Paul Eck, my early mentor, was one of the first to realize this.

For this reason, he opposed all vegetarian regimens, which included just eating fish and chicken.  This is not as bad as pure vegetarian diets, but it is not as good as eating some red meat up to twice weekly for most people.  More is not good, by the way, due in part to too much iron.

Much too yin. Yin and yang are physical qualities of matter.  Yang is warmer, drier, more compact, and down and inward-moving energy.  Yin is cooler, damper, expanded or flaccid and upwardly-moving energy.

Vegetarian diets are extremely yin!  This is horrible for our health today, no matter what other benefits these diets may have.  The reason is that all bodies are already too yin.  Correction requires a more yang diet.  This means animal protein daily, and mainly cooked food, not raw food.  So please remember this vegetarian problem, as it is a very important one, though subtle.

This is a major reason why cooked vegetables are emphasized in development science.  It is also why fruit is excluded.  It is the most yin food, along with raw food, nuts, seeds, and most beans.

Yin imbalance is discussed in a number of article on this website such as Yin Disease.

Low in special forms of sulfur.  This is a very important problem!  Vegetarian diets are very low in the important sulfur-bearing compounds such as taurine, cysteine, carnitine and methionine.  This is serious.  These sulfur products are essential for removal of heavy metals and of all toxic chemicals as well.

No matter how clean your diet is, without them the body cannot remove toxins as well, and this shortens the lifespan in all cases, in my experience.

Poor quality proteins.  Most vegetarian proteins are not as high quality or as “complete” as meat, eggs, and organic or high-quality dairy products.  These include soy and other bean proteins, nuts and seeds, and protein from grains, which have little protein these days.  Other poor quality proteins are found in spirulina, yeast and other vegetarian meat substitutes.

Yes, you can combine them together, but these are often difficult food combinations, so they are hard on digestion.  People who eat this way often have low phosphorus levels on their hair tests, telling us that these proteins do not rebuild the body as well.

Very low in etheric energy. This is a much more subtle problem with all vegetarian diets.  It has to do with a subtle form of energy that is found in some foods, but not others.

The foods with the highest amounts of this type of energy are meats, eggs, whole grains and cooked vegetables.  The foods with the least of this type of important energy are fruits, nuts, seeds, and dairy products, especially milk.

Cooking food actually increases its etheric energy.  This is discussed in an article entitled Macrobiotics on this website.

The etheric energy content of a food has a lot to do with yin and yang, above, although it is more than this.  Unfortunately, vegetarian foods tend to be extremely low in this energy.  What occurs is that the sodium/potassium ratio tends to invert as a result, as it causes a type of electrical imbalance in the body.

It is well-known that meat-eaters tend to have more vitality, in general, and meat-eating populations tend to live longer, on average, for this reason, along with the reasons given above.


Too high in carbohydrates.  This is not necessarily the case, but often occurs with vegetarian diets.  It applies especially to vegan diets that do not contain eggs or dairy products.  The remaining foods available are mainly high in carbohydrates, such as grains and beans.  Most people already eat too many of these foods, so they become even more imbalanced and malnourished, even if the quality of the food is excellent.


Low in protein.  This is not necessarily true, but often occurs with vegetarian and especially vegan diets.  There are simply many fewer protein foods to choose from, so people tend to live on more pasta, bread, grains, fruits, and other non-protein foods.

This is hard on the body, as is too much protein, as well.  Some people temporarily feel better on their vegetarian diet because they reduce their meat intake, which was too high.  We only allow animal protein twice daily, and only up to 4-5 ounce portions.  A lot of people eat too much.  But don’t throw out the baby with the bath water and skip it all.  It is not good.

Extremely low in vitamin D.  vitamin D is found mostly in animal products such as sardines, other fish, some in meat, and some in whole dairy products.

The sun, meanwhile, is not providing enough vitamin D for anyone, even if you sit in it all day long, which I never recommend.  Fortunately, even vegetarians can get more by supplementing with D3 – oops, it is always an animal product!  Either it is made from fish oil or from lanolin from the skin of sheep.


Low in omega-3 fatty acids.  These are also critical for everyone to supplement today.  The food and the agricultural methods have depleted these in the prepared foods, especially.

Once again, the main sources are animal foods, particularly fish such as sardines.  (All other, larger fish are too high in mercury to eat, in my view). Vegetarians can use flax seed oil or hemp oil to get some, but we prefer the fish oil supplements.


Often low in B-complex vitamins.  This need not be, but most vegetarian diets are somewhat low in B-complex vitamins.


            This section answers questions I am oftn asked by people who are researching vegetarian diets.


Humans have sharp teeth for cutting meat called the incisors.  Their intestines are also rather short compared to vegetarian animals.  This is also a sign that they are not designed primarily as vegetable eaters, as are cows, horses and some other animals.  These animals spend all day chewing up grasses, and the cow then “chews its cud”, meaning it regurgitates the grasses and chews it some more.  People do not do this.

Cows also have 4 stomach pouches, as do some other vegetarian animals, while humans do not.  All these differences indicate that human beings are designed to consume an omnivorous (meat and vegetable) diet.


I cannot force clients to eat meat, but I do observe their health status.  The vegetarians do not do as well.

An early mentor of mine, Dr. Bernard Jensen, once explained, “There is bad meat, but meat is not bad.”  This is very true.

He also said, “It is not wise to drive the LA freeways and be a vegetarian.”  By this he meant that if one were to live isolated in a cave in India, perhaps a vegetarian diet would work better.  However, living in a modern nation with plenty of stress, one needs what he called “the brain fats”, by which he meant animal fats.

I have yet to read good statistics anywhere that vegetarians live longer.  The exception are certain groups such as Seventh Day Adventists.  However, they also abstain from alcohol and are religious people.  So it is not fair to attribute their improved health just to a vegetarian diets.

Among the Western and Oriental developed nations, the Japanese people live the longest.  This is well-documented.  They are certainly not vegetarians.  They eat a wide variety of fish, seafood, and animal flesh.  So the idea that vegetarianism is healthier is simply not true.


Many vegetarians claim that "meat and seafood putrefies within 4 hours after consumption and the remnants cling to the walls of the stomach and intestines for 3-4 days or longer if a person is constipated".

This may be true if one’s digestion is very poor, or if one eats poor food combinations.  However, it is not true if digestion is decent.  If one cannot digest much meat, then the quantity must be reduced, as with any food.  Better still, one should take a digestive enzyme supplement with each meal.  This is part of every development program because it helps everyone today.

In fact, for most people, meat is a lot easier to digest than raw salads or worse, raw grains (granola or trial mix) or starches that are not cooked sufficiently.

Saliva of human beings.  Some vegetarians say that “the reaction of saliva in humans is more alkaline, whereas in the case of flesh-eating or preying animals, it is clearly acidic. The alkaline saliva does not act properly on meat."

Anyone who studies nutrition knows that saliva actually varies in pH, from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline.  Aslo, saliva is not intended to digest meat.  It has some amylase and other starch-digesting enzymes in it, but no protein-digesting enzymes.


Some vegetarians write statements such as "The thought of eating meat makes my stomach turn.”  Some people also report “Meat just sits in my stomach” or “causes constipation”.

In my experience, this occurs when digestion is poor.  Bad food combinations can cause it.  Too much meat can cause it, as well.

In most of these people, copper is out of balance in the body.  It can also be the result of a mental or emotional attachment or love for animals.  However, it is not physiological, meaning it is not a fact of human life for most people.  Most people relish the taste of meat when their bodies are in balance.

Dr. Paul Eck called such individuals obligatory vegetarians.  This means that when the body chemistry is sufficiently out of kilter, one cannot digest certain foods, including often meats.  One can come to believe it is the fault of the meat when, in fact, it is the fault of impaired body chemistry.

When I began a development program about 36 years ago, I, too, did not like the taste of meat.  That changed completely, however, after a few years as the body was rebuilt and rebalanced.


To explain this properly, one must understand the idea of rights.  Rights in society must always come along with duties or responsibilities.  These may be to follow the laws, take care of their families, and more. This is a primary understanding of the meaning of rights.

Animals should certainly be treated humanely.  However, animals do not specific responsibilities in society. Thus they cannot have rights, as do human beings.

Animals are basically survival-oriented only.  They will kill if they need to, and have no compunction about doing so.  They are  not responsible for their actions in the same way that human beings are responsible. Rights are given to balance responsibilities and if there is no responsibilities, rights are not the appropriate word to describe the treatment of animals.

Having said this, animals should not be killed for fun, but only for useful purposes, which includes using their flesh for food.  By advocating meat-eating, I do not wish to mistreat or abuse animals.  This is a serious spiritual issue, and is discussed in more detail in some of the sections below.


Eating meat actually feeds the brain very important nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, selenium, sulfur compounds, amino acids, and others.  The general statement that meat destroys the brain is completely backwards.  In fact, some of the greatest harm is done to children, in particular, when they are not fed meat to nourish their brains.

An exception.  Pork, ham, bacon, pig intestines used to make sausages, and other products of the pig may contain the eggs or ova of Trichina and other parasites.  These can lodge in the brain.  They don’t destroy the brain, but they can damage it.

This occurs even if the pig meat has been frozen, and is well-cooked.  It is quite a common problem, though it is not often discussed.  For this reason I suggest strictly avoiding all products of the pig.


Cholesterol is the raw material from which our bodies make all of the sex hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and others.  It is also the raw material from which we make all of our adrenal hormones such as adrenalin, cortisone, and aldosterone.  Thus, cholesterol is not a bad substance, as some are made to believe by their poorly informed physicians.

Also, most cholesterol is made in our bodies.  I have had vegetarian clients with elevated cholesterol levels who ate no animal products whatsoever.

The only time cholesterol is a problem is when it is very high.  This is a stress indicator, and a liver imbalance.  Eating the correct food, which includes some high-quality animal foods, can help lower a high cholesterol when that food is eaten properly in combination with other high-quality foods such as plenty of cooked vegetables, and when a person takes the correct nutritional supplements with it.

In fact, healthful fats, including some cholesterol, at time, are critical nutrients.  For much more about cholesterol, read Cholesterol-phobia on this website.


The most overweight people today are often the vegetarian types that live on a lot of carbohydrate foods such as breads, beans and rice.

Robert Atkins, MD, spent many years researching weight loss.  He showed unequivocally that the reason people are overweight is not usually from eating too much fat and meats.  It is from eating too many carbohydrate foods such as breads, potatoes, sugars and even fruits and milk, which are also high in sugars.

Unfortunately, this understanding of the cause of excessive weight still is not recognized enough in America, land of the overweight, or in other nations that also suffer from the problem.


No.  Quite the opposite is true today.   We find that meat is quite essential for spiritual development.  In the past, when yoga began, people may have needed less meat.

Today, we live in yin times.  We find that our bodies need the nourishment meat provides.  For example, many do not know that the Dalai Lama eats meat on a regular basis, though sadly he tells his followers not to do so because it is part of their tradition.

Reasons why eating meat is important today for mental and spiritual development are:

  • Meats are an excellent source of zinc, a nutrient needed for developing some of the finer brain centers and for the nervous system.  Most vegetarians are very zinc deficient, as the right zinc compounds are not found abundantly in any vegetable quality foods.  It is difficult to obtain enough zinc even if one eats meats!
  • Meats are high in etheric energy. This is because animals are more advanced creatures than plants or minerals.  By eating their flesh, we can absorb some of this energy.  More about this important topic is found in the article entitled Food And Etheric Development, and in the article entitled Spiritual Development.
  • Meats are more yang foods, generally, in macrobiotic terminology.  Today all of the bodies are quite yin due to radiation poisoning, toxic metal and toxic chemical poisoning, and vital mineral deficiencies.
    To develop properly, the bodies need to be made more yang, so meat is helpful for this.  In contrast, nuts, seeds, fruits, salads, and smoothies or shakes are very yin and further unbalance the body and mind.


No.  It is quite the opposite, in my experience.  Many women with osteoporosis have been or are vegetarian types, meaning they do not eat much meat.  They begin to develop deficiencies of zinc, boron, manganese and other critical minerals needed for the bones.  When they correct their diets, including adding back some animal protein, their bones can strengthen.


Eating the food that is needed for health and mental development does not keep a person stuck.  In fact, it does the opposite.  Some of the most violent nations are those populated by many vegetarians.  Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian, for example, and I cannot imagine anyone more animalistic and aggressive.

In fact, human beings often become more aggressive when they are lacking in animal protein because they are basically more hungry.  When they are satiated or well-fed, people often calm down.  This has been shown to be true in medical studies.  So it is my experience that meat-eating does not make people more angry or more aggressive.



According to Buddhist and Hindu philosophy, taking the life of another being is a form of murder and violence.  It is not desirable, no matter what the reason for the murder.  This is why some Oriental gurus, yoga teachers and some other philosophers endorse vegetarianism.

I think this is an aberration of the truth.  The truth is that if one is healthy, even though this requires killing some animals for food, one can give back much more to the entire plant and animal kingdom on earth.  This can more than balance any negative karma or effects caused by eating meat.


Possibly, yes.  Some animal authorities say that when animals spend time around human beings, even if they are in pens or cages, they advance faster in a spiritual way.


Eating too much meat can contribute to cancer because meat is acid-forming and red meat is quite high in iron.  However, eating the right kind and right amount of meat, in combination with other foods, does not contribute to cancer, in our experience.  In fact, it does the opposite.



Some vegetarians claim that ketones, which are chemicals formed from the digestion of fats, are bad for us.  This is untrue.  Mild ketosis is not harmful to the body.  In fact, the so-called ketogenic diet is used for weight loss and even advocated by medical doctors for certain illnesses such as seizure disorders. (I do not recommend it, however.  Seizures are due to other problems, such as dehydration and others.)

Ketones are simply byproducts of fat breakdown.  Since meats tend to have more fats in them, a person may produce some ketones when it is eaten.  But this is not harmful at all.

Just because one eats meat does not mean one will go into ketosis.  This only occurs if one eats mainly fats for calories and does NOT eat carbohydrates much at all.  I do not advocate a ketogenic diet, as I think it is not needed and is a bit stressful for most people.  However, ketones, by themselves, are not harmful in small quantities.


The answer is not necessarily.  Some meat is of poor quality.  If one eats it, one will get sick.  However, plenty of food poisoning occurs due to bacteria such as E.coli on tomatoes, peppers, milk products, bean dips, salad dressing, sauces and hundreds of other vegetarian items.  In this regard, more vegetarian items are sources of food poisoning only because there are many more of them.


It used to be.  However, today, I find that organic vegetables and fruits can be more costly than eggs or even chicken, for example, in terms of their price per pound.

Vegetables such as carrots are still inexpensive, but turnips, rutabagas, beets and many greens are more costly often than even beef, chicken or turkey.

Lamb, an excellent meat, can be somewhat expensive.  However, lamb from the supermarket is fine, in my view.  One need not pay even more at a health food store.


This is a very important question, and perhaps the most frequently asked question.  There are several reasons for this:

  • Food allergies.  Some people are allergic to eggs, dairy or even chicken in a few cases.  Stopping these foods causes them to feel much better because they are avoiding an allergic food.  Food allergies go away on a development program, in my experience.  Then these foods can be eaten without a problem.
  • Different digestive requirements. Those with a weak digestive system may feel better without meat.  Digesting meat requires more hydrochloric acid and pancreatic enzymes to digest the protein and the fat. Many people are low in these enzymes.  The answer is to take a digestive enzyme supplement.
  • Eating meat often causes copper to be eliminated from the body.  This can occasionally cause symptoms related to the removal of excess copper.  We call it a healing reaction.  For more on this subject, read Copper Elimination Symptoms.
  • More fiber. Some people feel better on a vegetarian regime because they start eating much more fiber
  • More vegetables. Some eat more vegetables on a vegetarian diet, which is helpful for almost everyone.

All of these problems with eating meat are not really problems at all.  However, they do cause people to feel better, at times, off meats, and they cause some people to decide falsely that a vegetarian diet is best.

I suggest if you are having symptoms when you eat meat, then do the following:

  1. Eat only a small amount at a time.
  2. Take a powerful digestive aid whenever you eat it, one that contains ox bile and pancreatin.
  3. Eat it alone, at least at first.This is called a mono meal.
  4. Chew it thoroughly.
  5. Also, never overcook meats.Eat them rare to medium, preferably.  This can also help the digestion of meat as well.


The answer is definitely yes.  Many clients who continue to be vegetarians improve their health greatly with a development program.  It works almost as well with them as with anyone else.

The diet won’t be quite as varied.  This will slow progress, a little.  However, they can do very well.


Some vegetarians and others also believe that we should eat our food mainly or even completely uncooked.  They cite the fact that animals do not cook their food, and they can maintain excellent health this way.  Also, it is true that cooking destroys some nutrients and denatures proteins, and damages fats as well, to some degree.

I agree with the raw food advocates to the extent that fats and oils are often best eaten raw.  For example, pasteurizing and homogenizing milk damages it dairy products are best eaten raw if they are of excellent quality.  Organic dairy products are also good, but generally not as good as raw ones.

However, I suggest cooking most other food.  For all the reasons why, read Raw Foods on this website.





            One consequence of a vegetarian diet is that copper increases in the body.  This often promotes the growth of yeasts such as candida albicans in the intestines and possibly in the tissues.  These produce a small quantity of alcohol inside the body all the time.

            Many vegetarians or semi-vegetarians have this condition.  It causes spaciness and some brain fog or cloudy thinking.  This is often mistaken for “becoming spiritual”.  Please be aware that one is not becoming spiritual, but merely ill.




            I hear from many vegetarians that they have trouble eating grain.  It can cause spaciness, bloating, swelling of the body, or just malaise.

            In my experience, this is due to a yeasty condition of the body.  Eating grain flares up the yeast condition, causing the symptoms.



Some women develop a strange craving for male semen, also called male seminal fluid or male sexual fluid.  It may sound unusual, but it is quite common, especially among semi-vegetarian and vegetarian women.

They often want frequent sex without condoms because they feel better when they absorb male sexual fluid.  This can be very hard on marriages. This topic is discussed in more detail in the article entitled Sexual Fluid Craving.



              People with high copper are often young-looking, bright, creative, and spacy or somewhat ungrounded.  This is common among vegetarians.


            I will give three personal stories, since I was quite involved in the vegetarian movement for several years.

  1. The owner of the health spa where I worked became very ill while I lived there. He was a vegan.  He developed pernicious anemia and nearly died.  His life was saved by a blood transfusion that I arranged.  When he recovered his health, he told me not to tell anyone, and instead to tell everyone he had just fasted and got well.
  2.  A very famous and prolific writer of vegetarian books, who lived a long life, was spotted in the back room of a steak house by a friend of mine.  He was chomping down on a steak, although he advocated against eating meat.
  3.  Some years ago, one of our clients attended a retreat with The Dalai Lama, the head priest of Tibet, whom I deeply respect.  She helped prepare his food for the retreat.  She told me he ate meat, even though he told his followers not to do so.

            You may ask, why would someone lie about being a vegetarian?  The simplest answer is that it is a romantic, idealistic lifestyle that sounds good, and feels good at first.  However, it does not work.  BEWARE!


This book contains many errors.  This topic is covered in a separate article, The China Study on this site.




This is a small book, supposedly found among the Dead Sea scrolls.  No author is identified.  It advocates a vegetarian diet, and implies that perhaps Jesus was vegetarian, which he was not, according to the Bible and other sources.  For details, read The Flood Of Noah And Your Health on this website.


One can follow a development program and be a vegetarian by making the following modifications to the program:

Diet: Eat the same proportions of food that are recommended for everyone.  Substitute vegetarian proteins for animal proteins.  We find that the worst diet is a vegan diet, so at least try to eat eggs, dairy products and perhaps sardines.

Supplements: Skip the glandular products.  Do not substitute herbs or other vitamin products.  For a digestive aid, you can use fungal-based digestive enzymes.  However, some people have problems with them and they are more yin.

Lifestyle and procedures.  No changes.


Price, W., Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Price-Pottenger Foundation, CA, 1945, 1979.  This is a much more thorough and scientific review of many types of diets around the world than any vegetarian-oriented books I have ever seen.  This book also discusses the effects of many other dietary factors upon human health.  While the book is dated, the research it contains is still valuable today.


By Dr. Lawrence Wilson


Acne is one of the most common skin disorders, especially among teens and young adults.  A development program will almost always take care of the problem and can give anyone clear skin.

Avoid dangerous drugs.  At the same, please avoid the dangerous drugs used commonly for acne.  These are 1. Antibiotics, 2. Accutane, and 3. Cortisone creams and pills.  All three of these drugs are quite dangerous and toxic for the body.  If you need something for acne, use simple wipes and hydrogen peroxide.  Shining a red heat lamp on the face for a few minutes each day also works well.





              Many people find that eating incorrectly worsens acne.  Foods such as chocolate and fried foods often make it worse.  Vegetarian diets may also make it worse, although eating too much meat is not good either.

Eating a lot of cooked vegetables with each meal will help most cases of acne quickly.  In addition, we recommend eating animal protein (meat, eggs and dairy) only twice daily.  Portions of protein need to be only 4-5 ounces each.  Eggs need to be soft boiled or poached or lightly fried only so the yolks are runny.

All dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese, need to be limited to four ounces daily.  Also, do not cook cheese.  We know, that means no pizza, but it works.  Pizza is also made with white flour most of the time and tomatoes, both of which we suggest avoiding.



              A blocked large intestine or even just an unhealthy large intestine impairs its vital function of toxin elimination.  Impaired digestion and constipation also cause auto-intoxication, which is the production of toxic substances inside the large intestine.

            The body will then use the skin of the face to eliminate toxins.  The face is used because the skin on the face is the most active skin in the body because it is never covered up.

Both of these situations contribute a lot to acne.  When they are cleared up, the skin often becomes radiant and beautiful.




              This can be due to impaired circulation, wearing tight clothing, wearing synthetic clothing next to the skin, and using toxic laundry detergents (see Detergents).  Putting a lot of lotions or other chemicals on your skin is also harmful, and so is using perfumes or colognes.  The less you put on your skin, the better!

            A development program is excellent to clean and rebuild the skin.  Using a red heat lamp sauna every day is particularly excellent to clean the skin from the inside.



Many health conditions involving the skin and hair involve zinc deficiency and copper excess.  Acne is no exception.

Many young women notice that acne is worse before their menstrual period.  This may be because there is a relationship between acne and copper imbalance.  Copper, along with estrogen and progesterone, tends to rise before the menstrual period.

We find that when copper is balanced in the body, acne goes away.  Many other hormonal imbalances also improve because copper imbalance is also the cause of Premenstrual Syndrome and symptoms such as anger, anxiety, depression, moodiness, breast tenderness and swelling, and other symptoms that occur around the menstrual period.

To balance copper in the body, one needs a development program based on a properly interpreted hair mineral analysis.  Just taking zinc or vitamin B6 is rarely enough.

Correcting the copper imbalance requires rebuilding the adrenal glands and takes at least six months and often longer.  While this may seem like a lot of work, there are many other benefits that come with a development program.

To learn more about this subject, read Copper Toxicity Syndrome.   Other related articles are Development, An Introduction and Introduction To Hair Mineral Analysis.



While a complete development program is best, a simple remedy that is often excellent for acne is to shine a red “heat lamp” on the face or wherever acne is present for about 5-10 minutes, at least once daily and perhaps twice per day.  250-watt reddish heat lamp bulbs can be found at most hardware stores for about $10-15.00 in America, and in cities in Europe and Asia as well.

The infrared rays from this inexpensive lamp penetrate into the skin, kill some germs, and seems to help heal the skin as well.  You can shine the light as close as is comfortable.  Use care with it, however, as the bulb gets extremely hot and banging the bulb can cause it to shatter.


Washing one’s face several times daily is also often helpful for acne.  This seems to keep the level of oils and other substances on the skin to a safe level so that the organisms that cause acne have less to feed upon.


            Learning to relax, doing everything in a relaxed manner, and going to bed early each night and getting at least 9 or 10 hours of sleep daily can also help correct acne in most young people.


            A complete development program is best for acne.  In the most severe cases, one must include sauna therapy and/or colon cleansing such as a series of colonic irrigations or better yet, daily coffee enemas.  This will usually clear up even the most severe cases of cystic acne.  In our experience, drugs are never needed.


            We cannot emphasize enough that all of these drugs are highly toxic for the liver and cause significant side effects that may be permanent.  Many lawsuits have occurred with Accutane.  Long-duration use of cortisone therapy and antibiotic therapy are just as bad or worse.


            An 18-year old man came for consultation whose face was covered with large acne sores.  He took off his shirt and his entire back was also covered with large, pus-filled acne sores.

            At the time, he was on cortisone therapy, but it was not enough to control the condition.  (Cortisone does not heal acne.  It may just control it.)

            This was early in our work and we did not know much about development programs.  Here is what we did.

Diet. We began by changing his diet, eliminating all wheat and deep fried foods.  He began eating more cooked vegetables, but not fruit or sweets.

Supplements.  We did not know much about supplements, so these were not a part of the program.

Sunshine.  We had him sit in the sun with his shirt off every day.

            Clay.  We also rubbed mud that was rich in clay on his back every evening and he slept with it on his back.  It was a real mess, but it drew out poison from the pus-filled sores.  We no longer use clay because it is too high in aluminum, but it can draw things out of the skin.  This is why women sometimes use it for facials.

            With this routine, he was able to slowly wean off all the cortisone and his skin cleared completely.  However, a few months later he drifted away from his diet and came under a lot of stress.  This caused the acne to return.

            Colon cleaning.  We then recommended a series of colonic irrigations with a competent colon therapist.  These, plus a return to a clean and healthful diet, cleared the acne more deeply and permanently.

Cancer and Alternative Therapies

By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

UPDATE 12/7/19.  Anyone with cancer needs to add the following to their program:

- EPA-DHA from Endomet Labs.  A few other brands such as Spectrum Naturals,  Barleans and Nature-Made are okay, but not Nordic Naturals or Carlson.  These do not work! 

Take 6 capsules daily or 3-4 cans of sardines weekly and 3 EPA-DHA capsules.

- Amino acids. Use only Advanced Bionutritionals Perfect Aminos – 3-3-3.  Do not use other brands of amino acids because they don’t work as well.

- Peau d’arco tea.  This is very important.  Traditional Medicinals brand is okay.  Use two teabags with each cup.  Drink 4 cups every day.


UPDATE 11/13/19. A helpful healing procedure for cancers is the Hand Pull exercise.  For best results, do it several times each day to a count of at least 100.





  1. Development programs are not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any disease, mental or physical. 
  2. A standard development programaloneis not sufficient to correct most cases of cancer.  Therefore, when working with cancer, one must modify the program, as described below.



  1. We recommend avoiding the ketogenic diet if one has cancer.It is a short-term solution only and depletes the body because one cannot have most cooked vegetables on the ketogenic diet.
  2. Avoid intermittent fasting if you have a cancer diagnosis.You cannot eat enough cooked vegetables if you are doing intermittent fasting.
  3. A lot of the black salve on the market now does not work.  Be sure to use only the brands recommended in this article.
  4. Never use black salve internally more than once every few weeks, and a tiny amount only.  Some false healers are advising using it more often and this is very irritating.  Never do this!




The word cancer comes from the Greek and Latin languages and means a crab.  The Greek physician, Hippocrates, gave the disease its name because a cancerous tumor is often hard like a crab’s shell and has tentacles or legs like a crab that spread out and hold on tight.


In 1902, John Beard, MD, a brilliant embryologist, wrote a book entitled, The Trophoblast Theory Of Cancer.  He wrote that cancer is nothing more than trophoblast tissue that arises in the wrong place and at the wrong time.  This theory has never been disproven.

The word tropho-blast from the Latin language means to nourish the baby.  The trophoblast is a specialized cell type that is part of a fertilized egg and sperm.  In other words, it is part of an unborn child.

The way that it nourishes the baby is to aggressively invade the body of the mother. It literally steals blood and nutrients and gives them to the growing child.

A requirement for pregnancy.  The trophoblast is absolutely required for human reproduction.  If, for some reason, the trophoblast does not grow and invade the mother’s uterus, the fertilized egg does not implant and just falls out of the mother’s body.  The word implantjust means to invade the mother and steal her blood and nutrition.

Of note is that a baby inside is NEVER part of the mother’s body.  The baby is a foreign object inside the mother’s body.  This is important because the abortion advocates teach that the baby inside is part of the mother and therefore she should control its fate, when this is not true.



Absolutely.  Genetic means built-in or programmed into the human DNA.  The trophoblast is definitely programmed as part of the reproductive system of every human being.

The problem occurs when the trophoblast DNA or chromosome “turns on” at the wrong time.  Then the trophoblast is not used to make a baby.  It just invades the body and destroys it.  This is called cancer.

The HCG blood test.  In fact, a well-known cancer blood test is to check the level of human chorionic gonadotropin.  Guess what human tissue secretes this hormone – the trophoblast!  It is the same test as the common pregnancy test, which is also a test for the presence of trophoblast.


What should happen to the trophoblast?  After 8-12 weeks of pregnancy, the baby grows another tissue that does a better job of stealing blood and nutrients from the mother.  This is called the placenta.

As the placenta grows, enzymes from the baby’s pancreas destroy the trophoblast, which has completed its job.

The critical period.  This transition – from trophoblast nourishment to placental nourishment - is called the critical period of pregnancy.  It is a difficult transition for some unborn babies.  If it fails, the baby dies and a miscarriage occurs.  This is when most miscarriages of pregnancy occur.

The critical period is exactly like a major inspection on a factory assembly line.  If the product, in this case a baby, is too defective, it is destroyed so that one can start over and hopefully do a better job of making a baby next time.

The trophoblast outside of pregnancy.  After the critical period of pregnancy, the trophoblast should never arise again during a person’s life.  However, trophoblast can arise in the wrong place and the wrong time.

Totipotent cells.  These are cells that can turn into any cell of the body.  Most cells cannot do this, but these can.  Everyone has some of them floating around the body.  The body uses them for repairing all body tissues, so they are essential!

The problem is that totipotent cells can turn into trophoblast if conditions are right for this to occur.

For example, too much estrogen floating around the body is one of the main triggers for totipotent cells to transform into trophoblast.

Cancer during pregnancy.  Rarely, the trophoblast gets out of control during the first trimester of pregnancy.  If this occurs, the pregnant mother often dies of a very invasive cancer, choriocarcinoma, often in a matter of weeks.

In almost all instances, however, various mechanisms control the trophoblast during pregnancy so that it just steals a little nutrition from the mother and does not kill the mother.

Why doesn’t everyone know the trophobast theory of cancer?  This theory has withstood many tests, yet one rarely hears about it.  We believe that the reason is that if the truth were taught to doctors and the public, cancer would cease to be as much of a problem and most of the cancer “business” would end.

Development programs that are offered through this website use this theory and that is why they are usually effective.  For more details about the trophoblast, read The Trophoblast.




Cancer is the leading cause of death of children in America.  It is also the second leading cause of death among adults.  It wastes millions of lives and a great deal of money.  One of every two Americans will be diagnosed with it, and the cancer rates are similar around the world.

Hidden cancers.  Millions more people die as a result of a hidden cancer.  This is a cancer that doctors don’t find.  However, it is located in a critical area of the body and causes an artery to rupture or a stroke, perhaps, or something else that kills the person.  The cause of death is wrongly identified as a stroke or something else because the real cause, cancer, is not easy to find.

Health insurance with cancer. One of the most important possible reasons for having health insurance is a possible future cancer situation.  The reason is that cancers are very common.

Cancer therapies, either medical or natural, can be very costly, and you are paying for it in any health insurance.  Also, with a natural therapy, one should not work, at least not full time, for at least a year, and this imposes a greater financial burden.

However, health insurance, even Christian sharing programs that we prefer instead of regular insurance, will usually not pay for natural cancer therapy, although it will usually pay for testing.

As a result, we suggest only a catastrophic health insurance policy only.  This way you can save more money yourself, in case it is ever needed to handle a cancer situation.

Staying on a complete development program will prevent most cancers, so this is an excellent type of health insurance that costs under $200.00 per month for an adult.

A research report.  This article is a research report on our observations as one who is willing to search outside the mainstream medical literature for answers.



A rough way to understand cancer is the following:

Cancer loves:

  1. A death wish.This can be tricky, but it is wise to check what you want in your life.  Many people subconsciously or consciously want to get out of this life.  Often the reason is rather silly, such as they do not have enough money, or they do not have a mate, or they need to drive an old car.  Be sure to correct death wishes if you want to prevent or correct a cancer situation.
  2. Root-canal filled teeth.In our experience, these teeth all become infected, even if you have no symptoms.  They then begin to secrete extremely toxic bacterial toxins.  If you wish to avoid or heal cancer, have all root-canalfilled teeth removed immediately.
  3. Not enough omega-3 fatty acids in the body.This is a very important factor that is ignored even by some natural cancer therapies.  Everyone needs to eat either 3-4 cans of sardines weekly  or you must take a supplement of about 900-1000 mg of EPA and DHA daily.
  4. A toxic body.Stay away from junk food and toxic exposures to help reduce toxicity.  A complete development program is also excellent to thoroughly detoxify your body from all toxic chemicals and toxic metals.  We do not recommend chelation therapy.

Toxins often damage the liver, among other organs, and this leads to high estrogen because the liver is the organ that detoxifies and removes estrogens from the body.  This applies to men, as well as to women.

  1. Low levels of alkaline reserve minerals.This situation is extremely common.  Low levels of the alkaline reserve minerals causes the body to become too acidic, which leads to many dysfunctions, including cancer.

Do not try to cut corners by just taking baking soda or alkaline water to alkalinize the body.  It is not good enough.  The same is true of raw food diets, fruit and juices, which can all alkalinize the body to some degree.  However, these methods are too yin and don’t work well enough for this reason.

 The best way to fix it is to eat loads of well-cooked vegetables with every meal.  Just taking mineral pills does not work well because the minerals are not in the right compounds.  Drinking a lot of vegetable juices will supply minerals, but juices are extremely yin and this imbalances the body and can also contribute to cancer.

  1. Too much fat or oils in the diet.This is common and can happen to those who go on a Weston Price diet.  One reason for the problem with too much animal fat is that it all contains some estrogen, which is a major carcinogen.  Also, fat and oil are more difficult for the liver to process, and can weaken the liver.

Fast oxidizers need some fat with each meal.  Slow oxidizers don’t need much fat or oil in their diets.

  1. Low oxygen levels.Cancer does not use oxygen in its metabolism, as do normal cells.  Instead, it thrives on sugar.  Low oxygen in the body is common, and favors the growth of trophoblast.

Low oxygen levels are due to shallow breathing, bad posture, lung problems, living in cities with little vegetation, and working or living in closed-in, low oxygen environments.

We suggest everyone buy an ozonator/ionizer air purifier and leave it running in your home and perhaps at your office, as well.  For details, read Oxygen.

  1. Yin bodies.This means cold, upward-moving energy, and “expanded” bodies.  Causes for a yin condition include old age, toxicity from any cause, eating sugars and other sweets, eating a lot of raw foods, holding grudges, and the use of alcohol, too much sex, or holding on to negative emotions.

For more on this condition, please read Yin Disease on this website.

  1. A lack of development, as we use the word on this website.Development on this website specifically means the growth of the subtle energy fields of a person, also called the subtle bodies.  It also includes the growth of the merkaba.  This is your birthright!  For details about this subject, read Introduction To Developmentand The Merkaba.
  2. Sugars of all kinds in the diet, including fruit.  These foods make the body more yin, deplete nutrient minerals, upset the blood sugar, damage calcium metabolism, and damage the body in many other ways, as well.
  3. The emotion of resentment, in particular.We are not sure why this is so, but it is reported in the medical literature.  If one wishes to prevent or overcome cancer, let go of all anger and resentment against everyone for everything – no exceptions.
  4. Yeast and fungus in the body.This comes from a copper imbalance, primarily.  Copper problems result from adrenal and thyroid exhaustion, zinc deficiency, stress, fear, and occasionally from exposure to copper, though this is not that common.  A properly-designed development program will correct copper balance.
  5. Excessive estrogen in the body. This is related to the trophoblast theory of cancer, discussed above.  Estrogens are potent carcinogens.  Reasons for high estrogen levels today include:
  6. Use of birth control pills and patches, and the birth control IUD (Mirena).Stay far away from these if you wish to avoid or heal cancer.
  7. A toxic liver that cannot properly detoxify estrogen.
  8. Possibly a compensatory mechanism that could result from adrenal exhaustion.
  9. Estrogen-mimicking chemicals used in chemical agriculture, mainly.
  10. Elevated copper levels and low zinc levels.  Copper and estrogen levels tend to follow one another.  Zinc is deficient in the soil, so it is deficient in our food supply, as well.  Stress also lowers zinc and often raises copper in the body.

Coffee enemas, red heat lamp saunas, an excellent diet and other measures can help reduce liver toxicity and therefore also reduces liver toxicity and estrogen buildup.


Hair mineral analysis cannot be used to diagnose cancer.  However, the following are associated with more cancer in the body:

- Copper imbalance, either elevated or a poor or very poor eliminator pattern.

- Iron imbalance, either elevated or a poor or very poor eliminator pattern.

- Cadmium imbalance, either elevated or a poor or very poor eliminator pattern.

Other imbalances associated with cancer:

- Low omega-3 fatty acids

- Low vitamin D

- Low iodine (almost everyone)

- Low intake of cooked vegetables, especially of the preferred vegetables.

- A need for the energy of the red heat lamp.

- A back shift of the aura – related to low protein in the diet.


  1. Quiet and polite, but underneath angry and resentful.This can cause an “emotional” cancer that can be a hormone-related cancer.
  2. Pushers.These people run around too much and wear themselves out.  They won’t slow down.  They activate their sympathetic nervous system too much.  As a result, their digestion and their elimination becomesweakened, contributing to illness.
  3. Junk food eaters.This is more of a physical tendency, but may be part of a personality pattern, as well.  They become very nutritionally depleted, and especially are low in cooked vegetables, leading to mineral and other deficiencies.



WARNING about holistic, alternative, or complementary cancer care. Cancer is usually a very tough health condition to work with for anyone.  Alternative medical care for cancer is a jungle, and full of problems, in our experience.  Many holistic doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, and others do not have enough experience, or do not know enough to do a good job, in many cases.

If one has a cancer diagnosis, here are options we suggest:

  1. A modified development program of the type offered on this website. Note:development programs are not a cancer therapy. They are solely for the reduction of stress and to help develop the body, as we define development on this website.  However, as the body develops, cancers tend to go away.

This program must be supervised by one of the Approved Practitioners listed on this website.  Also, it must be modified, as explained in the next section of this article.

  1. Black salve. This is an ancient native American herbal formula used mainly to remove skin cancers, but it can also help with some internal cancers.  One must follow a complete development in addition to using black salve.

While it can be irritating, black salve usually does an excellent job on skin cancers, in particular.  It is also extremely inexpensive and not too toxic.  It can remove cancerous and pre-cancerous moles easily, as well as some skin infections.

A book about it is called Cancer Salves by Ingrid Naiman.  For much more information about black salve and which brand we recommend (very important), read Black Salve on this website.


  1. Remove all root-canalfilled teeth. This is imperative!  Have ALL root canal-filled teeth removed as soon as possible.  I know this may be costly and drastic, but it can save your life.  You would be surprised how toxic most root canal-filled teeth are.  The only solution I know of is to have them removed, at once.
  2. No red meat or eggs.Avoid red meat and eggs completely for at least six months, or until we say it is okay to add these foods back to the diet.  This is primarily because of the high iron content of these foods.
  3. No glandular products.Avoid all thyroid and adrenal glandular products, as these might increase estrogen. Renamide or a kidney glandular product is okay, however.
  4. Increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) to 2000 mg daily of the combination of EPA and DHA.We like fish oil as the source.  This is usually about 6 capsules daily.  Do not use Nordic Naturals brand or Carson brands of fish oil.  These do not seem to work well.
  5. Do 4 coffee enemas daily.With active cancer, you must do two to four coffee enemas daily, and they must be done correctly according to the procedure on this website, and not other procedures.
  6. Use a red heat lamp saunafor at least 1.5 hours and preferably 2 hours daily.With active cancer, you must use a red heat lamp sauna – and no other kind of sauna – for at least one and half hours per day.  This means two 45-minutes sessions daily or three 30-minute sessions daily.
  7. Deep breathing.Do this every day for at least one hour.  It is also superb to bring more oxygen into the body.  We recommend the three-part yoga breath described in the Deep Breathing article.
  8. Use an ozonator/ionizer air purifier in your bedroom.To read more about these machines, click here.  To read more about oxygen, please readOxygen Therapies.  However, these are tricky and usually not needed.
  9. DO NOT replace dental amalgams when there is an active cancer.Wait until the cancer is in remission.  The reason is the mercury removal process releases some mercury into the body.  This can flare up the cancer and kill you.  Also, never have more silver amalgam dental fillings placed in your mouth, as they are quite toxic.
  10. Amino acids.These are costly, but needed in some cases for a while.  Use only Premier Research Labs Essential Amino Acids – 3-3-3.  Do not use other brands of amino acids because they don’t work as well.
  11. Peau d’arco tea.This is very important.  Traditional Medicinals brand is okay.  Use two teabags with each cup.  Drink 4 cups every day.
  12. If you work with one of our Approved Practitioners, we may also recommend other natural methods.These can be a most helpful addition to the program.  Among themare peau d’arco tea from, Cantron or Protocel, Essiac Tea, vitamin A, the Budwig protocol, apricot pits or pancreatic enzymes.  Some of these are described in separate articles on this website.



There are many alternative cancer therapies, and we research them with and for our clients.  We do not recommend the Gerson therapy.  It is older and conditions have changed on earth since Dr. Gerson lived almost 100 years ago.  See below for more about Dr. Gerson.

Others we do not like are anti-oxidants (ellagic acid, high-dose vitamin C, and others).  They are all extremely yin and therefore can unbalance the body badly, even while they kill the cancer.  For this reason, they will work for a while, but then they tend to stop working and recovery is very difficult.

At this time, we also do NOT recommend most herbs, mushroom therapy, germanium, cesium chloride, MMS, chelation therapy, homeopathy, IV vitamin C, iodine therapy, IPT (or insulin potentiation therapy- very bad), most electrical machines, raw food diets, beta glucan, IP-6, hyperthermia (instead use red lamp sauna hyperthermia, which is safer), vegetarian diets, DIM (although a little is fine), or sodium bicarbonate.  We would avoid these therapies for various reasons such as toxicity, too yin, or other reasons.

The Gerson Therapy.  Max Gerson, MD was a wonderful doctor who healed many people between 80 and 100 years ago with a natural healing regimen.  Today, the same therapy is offered at a clinic in Mexico, and perhaps elsewhere.

Here are the problems with this therapy today:

- It includes too many juices for today’s people.  Apple juice is especially bad.  They also use too much carrot juice.

- It uses too much coffee (3 tablespoons up to 6 times daily).  We find that 8 tablespoons daily is plenty, and some people need even less.

- It is sometimes vegetarian, which we don’t like.

- It does not recommend pressure-cooking, which we find very helpful.

- It does not include a few newer remedies that we like such as the pancreatic enzymes.

- It does not include the red lamp sauna and the other procedures we find very helpful.  To read more about Max Gerson, MD, read The Cancer Pioneers.




Conventional cancer therapy – radiation, surgery or drugs - is okay, but often toxic and not that effective in the long run.  Its adverse effects are sometimes brutal, and its cost can be very high.

It basically poisons the patient and the cancer, hopefully poisoning the cancer a little more than it poisons the patient.

However, it is all that is permitted today in most hospitals.  Doctors that recommend other cancer therapies usually lose their license to practice medicine, so we would not even bother to ask them about alternative therapies.

Conventional medical methods are also often the only therapies that health insurance will pay for, because the insurance industry is heavily controlled by the drug industry.  Otherwise, the insurance industry would realize that some natural therapies are 1) as effective or more effective than conventional therapy, 2) have fewer side effects, and 3) are much less costly.

The best conventional therapy.  This is often surgery.  Surgery is fast and does not leave the patient as poisoned as does chemotherapy and radiation.  It can remove a troublesome tumor and this may give the body a chance to do more healing on its own.  Problems with surgery are:

  1. One gets a lot of anesthesia drugs, and perhaps other drugs, that must later be removed from the body for full healing.
  2. Surgery just removes large or life-threatening tumors.  It certainly does not heal or rebuild the body.  So it should always be combined with a development program that rebuilds health.

Surgery is often not needed if one uses the correct natural therapy.  However, it may be very helpful:

  1. If a tumor is large and thus difficult to digest and remove naturally.
  2. If a tumor ispressing on a vital structure such as an artery or a nerve, and must be removed to save one’s life.
  3. If a cancer is possibly growing fast and possibly spreading.  In this case, removing a tumor may slow down the disease and give one a much greater chance of overcoming the cancer.

Chemotherapy is quite toxic and its effectiveness varies.  We would avoid it if possible.  Radiation helps shrink some cancers, but it more toxic and the most difficult to remove from the body.

Combining natural therapies with conventional cancer treatment.  This is certainly possible.  Development can be done along with conventional cancer therapy.  It is certainly better than doing conventional therapy without a natural healing program.

However, keep in mind that chemotherapy and radiation therapy are toxic, the opposite of the goal of development.  Therefore, they will interfere with rebuilding and detoxification of the body.

Also, conventional therapies deplete nutrients needed to rebuild the body, and may waste one’s energy and time.

If you are not sure what to do, you may email me for more information at Send An Email.


Here are a few keys to success that may not be emphasized enough by some books or practitioners.

  1. Get very serious about your healing program.Do not let anything get in the way of it, and do not let it slide away.  Also, avoid any doctor you are working with who has a relaxed attitude and does not push you to do your program more seriously and assiduously.


  1. If you are working full time, quit or go to half time for at least a year.I know this is a financial burden for some people, but it is essential to do a natural healing program properly.  Borrow money if you must, but most people won’t get well while working full time.


  1. Don’t try to do your own program.  It is not a do-it-yourself situation.It is a very complex disease and there are lots of pitfalls and traps.  I know it is not easy to find someone to work with, but this is best.


  1. The coffee enemas are absolutely essential.Do not let anyone talk you out of them.  I would do 4 per day, and we find a powerful way to do them, and less time-consuming, is 2 back-to-back in the morning, and 2 back-to-back in the afternoon.  And I would hold each for half an hour, at least.


  1. Ozone is very good and inexpensive.  Immediately invest in an ozone air purifier.  Two companies that make them are Atlas (model 300A or similar) and Breathe Right (model YD-706 or similar).  Also, buy an ozone generator to ozonate drinking water.  Use them all the time.

You can also do rectal ozone, but a cheaper, simpler alternative is an ozonated coffee enema.  Instructions are in the Coffee Enemaarticle on this site.  I would only do one of these daily.


  1. Do the Pushing Down mental exercise for at least one hour, and preferably two hoursdaily.I strongly advise this procedure, and no other meditative exercises.

The exercise is simple and very powerful.  I credit my own health recovery in large measure to doing this exercise daily, which I still do.  For more, please read The Pushing Down Exercise on this website.

  1. Rest a lot more.This is primary.  Rest will help any healing process.  Go to bed by 9:00 PM each night or earlier, nap each afternoon and try to get 10 to 12 hours of sleep daily between these two.  The early hours of the evening are the best times for sleeping.
  2. Be sure to eat three cups of cooked vegetables three times daily, or more.That is a total of 9 to 10 cups of cooked vegetables each day.  This is to replenish the alkaline reserve minerals.  Do not substitute other methods, such as mineral tablets, mineral liquids, green superfoods, green smoothies, or other methods.  They do not work as well, in my experience.
  3. Drink about three quarts of quality spring water each day.Do not drink water with meals, however, except to take your supplements.  If you cannot afford spring water, the next best water to drink is usually carbon filtered tap water.  Be sure to change the filters every six months or more often.

Reverse osmosis water does not hydrate the body well, and does not provide minerals.  I would avoid it.  Alkaline water will cause positive benefits at first, but not in the long run because it is too yin.  I would not use it.  Also, avoid other “designer waters”, as a general rule.  Read Water For Drinking for more on this subject.

  1. 10. Stay happy.Research by the Simontons and other doctors indicates that staying positive is critical for the best success.  Here are several ways to do this:
  2. a) Read to understand all you can about your program.  It can help you to have faith and confidence in what you are doing and why.
  3. b) Do your best to concentrate on the positive and ignore the negative feelings. This may seem impossible, but is a skill that can be learned.  It involves letting go of the negative because you realize it is just “old tapes” playing over and over in your head.  After a while, they begin to just fade away.

Also, you will have to ignore negative websites and naysayers that may be found among your family, friends, doctors etc.  I do not say to ignore all warning signs, but spending your time with anyone who does not support your program is generally not a good idea.


  1. c) Use methods that help you to stay positive.This might include uplifting books, CDs, inspiring movies, or talking with positive friends.  It may also be taking walks in the woods or a park, doing the Pushing Down Exercise, but not others, or any other helpful and healthful activity.

The article on my website entitled Reflections On The Twenty-Third Psalm can also be helpful.  This particular affirmation was and is very inspiring for thousands throughout the ages.

  1. d) Think spiritually.This means to know you are more than your physical body.  This is what I mean by “think spiritually”.  It allows us to have a greater love for the self and for the world as well.  Some ways to act spiritually are to go to church, or to read and study high-quality spiritual material.  Many opportunities are all around you.
  2. Be realistic and grounded.Always keep in touch with your practitioner.  Healing cancer is not a do-it-yourself proposition at all.  Not all reactions mean you are healing, by any means.

For example, for several years I followed a Natural Hygiene regimen of mostly vegetarian raw food.  I developed rashes and other symptoms that I believed were indicators of healing, and others around me agreed.

In fact, I was becoming more ill.  It cost me dearly in terms of my health.  Fortunately, an acquaintance finally convinced me to quit the regimen.  I had surrounded myself with others who thought like me, but the method simply didn’t work, in spite of my best efforts to follow the regimen faithfully.

This is why I only recommend working with someone who has an excellent reputation with cancer patients, not a general type of practitioner.  Healing cancer with any approach is challenging, even for a seasoned practitioner.  For this reason, I do not work with cancer.  It is just not my specialty and I admire those who have made it theirs.

Unrealistic thinking and approaches will get you killed with cancer.  I know this warning may sound like it is coming from the American Medical Association, but please be warned.  Be open-minded but never rigid, if possible.  If you are not succeeding, something has to change.  Do not stay with a program if it is obviously not working for you.

Miracles can occur with any healing method.  However, they don’t happen that often.  So use your common sense at all times when dealing with cancer.


I will mention four factors that are common reasons for failure, so that you can avoid them.  These include too much stress, starting too late, the nature of cancer and the inability to follow the program exactly.

  1. Stress.For success, you must minimize all activity and stress in your life.  You must rest at least 10-12 hours daily.Stress weakens and disturbs the body severely.

Stress can come finances, social conditions, work conditions, family matters or other types of stressful conditions.  To be successful, plan to rest a lot for at least a year or two.  This will conserve your energy for healing.

  1. Starting too late.  I am aware of people with extremely advanced cases of cancer that recovered fully using natural therapies. Therefore, it is never too late to begin natural therapy.

However, there can be no foolproof “cure” for cancer.  Anyone who offers you one is lying.  The main reason is that cancer is a stealth disease and you never know how extensive it is, no matter how many x-rays or tests are run.

Also, you never know just how low your vitality level is, and vitality or adaptive energy is required to recover from cancer, as with all diseases.  It takes some time to turn around any disease condition, and one never knows if one has that time.

Also, digesting and disposing of dead tumors takes a lot of the body’s energy and can be another problem, even if the progress of the cancer can be stopped.  Therefore, if you suspect cancer, start your alternative program immediately.

  1. Failure to follow the program completely and faithfully.  This is the most common reason for failure.  Here are some reasons this can happen:
  2. a) Altering the program.This is all too common.  Doctors or patients often just omit parts of the program, such as coffee enemas.  Others try combining programs, often with disastrous results.  Others alter a few items, such as the diet, because they are afraid or have read something that influences them.

A hard and fast rule is to avoid changing or omitting anything that is required, even if you don’t understand it.  The Kelley program, as administered by Pamela McDougle – but not anyone else - is the result of literally years of research.  You are not likely to improve upon it.  Dr. Kelley tried many remedies, and rejected most of them for very good reasons that are not known to most physicians and patients.

Development programs are also the result of 40 years of research.  Patients do not realize that we have tried most, if not all of the remedies, methods and products available on the market.  So if it is not recommended, stay away.  If it is recommended, use it, even if it makes little sense.

Holistic physicians, often with little real experience with cancer, are among the worst offenders here.  They may attend a seminar or workshop and suddenly feel they can do better than the masters.  Adding extra products often wrecks a program, and the reasons can be subtle.  Be very careful about this.

  1. b) Inability to do the program.This may be due to financial issues, mental confusion or even a lack of strength to carry out the instructions perfectly.
  2. c) Lack of adequate supervision.This is also common.  Always consult your practitioner if you are not sure what to do in a situation.  Too many people end up in an emergency room, or stopping their program when this is not the correct solution to a flare-up or other situation.

Doctors who help people with cancer must be available for phone calls, at least, and should supervise patients carefully.  Remember, cancer is not a simple illness in most cases.

In fact, cancer is more like a climb up a steep slope where you cannot see the goal clearly at first.  There are wrong turns and hazards to avoid, so use care in whom you choose as your guide, and keep in close communication when necessary.

  1. d) Lack of commitment.Any natural approach takes commitment.  It will usually not be easy sailing at all times and one must persist, even when it seems like things are not going well.  This occurs during what are called healing reactions, for example.  For more on this critical subject, read Retracing And Healing Reactionson this website.
  2. e) Quitting too soon.This is another common problem.  Plan on staying on your therapy for several years, at least.  The diet and lifestyle should be lifelong choices.

One must stay with the natural therapy for at least a year after obvious tumors have shrunk or one feels much better.  Otherwise, relapses can occur easily, since cancer is a degenerative condition.


  1. f) Lack of emotional and moral support.  This, too, occurs often with alternative cancer approaches, more than with any other illness I am aware of.  Some people feel they must have the support of their families, the media and the medical world.  Otherwise they feel uncomfortable with their cancer regimen.

Alternative methods do not offer this.  For best success, one must be far more independent of the attitudes of others, realizing that they are usually terribly uninformed and misinformed.  Often they are also terrified of cancer by the media and not thinking clearly about you and your real needs.


  1. g) Lack of faith in the program.If you believe strongly in someone or something, you will tend to relax, follow orders better, and have a better attitude.  If you think you are wasting your time and money, no approach will be as effective.

For this reason, watch out with whom you speak or share your condition, and your plans.  Thoughtless or stray words from doctors and others can have a great influence on one who is ill.

If you seek counseling or other help from a counselor, pastor, family or friends, make sure they understand your natural healing program, and are fully supportive.


  1. h) Reduced will to live.  Cancer often causes a person to question the will to live.  In fact, it is one of cancer’s blessings.  It forces a person to examine why he or she wants to be well at all.

This is a challenge for those who have not examined their lives carefully, or who have lived less than wholesome lives.  There are ways to enhance the will to live, such as reading spiritual books, reading the Bible, and reading certain articles on this website that explain how life works, and why life is a precious gift.


If the program you have chosen is not causing any changes within a few weeks, even subtle ones described below, it may not be working.  Fortunately, with the therapies in this article, this rarely happens.  Early changes may be subtle and even have little to do with your tumor or cancer.  They may be emotional improvements, for example.

For example, you may have more energy, feel happier or have less pain, even if the tumor has not changed.  In fact, do not expect your tumor or even your general health to change quickly in many cases.  Only with the therapies mentioned in this article and perhaps a few others, tumors occasionally even grow larger for a short time as they soften and disintegrate.

At times, tests such as x-rays and blood tests may also look worse.  This can be part of the process of tumor necrosis or destruction of the cancer.  So, be sure to work with a practitioner who understands this.

Also, do not just pay attention to x-rays or other medical tests, which often cannot detect subtle changes inside tumors.  However, if there are no changes at all, even subtle ones, don’t waste your time on something that is not working.

Stop what you are doing and change to a different approach.  The exception here is that when a healing reaction or retracing is taking place, one must stick with the program.  This is difficult, and this is where a professional who understands the program deeply will be of great help.  During all retracing, one’s judgment is affected and everyone needs outside help to see their way through.

Should you spend a lot of time with conventional doctors while on a natural therapy program?  This is a difficult decision, at times.  It is up to you how often you visit your conventional doctor, but I found that staying away from the medical world as much as possible is often very helpful.  This is not always the case, but here are my observations based on working with thousands of people:

  1. The medical world can be very depressing and discouraging.
  2. Doctors and other medical personnel are often deeply afraid of cancer, themselves.  They speak and gesture in a way that unconsciously instills fear in you.
  3. Most doctors, including holistic doctors, are not well-informedabout healing reactions, the Kelley program, development science, etc.  So they often inadvertently wreck the programs by suggesting other remedies, other diets, or other therapies.
  4. Sadly, the cancer establishment is corrupt.  You may not think this is true, as most doctors are well-intentioned, as are most hospitals.  However, the licensingboards control medical careand do not want the truth about metabolic cancer therapies to be known.

There is a built-in bias, in other words, against unusual natural therapies that doctors do not know much about.  Their journals do not teach them about natural cancer therapy in an honest way, sadly, because they are supported by drug ads.  I know this for a fact.  So one cannot expect to hear the truth from one’s conventional doctor, although we all want it.

Indeed, many patients are often “railroaded” into complying with doctor’s suggestions in various ways – even legal means.  I am sorry to have to say all this, and I wish it were not true, but it is.

Do not be deceived because your doctor is very “nice”, or concerned, or because he was educated at very fine universities.  In my experience, none of this matters.  This is very hard for some people to fathom - that all their learning and research staffs, that their doctors might be almost totally ignorant when it comes to metabolic and natural approaches to cancer.  However, it is the truth.  I experienced this myself and it confused me for years, until I accepted this truth.




Cancer is a disease that is best prevented.  This is because:

  1. It is a serious health condition.
  2. It is a stealth disease, and it can be very fast-moving.Recently, a friend called because his 28-year-old son had minor surgery for an abdominal problem.  Much to everyone’s surprise, his abdomen was full of cancer, and he soon died.  This is unfortunately a common story.
  3. Dissolving tumors is not that easy for the human body.This greatly slows healing of cancer and causes many failures in natural and conventional cancer therapies.

Here are simple suggestions that can go a long way to preventing or healing cancer:

  1. Remove all root canal-filled teeth now.I know this is costly and unpleasant, at times.  However, most become infected quickly, and they spew very toxic germs that encourage the growth of cancer.
  2. Stop drinking fluoridated and chlorinated water, if possible.Filter tap water with carbon only, or drink spring water.  Do not drink reverse osmosis or alkaline water.
  3. Eat only pure, natural food.Do not eat fast food and do not eat refined flour, white sugar, white rice or table salt.  Sea salt is excellent, however.  Also, do not eat food that is heavily preserved, refined, or packaged.
  4. Get plenty of rest and sleep.
  5. Have sex with orgasm a maximum of once a week.Less is better as you get older, especially for men.  Down sex, however, is excellent.
  6. Avoid all recreational drugs, including marijuana.Do not listen to anyone who says marijuana is not that toxic.  It is very toxic.
  7. Eat some roasted sesame tahini daily.The oil in this product reduces estrogen, and may help in other ways to prevent some cancers.
  8. Eat red meat three times a week only – not more, and portions for adults need to be only 4-5 ounces.Have lamb twice a week and grass-fed beef once a week. Avoid regular beef, which is very hybridized and irritating today.  Some people who have a lot of cancer already need to avoid all red meat and all eggs until their cancer is reduced.

We do not recommend vegetarian or vegan diets because they are deficient.

  1. Eat only up to 6 eggs per week for women and up to 8 eggs per week for men.More can induce some cancers.  Eggs must be cooked softonly so the yolk is runny.
  2. Avoid all fruit and fruit juices. These make the body too yin, which is associated with cancer, no matter how nutritious or tasty the fruit may seem.
  3. Breathe deeply every day.Cancer cannot live in a well-oxygenated body.
  4. Watch your thoughts and your emotions.Cancer often occurs in people who hold on to anger and resentments.
  5. To really reduce your risk of cancer, follow a complete development program with one of the Approved Helpers listed on this website.It will remove dozens of toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals from the body that are associated with the development of cancer. Click here to find a Helper.


This is very tricky.  Genetic testing does not only test the DNA.  It also tests the body’s ability to copy the DNA and some of the steps of biosynthesis, which is the synthesis of chemicals from the DNA.

When a genetic test indicates a tendency for cancer, it is not a problem with the DNA.  It is a problem with copying the DNA and synthesizing the chemicals the body needs from the DNA.  These problems are due to the presence of toxic metals, toxic chemicals or nutrient deficiencies, and nothing more.

Therefore, if you receive a genetic test result indicating a tendency for cancer, the answer is NOT to have your breasts cut off or other mutilation of the body.  The answer is to correct your body chemistry.

This requires a development program.  Other healing and nutrition programs do not work nearly as well, including holistic and naturopathic programs.


This section is unfortunate to have to include, but this article would not be complete with out it.  The fact is that the AMA (American Medical Association) and other powerful medical groups do not like the competition from natural cancer therapies.  Doctors who offer alternative and natural cancer therapies are often harassed by federal agents, and some lose their licenses for helping people recover from a terminal disease.

However, many prominent politicians and others know about these therapies.  Ronald Reagan and Betty Ford are just two among many politicians and public figures who secretly received natural, alternative cancer therapies and succeeded.

You will generally not hear about the alternatives I will suggest below because they do not involve patentable drugs, surgery or radiation therapy.  As a result, the drug industry and others cannot profit from them.  This sounds very cynical, but it is the truth, and nothing but the truth.

The pharmaceutical industry has infiltrated medical care to an enormous degree.  They mainly profit from patentable products, which does not include foods, vitamins, minerals, oxygen therapy, and similar products.

The drug industry and their allies strongly discourage the public from using natural cancer therapies mainly by controlling what doctors learn and how they practice their trade.  Control is accomplished through the medical licensing laws, hospital regulations, laboratory regulations, and extensive media control.  Several excellent books have been written about the sad and insane control of the drug companies over medical care, and particularly as regards cancer therapy.

Medical studies of cancer remedies.  One must be extremely wary of “medical studies” about cancer because most are biased and manipulated to achieve a certain outcome.  Here are just a few ways that studies are rigged to produce a certain outcome:

  1. Studies often discuss the “5-year survival rate” of various therapies.If a person lives for five years, he or she is considered cured.  If the person dies even one day after the five years is up, the person is still categorized as “cured”.  This, of course, is insane, since most people want to live more than five years.  But this is how the statistics are set up.  Most people do not know this.
  2. Drugs are often tested for only a short time, during which the drug may show “promise”.The drug maker knows that if they extended the time a few more months or a year, it would fail, but they do not report this fact.
  3. Often, a special group of people areused in the study that the authors know will do well on a drug.Yet this is not revealed. Alternatively, when “studying” a natural therapy, the authors of the study may select participants that they know will not do well, but they do not reveal this fact.
  4. If a person participating in a drug study dies before completing the trial period, that person may be removed entirely from the study because he or she “did not complete the study”.  This skews the study and makes it look much more successful than it really was.
  5. In one drug trial, rats died during the study period, and were simply replaced by new rats in order to complete the study.
  6. The “study” of alternative methods aredone with only one or a few participants.This should not be considered valid, but it often is.  Medical studies of hair analysis were rigged this way, for example.
  7. Authors of drug studies are often paid by drug companies to conclude something the study really does not show, often while ignoring the real facts or conclusions.However, you would never know this unless you read the study very carefully.
  8. A “study” can easily discredit a new method of cancer therapy by using the wrong dosage, the wrong protocol for the product, or even the wrong product.This is done very commonly.  It might even look like a silly “mistake”, but it is no such thing.
  9. Something is added to or omitted from the “study” protocol that wrecks the intended effect.For example, if a natural product also requires a healthful diet along with it, the dietary part is omitted and the product “studied” without the diet.
  10. Studies of natural products at major cancer centers in the United States found benefit in natural methods.  However, the results were either not reported in medical journals, or they were buried in other ways so that doctors and others did not find out about them.
  11. Dozens of other tricks can be used to either make a product seem effective when it is not, or to discredit a valid method.The above are just a small sampling of how scientific studies can be biased, and how the public and doctors are kept in the dark about the dismal performance of much of drug medicine.  This ignorance and deception today pervades the entire medical establishment, even the most elite medical centers.  However, it is perhaps most pronounced in the area of cancer therapy.


Please be careful with these tests.  They measure genetic AND some other problems, such as transcription or copying errors, which are correctable.  This can be very confusing, and needlessly scary!

To understand genetic testing, please read the article entitled Genetic Testing on this website.


One cannot diagnose cancer from a hair mineral test.  However, some mineral patterns on this test are associated with cancer.  They are:

  1. Sympathetic dominance.Excessive activity of the sympathetic nervous system inhibits the immune response, detoxification, digestion and other critical bodily activities. This slowly tears down the body.  For details, read Sympathetic Dominance.
  2. Four lows pattern.This pattern is associated with exhaustion and worsening health.  For details, read Four Lows Pattern.
  3. A sodium/potassium ratio less than 2.This is associated with an impaired immune response.  As the ratio becomes lower, the tendency for immune deficiency and malignancy increases.  For details, read Low Sodium/Potassium Ratio.
  4. Elevated copper, calcium, or cadmium.A copper level greater than about 10 mg%, a calcium level greater than 400 mg%, or a cadmium level above about 0.03 mg% is associated with cancer.
  5. Other elevated toxic metal levels or poor eliminator patterns.High levels of mercury, lead, arsenic, nickel, palladium or other toxic metals can be associated with the development of cancer.

Poor eliminator patterns are very low readings of toxic metals, which indicate problems eliminating toxic metals.  This is also associated with cancer.

  1. Low levels of vitalminerals,especially zinc.  This is also associated with an impaired immune response.
  2. Phosphorus less than 12 mg%. This is a low vitality indicator.  For details, readPhosphorus.

Dietary imbalances associated with cancer are a diet low in cooked vegetables, a diet high in refined sugars, or a diet low in omega-3 fatty acids.


Breast cancer. Breast cancer screening and diagnosis are important subjects.  For more on this topic, please read Breast Cancer Screening And Prevention.

Biopsy errors.  Please be warned that biopsies can be unreliable.  They can produce false positive and false negative results. Try to confirm biopsy findings, if at all possible, since false positive results can cause extensive treatments when they may not be needed.  This relates to the next topic.

Defensive medicine.  Today, many doctors practice what is called defensive medicine.  This is really not medical care, but “legal care”.  They may diagnose an early cancer even if they are not sure, because this is preferable to missing the diagnosis and getting sued.

I appreciate their careful approach.  However, a person can end up on very toxic drugs, or having toxic radiation therapy and surgery without needing it.  They can also become very depressed and anxious for no reason.  So please beware of this situation in today’s medical care.

Beware of medical “preventive testing”. X-rays of the breasts, for example, increase cancer incidence.  Ultrasound or infrared thermal imaging, by contrast, are much safer.  This is just one example of how prevention must be carefully thought out.

A very good and simple serum-based cancer screening panel is available from American Metabolic Laboratories.  No doctor’s prescription is needed, as they send you one.  See the reference section of this article for more information about this laboratory test.

A development program can cause what looks like cancerous growths, but they are not.  Recently, two people who were on development programs suddenly developed “lumps”, that were then diagnosed with cancer.  However, upon closer investigation, one was actually told she just had pre-cancerous cells.  In both cases, the problem was a healing reaction and the lumps went away on their own. Reasons for the confusion and possible misdiagnoses are:

  1. On a development program, the body can move toxins easily into a cyst or benign tumor to make them easier to remove.  So a lump appears.  It is not cancer, in my experience, but a process of ridding the body of cancer, even though it contains some abnormal cells.
  2. Most cancers require 8-10 years to develop before they are diagnosable with standard tests.  Development programs do not promote cancer growth.  In fact, the opposite is true.


Common medical errors in handling cancer. These include:

  1. Treating cancer as a local disease instead of a systemic one.  This tends to cause relapses or recurrences.  Doctors then treat these as “new” cancers, when they are just the progression of the same illness that was mistreated the first time with drugs or other methods that do not strengthen and detoxify the entire body.
  2. Using extremely toxic drugs and radiation as a first line of treatment, rather than as a last resort in most cases.
  3. Ignoring very high quality nutrition and diet, drinking water, food supplements, and perhaps other lifestyle factors when addressing cancer.
  4. Ignoring wonderful detoxification procedures such as coffee enemas and the daily use of a near infrared sauna.


Those with cancer have usually have low serum albumin and globulin levels and this seriously impairs healing.

They also all have a reduced capacity to digest protein, so it is more difficult for them to obtain the amino acids they require.  Protein is also acid-forming and their bodies are all too acidic to begin with.

This leads some cancer specialists to restrict protein intake for cancer patients.  We agree with this and we recommend avoiding all red meat and all eggs.   These two food groups are not only high in protein.  They are also high in a toxic form of iron that makes the cancer problem worse.

NOTE: Blood tests of cancer patients often reveal anemia.  This is sometimes called the anemia of chronic disease.  We believe that cancer cells secrete a substance that causes anemia.  Giving iron to a cancer patient is usually harmful.  For details, read Anemias.


Other articles related to cancer on this website:

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Parasites, and how to eliminate them naturally

By Dr. Lawrence Wilson


              The most important thing to remember is that parasites are smart.  When you embark on a nutritional balancing program to eliminate them, they will secrete chemicals that will make a person very anxious or feel sick in some other way.  If you don’t understand this, you will think you cannot do the program.  In reality, the program is working and just keep it up.  We deal with this problem all the time!

The Importance of Parasites, And How To Remove All Of Them.  Most people have some parasitic infections!  That is our experience.  Here are the issues with parasites that make them a difficult area of pathology:

  1. Most people have them. One does not have to travel to an unclean area of the planets, for example, to contract the infection.  Today, food is shipped around the world daily.  Parasites can also easily live in some drinking water supplies, and elsewhere.
  2. Most doctors are unaware of their importance, and don’t even consider testing for them.
  3. Testing is costly and often somewhat messy. If one does test for them, detection is often difficult, even with elaborate stool and other types of tests.
  4. If they are detected, almost all doctors give toxic drugs or other somewhat toxic products to remove them.

They must use different drugs for different species of parasites, or the drugs and herbs won’t work.

  1. The drugs and herbs do not work well. The reason is that the terrain or condition of the host is generally very attractive for the parasites.  As a result, some may die from the drugs and other products, but some will usually remain.
  2. Even if all parasites are killed, which is rare, re-infection easily occurs because the terrain is still favorable for their survival.
  3. Meanwhile, the toxic drugs or herbs further damage the body.

A non-toxic method that works better.  Nutritional balancing uses a completely different, non-toxic approach that works far better.  Here are a few details about nutritional balancing for parasites:

  1. We are well aware of the parasite problem.  It is so common that we assume everyone has them.
  2. No testing is needed because all parasites will be destroyed, and different remedies are not required for each species. This saves time and money.
  3. They are killed by making the terrain or internal environment of the body inhospitable for the parasites. This is a slow process that involves a number of factors.

These include, in their order of importance:

  1. Making the body much more yang (most important and overlooked by most physicians)
  2. Drastically increasing the bile flow by many methods, but especially coffee enemas and a bile supplement.
  3. Use of the red heat lamp sauna.
  4. Restoring the alkaline reserve minerals.
  5. Drastically improving the adaptive energy of the body
  6. Drastically improving digestion, and getting ridof “leaky gut” and other damage to the intestine.

Unless ALL of this is done, the non-toxic method described above will not succeed.

  1. When a person follows a nutritional balancing program that is set up correctly, all parasites (there are about 300 species on earth) slowly die off.Some clients report seeing them in the toilet.
  2. If one remains on a program, re-infection is unlikely because the body has been made inhospitable for them.This is very important and is the only way to prevent re-infection, in many cases.
  3. Beware – when parasites are eliminated, the intestines remains irritated for several months.This is because the parasites secrete very toxic chemicals, and it takes a few months for the body to remove them.







Parasites are a large class of infective organisms that live on or in human beings, animals and plant species. They are extremely common everywhere in the world, particularly in warmer nations.  They are classified into groups as follows:

  1. Flukes and worms.This includes several hundred types of flat worms (such astape worms) and round worms (such as hook worms and ascaris, the common round worm).

Worms and flukes usually don’t cause death.  In most cases, they accumulate in the liver, colon, intestines, lungs or elsewhere, and cause symptoms such as pain, bloating, gas, fatigue, mental problems, and nutritional deficiencies (because the parasites consume your food).

Walking around barefoot, especially on dirt, or in dirty surroundings, is a common way to contract these.  They are also found on unclean food, and in many places.

Liver flukes. A member of this group is liver flukes, the most common parasites in America and many parts of Europe and Asia.  These infect most people, because their eggs are so often found in swimming pools, hot tubs, bathtubs and gymnasium floors.

They are also found on things people touch that others touch such as armrests on aircraft, buses and trains, toilet flush levers in public or private bathrooms, and elsewhere.  Even some municipal water supplies contain some, as they are difficult to kill.

Liver flukes are easy to get rid of permanently with a nutritional balancing program.  They are not that easy to kill with drugs, herbs, electrical machines and other commonly-used methods.  Even if one kills them with these methods, re-infection is common, negating much of the benefit of these therapies.

Trichina.  Another very important parasite in this group is the trichina worm.  People get trichina infection when they eat products of the pig, mainly, even when the pork, ham, bacon, or lard are well-cooked.

The only exceptions we have found are pig-derived pancreas and pig-derived thyroid gland, both of which are used medicinally.  For more on this topic, please read Trichinosis on this website.

  1. Protozoa.These are smaller parasitic animals that include amoebas and giardia lamblia.  They are microscopic in size, and more associated with Mexico, South America, and unclean food and water in tropical countries.

These can kill babies and people who are weak or ill if they move from the intestines through a weak spot in the intestinal wall and migrate to the brain, lungs, heart or other vital organs.


  1. Spirochetes or spiral-shaped organisms.This is another group of microscopic parasites that cause Lyme disease and malaria.  Lyme disease is very common in damp and wooded areas of the United States.

Lyme disease. A complete nutritional balancing program can end Lyme disease, in our experience.  There is no need for antibiotics, grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil, or other toxic remedies that will reduce the number of parasites, but in my experience will not get rid of the condition.  For more, read Lyme Disease on this website.

  1. Yeasts and fungi.Some people also think of yeasts and fungi as parasites.

Candida albicans.  Infection with candida albicans and other candida species are extremely common.  For much more on this condition, please read Yeast Infections on this website.

As you can see, there are many types of parasitic organisms, several hundred, in fact.  Unlike bacteria and viruses, most parasites are large enough to be seen easily with a microscope, and some can be seen with the naked eye.


A mild case of parasites will often cause few, if any symptoms.  As a result, millions of people walk around with parasites and have no idea they have them.  In fact, most people have some.  Everyone whose body is somewhat yin has some parasites.

In America, for example, liver flukes are most common, followed by Lyme disease, I would guess.  In tropical countries, amoebas and other protozoal parasites are most common.

Unfortunately, because people do not realize they have parasites, they often spread them to their family, sexual partners, and everywhere they go.

If enough parasites are present, symptoms may include:

- Worms and flukes tend to cause a bloated belly to some degree, fatigue, a sad look on the face, slightly darker skin tone, malnutrition if the case is bad, and interestingly, a craving for fat or other cravings such as for sugar or sweets.

- Protozoal parasites, and perhaps others cause diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, fatigue, weight gain or weight loss, intestinal bleeding, rectal itching or itching anywhere in the body.

They may cause anemia and headaches, and many other symptoms are possible if the case is severe.

- Spirochetes such as the Lyme parasite (borrelia burgdorferi) causes a bulls eye rash early on, which fades and later may cause joint pain, neck pain, headaches, brain fog, and other symptoms as it invades various tissues and organs.

- Candida albicans and other fermenting organisms may cause gas, bloating, brain fog, confusion, fatigue, weight gain and other symptoms depending upon where it is and how severe it is.

- In serious cases, parasites invade the vital organs and cause serious illness or even death.


Parasites are a worldwide health problem that accounts for half the diseases in the world, or more.  They live everywhere, though they thrive best in warm, moist, often tropical, and dirty environments.

They are considered a disease of filth.  However, in reality they are everywhere.  They are often present on foods, especially raw food.  They can be in drinking water.  The eggs or ova can float in the air and on other contact surfaces that are not cleaned well enough.

For this reason, going barefoot, eating raw or improperly cooked food, and lack of hygiene are among the main sources of parasites.  However, avoiding them completely is impossible.

More specifically:

Liver fluke eggs are found throughout the world on food, on napkins, silverware, glasses, in the air and in the water supplies.  They are almost impossible to avoid, even if one observes excellent cleanliness.

Hookworm and round worm eggs are found in dirt, on dirt floors, especially, and on all unclean surfaces that people walk on and touch.  For this reason, round and hookworm infections are diseases of filth.  Cleanliness is essential to avoid them.  Wearing shoes, and better yet, closed shoes, is a wise idea in all tropical nations.

Trichina worm cysts are found in all pig products, in my opinion, even if the pork, bacon, lard or ham arecooked well.  This is an important reason to stop eating pig products entirely!  They move into the brain easily, and are endemic among populations that eat a lot of pig products anywhere in the world.  Christians should be observing the kosher laws, which forbid eating products of the pig.  For more on this topic, please read Trichinosis on this website.

Lyme disease and malaria are carried by insects of various kinds.  Lyme disease is difficult to avoid today, no matter where one lives.  Most people have it to some degree.

Malaria requires any of about 40-50 species of female anopheles mosquitos as its vector or carrier.  For this reason, it is mainly limited to certain tropical areas where these mosquitos are present in large numbers.  If possible, I suggest avoiding travel to these areas.  Malaria maps and mosquito maps on the internet can show you where they are.

If you live in one of these nations of Africa, Asia, South and Central America, the Middle East or Far East, do your best to take precautions such as always sleeping under mosquito netting, wearing long sleeves and long pants, wearing socks and shoes, and avoiding mosquito-infected swamps and other dangerous areas.  Malaria is often rampant in these areas, and it will shorten the lifespan of most people.

Candida albicans and other candida species are everywhere on dishes, glasses, silverware, on food, and everything people touch or wear.  Wash you hands several times daily, and always wash and preferably shower after you have been out and about.

This means wash after being in contact with others, after going to restaurants, after sex, and after sleeping in hotels.  Also wash after other contact with people or places where people have been such as theaters, movies, stadiums, studios such as television studios, schools and universities, and elsewhere.  I know this may be difficult, but it is helpful to reduce the spread of conditions such as candida albicans and some other parasitic diseases.

The worst areas of the world for parasitic disease are generally poor nations, those with bad sanitation systems, dirt floors instead of tile, linoleum, wood or carpet flooring, and in nations with contaminated and polluted water and food supplies.  However, they are found in all nations.  Detecting the ova or eggs is almost impossible to do thoroughly.  Chlorination of the drinking water or ozonation of the water are helpful, but do not stop them all.


Especially avoid ALL raw or poorly cooked meats, fish, seafood and shellfish.  This applies to Americans just as much as it does to Europeans and Asians.

Sushi, which is sadly very nutritious, is a big source of problems in developed nations of Europe, Japan, America and others.  I am saddened to have to respond to the lies that raw meats or raw fish are healthful, at all.  They are not! and are usually full of parasitic eggs and cysts.

Avoid eating ALL unwashed fruit and all poorly washed vegetable salads if you want to avoid more parasites.  I suggest one should never eat salad or fruit with skin unless you wash it yourself.  This means avoiding ALL salads and ALL fruit with skin in restaurants.   One never knows who washed the lettuce or the apples, and how well and how cleanly it was done.  Remember, today many food service employees are from unclean nations, and their hygiene must be questioned.  This is not an accusation against any particular group or nation, but it is the truth.

Also remember that many of our fruits, vegetables, meats and fish come from unclean tropical nations, which must include China, India, Southeast Asia and South America.  For this reason, the problem of cleanliness of raw foods is far worse today than ever before, and getting worse by the day. Finding out if the food is clean is basically impossible, so you must assume all food is contaminated until proven otherwise.  Some food is marked where it has been grown and shipped from.  However, most is not marked, although it should be.

As stated above, to avoid trichina infection of the brain and elsewhere, I would avoid all pig products such as ham, bacon, pork, lard, pig skin, sausage made with pork intestine, pork rinds and other products of the pig.  It does not seem to matter if it is well-cooked.  The only exception is porcine pancreatin, which appears to be very safe.  Perhaps this is because pancreatin digests most everything, including parasite ova.


Drinking water supplies are a major source of parasitic infection around the world.  Never drink tap water in most nations, even for brushing your teeth.  Also, if possible, always use warm or hot water and lot of soap to wash dishes and clothing.

Important water-related sources of parasites are pools, hot tubs, hot springs, boating clubs and facilities, cruise ships, and wet or damp floors in health clubs, gyms, school locker rooms.  Just because a pool or hot tub has been “sanitized” with chlorine or bromine does not mean that all micro-organisms have been killed.  Some cysts and eggs survive very well in these places.  For this reason, I suggest strictly avoiding all public pools or hot tubs.

Even lake water, river water and occasionally ocean water can be contaminated with parasites.  Ocean water is safest because few parasites can survive in the salty water.  Fresh water is commonly contaminated, often by human beings or animals who  use the water for bathing and relieving themselves.  Untreated sewage also may find its way into lakes, streams and some ocean areas, as well.

So swim only in the ocean, clean lakes or rivers, or seek out healthful and very clean-flowing hot springs, which are scattered everywhere on the earth and much better because the water comes directly out of the ground, and is pure and always flowing.

Notes on chlorine and bromine: These are powerful toxins that are best avoided.  The amount in most municipal bathing and drinking water is not too bad, although it has found its way into all our food, as a result of its widespread use.  This has damaged the entire food supply on earth, and harmed all the soils of the earth.  While these chemicals kill many germs, they do not kill all parasite cysts and ova.  They are also highly toxic and cause the bodies of people, animals and plants to become more yin, which worsens susceptibility to all parasites.

Ozone and hydrogen peroxide are much better methods to sanitize all water in the world, although they are not perfect, either.  Sanitizing and producing healthful drinking and bathing water for all people of the earth should be a major priority in all nations, and is a costly, but important public health concern for all nations.  I hope it will receive more attention than it already does.  Until then, in most nations, drink only bottled water, and only water directly out of a sealed bottle, even for brushing your teeth and for cooking.

Wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages used to avoid drinking water.  While cleaner than many water supplies, I do not suggest drinking wine or other alcoholic beverages.  The only exception might be if you are traveling for a day or two and cannot obtain bottled water.  However, alcohol is very yin and also toxic for the body.  Continued use is damaging to the body.

Among alcoholic beverages, beer and distilled spirits are usually the cleanest, interestingly.  Wine often contains some arsenic and perhaps a little lead used in fertilizers and pesticides applied to the grapes.

Grain-based beverages such as beer are also a little more yang and therefore better than fruit-based beverages such as wine, especially sweet wines.  However, I would not drink these beverages for optimum health.

Notes about reverse osmosis water.  Throughout this website, I do not recommend reverse osmosis water.  In my experience, it does not hydrate the body very well, it causes a type of plastic poisoning from the polycarbonate or other type of membrane used to make it, and it is mineral-deficient and very yin for this reason.

However, if you are traveling in an unclean nation, reverse osmosis bottled water may be the best alternative, and it can be used for a short while by most people.  If you live in a nation with unclean water, please seek out a clean bottled spring water for regular drinking, as it will be much better for you than always drinking reverse osmosis bottled water.

NOTE: Nestles, Dasani and Aqua Fina are made by reverse osmosis and are not spring waters, though they are found in the spring water sections of most supermarkets in the USA and elsewhere, unfortunately.  Also watch out for “drinking waters” and “purified waters” in health food stores and elsewhere, as these, too, are usually just tap water that is run through a reverse osmosis filter.

Notes about drinking bottled soft drinks in unclean nations.  While I am definitely not a fan of Coca-cola or other soft drinks, these companies have actually helped the nations where these drinks are sold because they make sure the water they use is adequately filtered so as not to spread disease.

This is important to know if you travel to unclean nations, as these beverages at least will not spread parasitic and other water-borne diseases, provided you drink them straight from the bottle or can.  Do not make a habit of this, but know this if you need a beverage and no spring water or reverse osmosis water is immediately available.  Ideally, always bring your own water with you when traveling through unclean nations or areas.


This is not a major source of parasites, most of the time.  The only exception is if one is breathing contaminated air, for example in a chicken coup or even some cities where debris and garbage take to the air and one may breathe in cysts of parasites.


Troublesome areas are all public places where one touches chairs, toilets, sinks, beds, money (paper or coins) or anything else that has been touched by many people.  Such places include theatres, auditoriums, laundromats, lunch counters, buses, trains, airplanes, subways, restaurants, and many other public locations.  This is why frequent hand washing, wiping down toilet seats before sitting on them, and other hygienic measures are absolutely essential in public places of all kinds.

Wealthier nations tend to be cleaner, as do primarily Christian nations such as the USA.  However, watching your hygiene today is critical even in the United States and Canada.  This is partially due to immigration patterns, and partially due to the decline in wealth and in Christian values in these nations.

Children spread a lot of parasites.  We must add to contact sources the enormous spread of parasitic diseases that occurs among family members.  Today, sadly, many children are born with parasites that are passed on from the mother, although the placenta affords newborn babies some protection from parasite infection.

Mothers should take care of their parasitic infections before giving birth, if possible, as some live in the vagina and can easily infect their babies, causing blindness in some cases or other problems.  Sexual hygiene is the key here.  Husbands and boyfriends must be treated along with their female partners in all cases, if a disease is found.

Young children often bring home parasite eggs from pre-school and kindergarten, especially, as the children often slobber a little and may place things in their mouths or other contaminated areas.  Then mom or dad gives them a big hug and the filth is all over their clothes and hands, as well.

This is another reason to teach your children at home, rather than send the little ones, in particular, to daycare centers, pre-schools and kinder schools, in particular.  However, even grade school children and high school age children often bring home parasites to the entire family from their sports events, group showering after gym class, and even just from contact with others at the school and in the stores and other places they frequent.

Besides keeping your children out of school, I would not allow most group sports and other group activities.  They have benefits, but they often spread disease.  Never allow your child to swim in pools or go in hot tubs, for instance, unless you want to contaminate the whole family later.

Sexual activity.  Sexual contact is a common cause of parasitic infections such as chlamydia, and others.  Sexual activity also always spreads bacterial infections such as syphilis, gonorrhea, and others, and viral infections such as herpes.

Even simple kissing can spread parasitic diseases easily.  I would avoid “kissy” people, as they usually are spreading disease without realizing it, and some of these diseases such as some strains of herpes are very difficult to eradicate.

Among heterosexuals, casual sex is by far the worst.  You never know if your wonderful new partner is lying about their sexual past or disease, or is just ignorant as to whether he or she is carrying parasitic or other diseases.  Both occur all the time.  One may even think the diseases are gone, when they are rarely gone.  Fidelity in marriage, monogamy, and avoiding adultery are best.

Other people-to-people spreading of disease.  Parasitic disease spread easily to friends, anyone you are living with, business associates and even those one entertains at parties and other events.

Sharing clothing, riding in cars belonging to others, riding subways, buses, planes, trains and other public transportation are sources, as are most human group activities such as attending sports events, concerts, etc.  Try to be clean at these, and always wash or shower when you get home.

Keep clothing clean, and do not wipe hands on your face, if possible, and do not use dirty handkerchiefs and tissues.  Do not leave these around the home, either.  Even new clothing today are best washed before wearing them, as they can transmit parasite cysts.

Home contact. The dirtiest rooms in most homes are the bathroom and kitchen.  Floors should be washed, not just swept or vacuumed, at least once a week.  Use a steam mop, not a regular mop that just moves the dirt around, too often.  Only the steam mop mixed with a little soap, can kill or remove most parasite eggs.

Be careful when sweeping or vacuuming, as these can blow dust and living matter all over the home.  If you squash a bug, do it preferably with a Kleenex or paper towel, and then put the paper in the toilet or outside in the garbage since most insects carry disease germs and may carry parasite eggs or cysts.

Do not leave dirty dishes overnight, and wash sponges and kitchen and bathroom towels often.  Also be sure to wash out sinks, stoves, ovens and other places where food debris and parasite ova may lie.

Doctor’s offices, dental offices, and especially hospitals can be a source of parasitic infection today.  Some of the electronic equipment used in hospitals is very hard to sterilize.  If possible, stay away from these places.

Pets and farm animals. Animals are often infected with parasites, and these can spread to people easily.  Birds are the worst pets for this.  Birds often flap their wings in their cages, spreading larva and parasite eggs throughout the house.

Dogs and particularly cats are often infected with worms and other parasites.  They should be de-wormed periodically, about once a year, using garlic, if possible, rather than toxic drugs. Nutritional balancing is excellent to reduce parasites in dogs and cats.

If your animal is indoors all the time, this is less of a problem, but still a possibility.  Ideally, after petting or grooming any animal, wash your hands, and do not sleep with animals in bed with you, or even on your bed. Hugging, and especially kissing pets and other animals can spread these parasites easily and should be avoided.

Dogs and perhaps chickens are the cleanest of the small animals, even dogs who roam out of doors daily.  I am not sure why this is so, but it appears to be the case.

This is a reason to own dogs rather than cats or other animals.  Even pocket dogs can carry germs, so if you have one, wash everything they touch carefully on a daily basis.  People think they are like little people, but it is not true.

Never own pigs, please, and if you must be around them, wash your hands often and deeply.  They carry the most disease, it seems, although I am not sure why.

The problem of parasites in farm and livestock animals is a daunting one.  In trying to figure out why they are such a problem, I would suggest that “industrial” or large-scale livestock production is more yin today and this may open the animals to more parasitic infections.

Causes for the problem stem from raising animals in very close quarters, not enough sunshine, cheap food, bad water, widespread use of medical drugs and vaccines, the use of other chemicals used on the farms and ranches for cleaning and other purposes, and some resulting contamination of the food, water and air of our livestock animals.

Modern methods of livestock production are more sterile, perhaps, but there is a price in using more chemicals. The animals have become more yin in nature, negatively affecting their ability to resist parasitic attack.

Note: Garlic for dogs and perhaps cats.  Giving dogs and maybe cats small amounts of garlic daily can reduce and eventually eliminate some parasites such as heartworms in dogs.  Beware:  too much garlic is toxic and even lethal for cats, in particular.

However, small amounts of garlic can be safer than the anti-parasitic drugs, and can do a better job, in some cases.

Insect and other vectors.  Some parasites are spread by crawling insects that may leave parasite cysts in their urine, feces or other body secretions.  In fact, most spiders, mosquitoes, small rodents and other small animals that find their way into our homes and offices can possibly spread parasitic organisms.

Plant vectors.  Some parasites, including Lyme disease and others, are transmitted easily if one handles plants, as well.

To minimize this contact, keep homes closed up sufficiently and pick up insects when they are found.  Put them outside or destroy them.  When hiking or moving through any area where insects are, preferably wear long sleeves, long pants and socks to help prevent insect bites.  Check yourself before going inside to remove any insects that may be on your clothing.  I know this is inconvenient, but it can be helpful.


            Detecting parasites is often very difficult.  They can hide in various organs, and none of the tests for them are totally reliable.

Is Testing For Parasites Needed?  I do not need to test for parasites for the following reasons:

  • I assume that most people have parasites.
  • The tests are not very accurate or reliable.
  • Nutritional balancing programs, especially with GB-3, near infrared sauna therapy and coffee enemas, will immediately begin to reduce the parasite load and eventually will get rid of all of them without needing testing or other anti-parasitic agents or drugs.

Stool examinations.  Stool exams are used commonly, but are notoriously inaccurate.  The reason is that the laboratory only analyzes a small amount of the stool.  It may not contain the parasites, even though they are present in the body.  Parasites also go through live cycles, and an exam done at the wrong time of the month, so to speak, will miss the eggs or ova or the entire parasites for this reason, as well.

One can also test the stool for occult blood.  This may be caused by parasitic infection, although one must rule out other causes, so the test is not that reliable.

Bowel contents exams.  A few laboratories may offer a “bowel contents exam”.  This is a very time-consuming and costly test in which the patient is given a laxative and must sit at the lab for several hours and collect everything that comes out of the bowel.  The lab then analyzes the entire contents, hopefully.  This is not widely offered, however, and costs hundreds of dollars.  Also, it still can miss some items, and it only detects parasites in the bowel, of course.

Blood tests.  Serum tests for antibodies and others are also not perfectly reliable, as one may be exposed to parasites, so there can be false positives as well as false negatives.

Biopsies, x-rays, PET scans and MRIs.  These are occasionally useful, but are rarely done unless one has a strong suspicion and knows exactly what one is looking for.  They are the only methods to detect parasites deep in the internal organs.


Hair mineral tests. Anyone with a four lows pattern on a hair mineral test probably has parasites.  Other patterns are not clear indicators of parasitic infection, in my experience.

While a properly performed hair mineral test does not specifically detect parasites, it will tell your Approved nutritional balancing practitioner how to set up a complete program to slowly eliminate parasites from the body.

Most doctors who offer hair analysis, however, do not know enough to set up a correct program.  This is why I only recommend working with one of the consultants or doctors listed on the Approved Practitioner List on this website.

When to test for parasites?  Possible situations are:

  1. If symptoms are massive and one wants to “knock down their numbers” before or along with a nutritional balancing program.I have never encountered this, but it is possible.
  2. If a person will not follow a nutritional balancing program, then testing and using toxic remedies will be needed, at times, for Lyme disease and other parasitic conditions.



  1. Parasitic infections are extremely common and most everyone has some parasites.Most people have Lyme spirochetes, liver flukes, trichina cysts or worms, and often others, as well.

Infection with parasites is more likely if you work or live in contaminated areas, are not that clean in your living and sexual habits, travel the world, eat pork, ham or bacon, or live in Lyme-infected areas such as the East and West coast of the USA, and parts of the mid-west as well.

Places where one finds the highest rate of parasitic infection tend to be in the tropics, and in nations with less cleanliness, and especially those where clean water is not readily available.  They are also more common where people walk barefoot or work barefoot or in water, such as in rice paddies in Asia.  However, parasites are everywhere, and not that easy to avoid.

  1. Parasites are opportunists and thrive in more yin and sick bodies.An important principle of parasitic infection is that parasitic infections are much worse if your health is poor.  In this regard, they are opportunist organisms that thrive in sick bodies.

They literally have more to feed upon if one is ill.  Also, the weakness of the body in terms of its electrical nature, acid-alkaline balance, and enzyme strength, makes it easier for parasites to thrive in sick bodies.

  1. Healing parasitic infections is really a two-stage process of 1) reducing the parasite load, and 2) completely eliminating all the parasites.This is a very important therapeutic principle in dealing with parasites.

Stage 1) Reducing the parasite load. This occurs first with a nutritional balancing program.  It is also the only effect, in my experience, of medical drugs and natural remedies for parasites.  It may be enough to improve symptoms, but is not the same as eliminating all parasites.

Stage 2) Getting rid of all the parasites.  This is much more difficult because parasites can hide all over the body where drugs and herbs cannot reach them.  Also, if the body is weak or ill, there is a lot of debris and other matter for them to nourish themselves with.

Also, even if you get rid of them all, re-infection occurs easily because they are all around us, to a degree.

When people say they have “gotten rid of their parasites”, usually it means they have reduced their numbers to where they are not bothersome and they are harder to detect.

In our experience, following a complete nutritional balancing program can eventually get rid of parasites completely, but it takes a number of years of building one’s health.


  1. There are two basic ways to get rid of most parasites: 1) kill them with usually toxic methods, and/or 2) make the body a less hospitable host, which either kills them or they leave on their own.

This is another important principle to understand.  If you the balance of the body chemistry, you may not see them leave.  However, they will slowly stop reproducing if the terrain of your body is not suitable for them.

  1. Most parasite remedies are toxic to some degree and therefore best avoided.This includes medical drugs, herbs, homeopathy, colloidal silver, grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil and the others.

The least toxic methods may be homeopathic remedies and rife frequency therapies.  However, these are quite yin and definitely harmful, for this reason.  They also usually do not remove all the parasites, but only reduce their numbers.

  1. Nutritional balancing does not usually kill parasites with toxic products.Instead, it makes the body less suitable for their survival until they die or leave and go elsewhere.

Important advantages of this method of handling parasites are: 1) no toxic products are required, and 2) re-infection is much less common.  Even if you are re-exposed to them, the body will not support them nearly as well.  The disadvantage to this method is it is often slower than taking toxic remedies.



Nutritional balancing programs can rid the body of hundreds of different parasites.  Usually, no herbs, medical drugs, healing machines, or other “killing” methods are needed.  The anti-parasitic effects of a complete nutritional balancing program occur due to:

  1. A much more yang diet.Parasitic infections are generally “cold” or “yin”. As the body becomes more yang, it becomes less hospitable for all parasites.  This is a critical concept and one that I find very few doctors talk about or understand.  However, it works.

  1. No sugars.Sugars in the diet all feed parasites. Sugars, including fruit and fruit juices, are also very yin, which promotes parasitic infections.

  1. Development.Enhancing overall vitality of the body is essential to rid the body of parasites.  Parasites thrive in sick bodies.  As vitality improves, they are often easily expelled.  Increased vitality also enhances the body’s ability to resist repeated parasitic infections.

A powerful way nutritional balancing enhances vitality is through the process of development.  This is very unique for this program.  It is explained more in articles such as Introduction To Development.

  1. Repair of the intestinal tract. This is done by eliminating all fruit, all juices except a little carrot juice, all raw food, all wheat products, all shakes and smoothies, and all food chemicals and refined foods.

A diet of mainly cooked vegetables slowly strengthens and heals the intestinal lining, making it more difficult for all parasites to attach and thrive in the body.


  1. Letting go of victim thinking.  This is far more important than one might imagine in helping to get rid of parasites.  I am not sure why it is so, but we have consistently found that a shift in one’s attitude away from victimhood will help expel parasites.

To help with this process, I suggest repeating often the affirmations in the article, I Choose.


  1. A focus on liver detoxification.This increases bile flow.  Bile is very irritating and sometimes lethal for parasites.


  1. More rest.This helps all healing.


  1. Ridding the body of toxic metals and toxic chemicals.This enhances vitality and helps create an unfavorable terrain or environment for parasites.


  1. The use of a digestive aid with ox bile andpancreatin. These substances upset parasites, help correct the intestinal pH, and have other beneficial effects.  Other digestive aids are not as good because they are not as yang and not as irritating to parasites.


  1. Garlic.In a few cases, a person will follow a nutritional balancing program for a year or more.  Yet the parasite problem has not cleared up.  In a few of these cases, taking garlic capsules, up to 5-5-5 daily for a few days to a week, may hasten the elimination of round worms and perhaps tapeworm.  I use Kyolic original or Endomet garlic for this purpose.


  1. The nutritional balancing procedures.  All of them are excellent to help expel parasites.  They include:

Coffee enemas.  This is probably the most powerful additional procedure for parasite removal.  Many clients notice parasites in their stool after a coffee enema.

Coffee enemas stimulate bile flow, mechanically clean the colon, and upset many parasite nesting places.  Coffee is directly toxic for some parasites, and the enema can help loosen and remove them from the body.

Coffee enemas also reduce liver toxicity and have reflex effects throughout the body.  Please read Coffee Enemas for more on this amazing healing procedure.

Daily use of a Red Heat Lamp Sauna or red heat lamp.  This is also excellent because parasites do not like the heat of these lamps.

Other procedures.  The spinal twist exercises, the pushing down exercise and foot and hand reflexology are also helpful for parasite removal.

Colonic irrigation.  I rarely recommend colonic irrigation because the procedure is too yin.  It is usually also not needed if one does regular coffee enemas.

However, if parasites in the colon are a real problem, then a series of 5 to 10 colonic irrigations can help quickly loosen and remove them.  Combining this with a nutritional balancing program is always best.



Pharmaceutical drugs.  I do not recommend drugs for parasite elimination because:

  1. They are not needed with nutritional balancing – even for severe parasite infestation.I know this may sound amazing.  It is quite amazing to me, but it is true.
  2. All anti-parasitic drugs are quite toxic, and some always remains in the body.For this reason, they all worsen overall health.
  3. They rarely, if ever, get rid of ALL the parasites, in my experience.If the body is weak, as are most of them, the terrain is just too perfect for parasites and it is difficult to impossible to kill or remove them all.
  4. Re-infection often occurs because the terrain of the body has not been improved.

Anti-parasitic pharmaceutical include metronizadole (Flagyl, Helidac, Metizol, Metric 21, Metro IV, Metrogel, Neo-metric, Novonidazole, Prostat, Satric, Trikacide), itraconazole (Sporanex), ketoconizole (Nizoril), fluconizole(Diflucan), quinacrine, (Atabrine) and perhaps others.

Herbs, colloidal silver, homeopathy, diatomaceous earth, bentonite, grapefruit seed extract, Rife machines and other natural methods.  These work to varying degrees, and are generally less toxic than medical drugs.  However, they have several problems:

  1. They are all somewhat yin.This is harmful for the body and can actually increase the tendency for parasites.
  2. They may reduce the parasitic load, but will usually not remove all parasites because the terrain has not been corrected.
  3. Re-infection is fairly common.
  4. I find they are not needed if one follows a complete nutritional balancing program.We occasionally use garlic, but not other herbs.


This, of course, is best.  However, it requires a careful lifestyle, and even then it can be difficult until one’s health is improved substantially with a nutritional balancing program.  Just eating a ‘good diet’ and taking supplements is not enough.

Tips for prevention include:

- Completely avoid pork, ham, bacon, and lard.  It does not matter if it is well-cooked.  Egg rolls, spring rolls, wontons and other prepared foods often contain pork.

- Do not travel to tropical nations, as a rule.  If you do, you must be extremely careful to drink only bottled water and avoid all raw food.  Even then, it is difficult to avoid parasitic infection in some of these nations.

- Eat only cooked foods in restaurants.  There is no way to know how clean the food is in restaurants.

- Avoid all hot tubs, pools and other possible contaminated sources of water and food.

- Wash your hands a lot, and stay clean.

- Avoid all casual sex, as this is an easy way to spread some parasites.

- Wear long sleeves, long pants and socks in damp areas where ticks and other insects live, and preferably do not go to these areas.

- In public restrooms, clean the toilet seat or use a toilet seat cover.  Also, always wash your hands well after using the toilet.

I believe if people realized how prevalent parasitic infection is, they would be far more careful with their food, water and hygiene practices.



We want to emphasize that parasites in the body appear to be highly associated with thinking that one is a victim.  Changing one’s attitude appears to be very helpful to get rid of parasites and prevent their reoccurrence.  For details about how to change this attitude, read Victimhood and I Choose.


Two clients reported that when the last of their round worms left the body, they experienced a mild “happy” feeling that moved from their feet up to their head.

They also had a reduction in bloating and diarrhea symptoms.


Planet earth is teeming with parasitic diseases.  Avoiding all of them is difficult, if not impossible.  Fortunately, and quite amazingly, a properly designed nutritional balancing program will make the body much more resistant to all parasitic attack and will slowly cause the body to eliminate many parasites without requiring drugs or other parasite remedies.


By Dr. Lawrence Wilson


            Definition. Detoxification is the removal of waste matter or toxins from the body.  It is one of the most critical of the body’s natural functions.

It goes on 24 hours a day, rain or shine, and we soon die if anything goes wrong with this function.  This article is introduction to the large topic of detoxification – how it is done well, how it affects health, and more.


The concept of detoxification is as old as humanity.  In fact, it was one of the mainstays of health care until the rise of drug medicine in the past 100 years.  Here are some of the historical methods that heavily employed detoxification.

Herbalism.  This is the oldest type of health care, dating back many thousands of years.  Detoxification of the body is one of the main methods of healing in traditional herbalism.  This is very clear from the words used to describe the action of herbs.  They may be called the language of detoxification, and include:

Emetics – cause vomiting

Diaphoretics – cause sweating

Purgatives – cause elimination through the bowel

Laxatives – soften the stools

Cholagogues – increase bile flow

Alteratives -  cause cleansing of the organs

Anthelminthics – destroy worms

Vermifuges  - expel worms

Astringents  - peels off the top layers of mucus

Carminatives – expel gas

Cathartics – violently expel contents of the stomach and upper intestine

Demulcents – soften hard mucus

Drawing herbs and salves – cause toxins to come out through the skin and mucus membranes.  Black salve is one example used with nutritional balancing programs.

Emmenogogus – cause menstrual blood flow

Expectorants – expel mucus from the throat and lungs

Lithotropics – expel gall and bladder stones

Lympthatics  - cause lymph to flow

Rubifacients – cause increased blood flow

Sialagogoues – cause more saliva to flow

Homeopathy.  This 175-year old science contains the idea of miasms and diatheses.  These are toxic conditions of the body that are remedied with homeopathic pills or drops.

Modern allopathy.  Present-day medical care has many fewer words for detoxification, but still uses some.  One of them is kidney dialysis.  This is a forced cleansing of the body using a special machine that filters the blood.  Doctors also occasionally do peritoneal dialysis, cleansing the body tissues by running pure water through the abdominal cavity.

They also employ some emetics, purgatives, laxatives and other cleansing products, usually drugs, today.

For more about these healing arts, and others, read The Healing Arts on this site.


            While toxic metals have always been around, as have biological toxins such as bacteria and viruses, the latter half of the 20th century and the 21st century on planet earth have seen an increase in toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the food, air and water that is unprecedented.

The levels of toxic metals, thanks to industrialization, are 1000 times higher than in any previous century in many areas.  In addition, over 10,000 toxic chemicals have found their way into our air, water and food supplies.  We also contact them through our skin on a daily basis.

            In addition, the advent of atomic bombs and nuclear power plants has added a tremendous amount of ionizing radioactive particles that float through the air and water, and find their way into the food supply as well.

            In addition, the advent of cell phone technology, along with large-screen televisions and computers, has added a large amount of toxic electromagnetic fields to the atmosphere of many nations on earth.

For this reason, the topic of detoxification is far more important today than it was 100 years ago, for example, when so-called modern medicine was established.  While bacteria and viruses are still very important, conventional medical care is far behind nutritional balancing and other healing modalities that recognize and regularly deal with the 21st century problem of metal and chemical toxicity.

Medical system problems. Conventional medical methods of healing, and even holistic and naturopathic methods of healing, are not solving some of the disease crises of our time such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autism, attention deficit disorders, birth defects, infections and other problems.

They are not designed for the current toxic situation with the bodies.  A focus of this article is to address these concerns with some newer approaches such as nutritional balancing science.


            In order to understand the need for detoxification, and what it requires, one needs to know about toxins.  So this short section introduces toxins and toxicity.

            Definition of toxins.  In our bodies, toxins can be of at least five categories.  This may seem to be nitpicking, but all of them are important in nutritional balancing

  1. Anything that does not belong in the body. These include obvious poisons.  However, sometimes these are not exactly what one may imagine, as explained below.

  1. Less preferred minerals.Toxins may also include  “inferior” or less preferred minerals that the body can use when no better materials are available.

For example, if the body does not have enough zinc, because the diet is deficient in zinc, the body can sometimes use other minerals in its enzymes and proteins instead of zinc.

Cadmium.  One of these is cadmium.  This mineral is located just below zinc on the periodic table of the elements.  This means it “looks” very much like zinc in its outer electron shell.  For this reason, it can sometimes substitute for zinc in certain enzyme binding sites.

An analogy.  A good analogy is to imagine a car factory that must produce 1000 cars per day.  They order all the parts, and they hope they all arrive on time.  However, sometimes the “factory original” parts are not available.

In this case, since the factory must produce the cars (just as our bodies must produce its chemicals), the factory workers call upon other suppliers and tell them “Send us your parts, even though they are somewhat inferior”.  This is what happens in our bodies commonly, because most people do not eat properly!

  1. Less-preferred mineral compounds.Another type of toxins are inferior or less-preferred compounds.  These contain the right mineral such as zinc, but it is in a different compound or molecule.

For example, this toxic situation definitely occurs with magnesium.  The body can use a magnesium chloride, for example, but is it not ideal.  Some magnesium acetates are superior and less toxic.

Another example is a group of minerals we call the “amigos”.  The group includes iron, manganese, copper, boron, and chromium.  The amigos are oxide forms of these minerals.  They are not the best forms of the minerals for our bodies, but in the face of deficiencies of better forms of the minerals, the body will use them.   For details about them, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese and Aluminum.

  1.  Too much of a good thing.  Toxicity can also have to do with the amount of a mineral, vitamin or other substance, even the best of them.  For example, we find that meat such as lamb or wild game is an excellent food.  However, eating too much causes too much acidity and gives the body too much iron.

  1. “Older” versus “newer” minerals.  This is an unusual concept.  However, as bodies develop, a very important idea in nutritional balancing science, they must eliminate certain minerals and substitute others that we call the “newer” ones.  We promote this process with the diet and with nutritional supplements.

            For example, older minerals include most of the toxic metals with which everyone is born today.  These include mercury, cadmium, aluminum and others.  For development to occur, these need to be replaced with more zinc, selenium, silicon, lithium, iodine and others.

            As a rule, the “newer” minerals have a lower molecular weight, but not necessarily.  Two older minerals that are highly toxic, for example, are aluminum and beryllium, both of which are lighter-weight minerals.


These may be naturally-occurring or man-made.  They may come from outside the body (environmental toxins) or may be generated within (autointoxicants).

As explained above, they may include simple poisons, but they may also be nutrient substances that are simply present in excessive amounts.  They may be vital minerals, for example, that are compounded in ways that they are now poisonous.

Even too much water, or the wrong type of drinking water, can become a poison in the body.


Toxic substances.  Toxins can be:

  1. Chemical elements. These include the toxic metals and other toxic elements such as chlorine, fluoride, bromine and many others.  For details, read Toxic Metals on this site.
  2. Chemical compounds.Thousands of toxic chemicals exist.  Some are naturally-occurring.  Some are made inside our bodies.  This phenomenon is important and discussed below in the section entitled Autointoxication.

 Others are man-made industrial chemicals such as solvents, sealants, paints, adhesives, lubricants, pesticides, and others.  For more about them, read Toxic Chemicals on this site.

  1. Living or biological toxins.These include bacteria, molds, yeasts, fungi, viruses, parasites, and cancer cells.
  2. Entities or discarnate souls.These are unusual, but very real.  They are souls who are no longer in living bodies.  They can enter another body or energy field and cause many problems for a person.
  3. Electrical toxins.These include stray electromagnetic fields from cell phones, cell phone towers, computers, television sets and other applicances.
  4. Mental and emotional toxins.  Harmful beliefs, and negative attitudes and emotions can be as deadly as any virus or bacteria.  Harmful beliefs include selfishness, negativity, elitism, fixations, hatred for anyone or anything, and even excessive seriousness.

Toxic emotions include uncontrolled anger, lust, greed, resentment, anxiety, and severe depression.

7.Geopathic and other suble toxins.  The earth generates magnetic fields, geopathic fields, and other subtle energetic toxins, at times.

            Etheric Toxins.  These are very subtle, very fine, high-frequency energies that are finer than electromagnetic radiations and therefore hard to detect.  They emanate from people, from the earth, and from outer space.

They can play an important role in human relationships, marriages and sexual relationships and can make a lot of difference as to whether one is happy or not in a male-female relationship, in particular.

            Etheric toxins are also generated by certain energy weapons that, when directed to a person, can make a person ill or even kill a person at a distance.  This topic is explored more in the article entitled Psychotronicson this website.


            Most children born today have excessive levels of many toxic metals and many toxic chemicals.  This is not an exaggeration.  In fact, it is obvious from the hair mineral analyses of hundreds of babies.  The toxic metal levels are high, even when the baby has never ever touched regular food.

Congenital toxicity.  This condition is called congenital toxicity.  The word congenital means present at birth, but not caused by defective DNA.  Instead, the toxicity is caused by toxins in the mother’s body that find their way into the unborn baby.    Congenital mineral deficiencies and congenital metal toxicity should become household words because they are so important and common.

All toxic metals and many toxic chemicals pass right through the placenta from mother to child during pregnancy.  This is a major, and generally ignored, cause of autism, ADD, birth defects and many cases of delayed development as well.

Mothers-to-be need assistance.  All teenagers, especially girls, would be very wise to start a nutritional balancing program before becoming pregnant.  If that is not possible, then at least begin a program once you become pregnant.

This would help replenish hundreds of nutrient compounds and reduce the body’s load of toxic metals and toxic chemicals greatly.  This can undoubtedly help prevent birth defects, as well as make childbirth safer and reduce illnesses in their children.

            True prenatal care.   Thus far, in all cases, when a pregnant mother follows a nutritional balancing program carefully, compared to their previous pregnancies, the pregnancies and the births have been easier, and the health of the babies far better than that of their previous children.

I hope that our prenatal care system will change, as it is one of the worst features of “modern” medical care.  It is simply too little, too late.  It is just not enough to make sure a woman does not have diabetes or some other serious disease and then to hand her a simple diet sheet and a pre-natal vitamin that is often not correct for her metabolic type.

Prenatal care needs to begin earlier than when a woman becomes pregnant.  It takes several years to remove dozens of toxic metals and toxic chemicals from her body.

In contrast, teenage girls and young women are allowed and often encouraged by the media and even parents and friends to:

* Eat junk foods that contain toxic chemical additives.

* Indulge in other toxic habits such as smoking, drinking coffee and drinking alcohol.

* Take dangerous medical drugs such as birth control pills, the patch and others.

* Adopt loose morals that cause sexually transmitted diseases in at least 25% of young women between the ages of 16 and 25.  These are biological toxins that always damage one’s health.  For more details, please read Prenatal Care on this site.


            In addition to exposure to toxins and congenital toxicity, certain imbalances in the body predispose one to becoming much more toxic.  These include:

  1. A sluggish oxidation rate.
  2. A very fast oxidation rate.
  3. A low sodium/potassium ratio.
  4. Sympathetic dominance.
  5. Four lows pattern.
  6. Aging or low etheric energy.
  7. Impaired digestion or absorption of nutrients.
  8. Other problems with the liver, kidneys, bowel or skin (the eliminative organs).

            More details about these imbalances are discussed in the section of this article entitled Assessing Toxicity.



This is toxicity produced within the body.  All bodies produce some toxins due to digestion of food.  However, there are numerous reasons for endogenous toxicity or autointoxication.


  1. Normal metabolism.This produces some toxic chemicals such as carbon dioxide from energy production, and lactic acid in the muscles. The body also naturally produces ammonia and a number of other toxins.
  2. Digestion.Digestion always produces some toxins.  Some of these are fermentation products such as alcohol, methane gas, acetaldeyde and a number of others.  Those with the best digestion produce less, but still produce some of them.

Rotting or putrefaction of protein also produces some toxins in everyone.  With a proper diet and healthy digestion, less is produced, but always a little.  Parasites in the intestines of some people also produce powerful toxins.

To minimize toxin production in the intestines, separate meals by 5 hours, do not snack, do not overeat, do not drink with meals, go to bed early, and do not eat in the middle of the night.  Also, always have relaxed, sit-down meals with pleasant conversation only.  This will minimize toxicity that occurs due to digestion.

  1. Toxins produced when healing occurs. Whenever healing occurs, diseased tissue and perhaps tumors are broken down by the action of macrophages and enzymes such as lysozymes.   Usually, the body handles these well but they can be a problem, in a few cases.
  2. Infections.All of these produce some endo-toxins and exo-toxins when they die.  Some are extremely powerful and poison the liver, kidneys, heart and other organs.

One of the worst sources of infection are infected root canal-filled teeth.  Almost all of these produce very harmful bacterial toxins.  You may not be aware of it at all!  This is the reason why I never suggest having a root canal procedure, and I suggest removing all root canal-filled teeth.

However, many other bacteria, viral and parasitic infections anywhere in the body are also sources of toxins.

Cancer cells, of which most people have some, also produce toxins inside the body.  If their numbers are small, they are not too important.  As the number of these cells increase, the effect of their toxins increases dramatically.


Effects.  These toxins are a common cause of liver toxicity today.  They also often cause foul-smelling stool or gas, intestinal bloating, bad body odors, bad breath, fatigue, headaches, weakness, and many other symptoms of toxicity.


People just assume that the large intestine or colon must always be a smelly cesspool of toxic waste matter.  This is not true.  The stool can be more like horse manure, which smells but is not overly unpleasant.

The reasons why the colon is usually a person’s most toxic organ are improper diet, poor digestion, improper intestinal flora and infections in the intestinal tract, stress, ignoring the call of nature, and constipation.

These usually take a few years to correct on a nutritional balancing program, even with the help of coffee enemas, foot reflexology, and red heat lamp therapy on the abdomen.  However, when, the colon is no longer a source of toxicity, and bowel movements and body odor improve.



The concept that toxic substances cause disease is very ancient.  It is mentioned in Greek and Roman medical texts, and even older writings as well.  Ancient Chinese medical books speak of ‘harmful chi’ and contain other references to toxins that cause illness.

Natural healing methods such as nature-cure have emphasized toxin removal for thousands of years.  Baths, enemas, poultices, emetics, laxatives, purgatives, skin brushing, cleansing diets, sweating and other methods for eliminating poisons are integral parts of these sciences.

Conventional or allopathic medical care emphasizes biological toxins such as bacteria and viruses as causes of disease.  However, they overlook and often deride the broader concept of toxins and their role in all illness.  Unfortunately, many of their remedies and procedures, including drugs and surgery, are very toxic themselves.  As a result, they contribute to ill health by making the bodies even more toxic.

Nutritional balancing strongly emphasizes this cause of disease and advises people eat pure food, drink pure water, and breathe pure air.  In addition, detoxification of the body is given great importance.


Increasing toxicity of the body tissues is a very important cause of aging.  In some cases, it is a primary cause.  In others, toxicity is secondary to low etheric energy in the body, or to something else such as infections or a disease such as cancer.

I hope that toxicity will be given more attention in the medical world as a primary cause of aging in plants, humans and animals in the years to come.




The concept of detoxification is that poisons that get into the body cause its dysfunctions.  Removing those toxins will help restore the ‘body machine’ to a better state of functionality.  This is similar to the way one maintains an automobile or other complex machine.

Prevention.  This philosophy tends to be preventive because it logically follows that to avoid problems in the body, one should avoid getting toxins inside the body.  This can be done through one’s diet, drinking water, air one breathes, and avoiding contact with toxic substances.


An important cause of poor detoxification is excessive activation of the sympathetic or fight-or-flight branch of the autonomic nervous system.  This severely reduce detoxification in the body.  Here is what occurs:

  1. Activation of the sympathetic nervous system causes blood and nerve energy to be shunted away from the liver, kidneys, bowel, and skin.Blood is moved toward the brain and the muscles so that one can better fight or run away.

  1. The liver, kidneys, bowel and skin are the eliminative organs.As a result, they do not function as well when there is activation of the sympathetic nervous system.

  1. The effect on these organs is quite pronounced and profound.

  1. Even worse, in many people and some animals on earth, the sympathetic nervous system is activated most of the time.This is a serious health problem that causes anxiety, depression, and even diseases such as cancer.

We give this condition two names in nutritional balancing science, depending upon the oxidation rate:

  1. A sympathetic state of body chemistry.This is the same as fast oxidation.  It means that the entire body is stuck in a fight-or-flight mode of operation.
  2. Sympathetic dominance.This is a more chronic imbalance of the autonomic nervous system found in some slow oxidizers.

An analogy.  These imbalances are somewhat like having everyone in a nation preparing for war and training in the army.  As a result, there are not enough people available to collect the garbage, so the trash builds up!

In other words, the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system is the clean up branch whose activity is required for proper detoxification.  For more details, read Fast Oxidation and Sympathetic Dominanceon this site.

Nutritional balancing is one of the few healing sciences that addresses these nervous system problems that are directly responsible for many illnesses related to toxicity.


Doctors often overlook this critical idea.  A healthy, high-energy, balanced body detoxifies itself all the time, and does so with ease.  Sick bodies cannot detoxify properly because they are low in adaptive energy.  This is the reason why babies often have high fevers, eczema, and colds.  These are often symptoms of the elimination of toxins from the body.

Adults have fewer of these, but not because they are healthier.  They have fewer because they have lower energy levels, and therefore they do not detoxify as well.

Analogy: A clogged toilet.  When clients begin a nutritional balancing program, their adaptive energy level is often low.  As a result, detoxification proceeds slowly.  This is similar to having a clogged or poorly-functioning toilet.  It just does not flush well.  As one’s energy improves due to balancing body chemistry, detoxification proceeds much faster.



All methods of detoxification are either more yang in nature or more yin.  This is a vital topic, although it is not commonly discussed.

Yang methods heat the body, and may compress or contract the body.  They may also have a drying effect on the body and may activate the body in order to remove toxins.

Examples are diets with cooked food, kelp, sea salt, bone broth, some meats and eggs, a small amount of grains, and no fruits, or sweets.  One must also limit juices, alcohol and almost all herbs.

Fever, thermotherapy, or heating up the body is a wonderful yang method for cleansing the body.  It has been used for thousands of years to rid the body of infections.  The reason are:

  1. Many bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites and cancer cells are heat-sensitive.They are more delicate than good tissue, and do not survive when the body temperature goes up.
  2. Raising the body temperature even one or two degrees increases the white blood cell count. This means it activates certain parts of the immune response.

Older methods of raising the body temperature are the use of a very hot bath, along with one or two cups of ginger or cayenne tea, and wrapping oneself in blankets after the hot bath.  This will usually get rid of a cold in one afternoon.  Some cancer clinics use heat therapy to reduce tumors in which they raise the body temperature very high.  This must be carefully supervised.

Other examples are the use of saunas, especially the red heat lamp sauna.  This raises the body temperature several degrees, in addition to having many other benefits for detoxification.

Other more yang methods are yang herbs such as coffee, rubbing the feet (reflexology), and the Pushing Down exercise.  All of these are part of all nutritional balancing programs.  Chiropractic tends to be more yang, as well.

Yin methods cool the body and may expand the body.  They tend to relax the body and often flush it with water.

Examples of yin detoxification methods are vegetarian diets, “cleansing” diets with a lot of raw food, fruit, and juices, and little cooked food.  They also include chelation, homeopathy, baths, clay treatments, relaxation exercises, and most vitamin and herbal therapies.  They particularly include high-dose vitamin regimens, IV vitamins, vitamin C therapy, and the use of powders, smoothies and shakes.  Acupuncture tends to be yin, as well.

Why is the idea of yin and yang important? The reasons are:


* The balance between the complementary opposite forces of yin and yang are most helpful to maintain and achieve health.  They are also important to promote the fastest, safest and most effective detoxification.

* Today, almost all bodies are too yin, in our experience.  This is due to our diets, toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the environment, medical drugs and vaccines, recreational drug use in some cases, radiation poisoning, electromagnetic toxins all around us, and because we are born this way due to toxicity of our mother’s bodies.

* Therefore, we find that using yang detoxification methods work much better and are much safer than yin methods because they also tend to balance the body better.

For this reason, herbal methods are not as safe or effective today as they were 100 years ago when brilliant people such as Jethro Kloss, author of Back To Eden, wrote about them.

Chelation therapy, bio-identical hormone therapy, some hyperbaric oxygen therapy and many others are also more yin as well.  It means there will often be side effects from them, even if they are not obvious.  For more on this topic, read Yin And Yang Healing.


This is a somewhat esoteric topic, but a very important one.  Some toxic metals are just occupying space in a body compartment or organ and need to be removed.  However, many toxic metals are lodged in enzyme binding sites where they actually perform a function, albeit poorly.

Removing the latter always requires replacing them with more modern, more physiological and what I call preferred minerals.  This is sometimes called the concept of preferred minerals.  It means that many enzymes and other body systems will function, to a degree, using toxic metals in critical enzyme binding sites.  However, some minerals in these sites are preferred, and function much better.

For example, zinc, selenium, chromium, magnesium and manganese are among the most preferred minerals in enzyme binding sites.  Less preferred minerals might include lead, cadmium, nickel and aluminum.

The implication of this concept is that one must never simply attempt to “pull out” toxic metals using powerful methods such as chelation.  This tends not to work that well.

One must always attempt to assess which preferred minerals are needed, and to supply them in bioavailable forms.  This is not always easy.

Simply administering a general mineral supplement, or adding minerals to an IV bottle containing a chelating agent is not sufficient in most cases.  It is not exact enough, and usually does not contain the required amount and type of minerals needed.




This is the truth, although most people do not realize it or they would be much more careful with medical drugs, toxic chemicals and everything else they touch or ingest.  Toxins that are easily retained include all prescription, over-the-counter and recreational drugs, along with most toxic chemicals such as anesthesia drugs, recreational drugs, pesticides, solvents and others.

Other toxins that remain in the body for years are mercury from amalgam dental fillings, aluminum from anti-perspirants or anti-acid use, and nickel from eating hydrogenated oils found in commercial peanut butter and margarine.  Others are cadmium from cigarette or marijuana use, manganese from breathing auto exhaust, and many others.

Even a parent’s cigarette smoke (contains cadmium and other toxic metals) and residues from contaminated work clothing are stored in the body for 20 or more years, especially if a person’s health is impaired, as is often the case.

Upon undertaking a nutritional balancing program, medications and other toxins from long ago will be eliminated.  One may smell or taste them, or even experience their pharmacologic or toxic effects to a slight degree.  This happens, at times, because, when liberated from storage tissues, they circulate in the blood a short while until they are excreted through the urine, bile or other routes.

This can give rise to odd symptoms.  For example, one may suddenly smell cigarettes, even though one has not been exposed to nicotine for years.  One may experience a caffeine-like rush if a stimulant drug is released, or feel extremely tired if a sedative is released.

This phenomenon is called retracing or purification reactions.




            One of the most interesting phenomena to do with detoxification is called retracing, healing reactions, purification reactions, or flare-ups.

            These are symptoms that occur as one eliminates toxic substances from the body.  Symptoms can be most anything such as rashes, headaches, upset stomach, runny nose, diarrhea, constipation and many others.  Most symptoms are benign and go away on their own.  However, they can be annoying and occasionally scary.

They can also mimic diseases, which confuses our clients and often confuses their doctors.  They often cause blood and other tests to be skewed, which also confuses doctors and their patients.  This critical topic is discussed in the article entitled Retracing And Healing Reactions.



Certain organs of the body are called the eliminative organs.  These are the large intestine, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin.  While the idea of eliminative organs is very important, in fact the entire body is concerned with detoxification.

Each cell must continuously eliminate toxins in order to function properly.  Its ability to do this depends on how much adaptive energy the cell has, the condition of the cell membrane, the condition of other cell structures.

The circulatory and lymphatic systems play indispensable roles to carry waste products from the cells to the eliminative organs.

Glands such as the thyroid, adrenals, and others must also function well as regulators of the eliminative organs.

The autonomic nervous system also plays a critical role.  The parasympathetic nervous system enhances the activity of the eliminative organs.  In contrast, all sympathetic nervous system activity, which is often very exaggerated today, diminishes the activity of the eliminative organs.


Fortunately, our bodies have over 100 methods for handling toxins.  In addition to the organs discussed in the section above, they include the tears, ears, nasal secretions, lung or bronchial mucus, vaginal mucosa, and menstrual blood.

The body occasionally also encapsulates poisons in benign tumors or swellings, in polyps in the small or large intestines or the sinuses, and in kidney or liver cysts.  Methods the body uses in the blood include encouraging phagocytosis by macrophages, destruction by lysozymes, chelation of metals, use of fever, and other means.  Some of these are discussed in more detail below.


          Detoxification is actually a complex process.  It always involves a series of steps:

Step 1. Dislodging toxins from the tissues.  Toxins are often stored or sequestered deep in body organs and tissues.  The first step in detoxification is to dislodge, mobilize or remove toxins from storage sites.

This is often not easy.  Some toxins are encapsulated, such as chronic infections.  Some are deeply hidden in the brain, for example.  Some not close to a major blood vessel or lymph vessel needed to carry them away.  Others are tightly bound to tissue structures.  In fact, many are part of tissue structures such as connective tissue, enzymes, and other chemicals.

Certain toxins are also extremely dangerous for the body, and must be handled with great care.  These come out very slowly, and may require chemical transformation so they will not damage the body too much if they are placed in the blood stream.

Cysts.  Occasionally, the body will prefer to move them into a cyst or capsule, rather than risk putting them into the blood stream.  This can be mistaken for a cancerous tumor, when it is really just an effort of the body to dispose of very poisonous substances.

For example, the kidneys often form cysts filled with toxins to move the toxins out of the way where they will not do damage to the body.  This is not a “disease”, but a method of detoxification.

This step requires plenty of adaptive energy.  It also may require the presence of nutrients such as more preferred minerals to replace some toxic material.  It may also require macrophages, lysozymes or other specialized cells that can help dislodge the toxins.

Step 2.  Once dislodged, toxins must be moved into the bloodstream or lymph channels.

This is needed to transport toxins to the eliminative organs for final removal.  This is often not an easy step.  The reasons are that many people have impaired circulation and impaired hydration.  This directly impairs the body’s ability to move toxins around the body.

Also, most people’s diets are low in omega-3 fatty acids.  This interferes with the integrity and permeability of the cell membranes.  Some people also have hardened arteries and veins that impair transport of toxins.

Methods that can help with this stage are improving circulation, hydration, and oxygenation of the body.  For example, near infrared heat lamp sauna therapy is wonderful to assist circulation. Some exercise is also helpful.

Rest.  Plenty of rest helps all the steps by conserving energy for healing and detoxification that would otherwise be used up in other activities.  I cannot emphasize how important this is for detoxification.

This is one reason our clients often feel tired, and need to rest more.  Their bodies want to detoxify and it requires energy to do this.

Step 3. Moving toxins out of the blood and lymph and into the eliminative organs.

This is a rather amazing step.  The body has 5 or more eliminative channels.  It must decide which one to use for each type of toxin in the body.

Liver.  For example, the liver handles hundreds of types of toxins.  It has dozens of methods of altering and breaking down various types of toxins so they can be safely excreted from the body through the blood or in the bile, which flows from the liver into the digestive tract and finally leaves the body with the feces.

Kidneys.  The kidneys handle other types of toxins.  They are amazing filtering systems that remove dozens of poisons through the urine.

Skin.  The skin is the largest detoxification organ.  Unfortunately, in most people it is congested and not too active.  This is due to wearing tight clothing, and the use of soaps, lotions, creams and other products that clog up the skin.

Sympathetic imbalance.  Inactive skin is also due to overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system.  When the sympathetic nervous system is chronically activated, it reduces circulation and thus elimination through the skin.  This very important and common autonomic nervous system imbalance is discussed later in this article. Some toxins are moved to the skin and come out through the oil glands and sweat glands in the skin.  At times, toxins are removed through the skin by an eruption or rash.  These can be unsightly, but this is an excellent way to safely remove some toxins from the body.

For example, silver, a toxic metal, comes out this way and causes a bluish tinge to the skin.  Copper often causes rashes on the face, chest, back and abdomen.

Lungs.  Some toxins are “blown off” as gases.  The lungs take of these.

Peyer’s Patches.  When operational, which is usually only up to the age of about 30 to 40, these specialized lymph glands in the abdomen move toxins directly from the lymph channels into the small intestine for final removal.  This bypasses the liver, which may not be able to handle certain chemical toxins.

Direct elimination from the blood to the colon.  We have observed other unusual detoxification of the blood in which some toxins are moved directly from the blood to the large intestine for final removal.

At times, toxins may first go to the liver where they are chemically altered by such processes as methylation and others.  Then they may pass out of the liver and move to to the kidneys or skin for final removal.  In other words, more than one eliminative organ may be involved with just one type of toxin.

The eliminative organs also help each other in other ways.  In many people, especially as they age or become less healthy, one or another of the eliminative organs becomes weakened.  In this case, another eliminative organ can take over its job, at least to some extent.  If this did not occur, many people would die much younger.

Detoxification methods that are most helpful for this step of detoxification include all methods that nourish, restore, cleanse or otherwise support the eliminative organs.  These include proper diet, plenty of rest, and drinking enough good quality water that hydrates the body.

Other methods are procedures such as skin brushing, coffee enemas, sauna therapy, chiropractic and perhaps massage.  The Pushign Down Exercise recommended on this website helps every aspect of detoxification and is extremely beneficial.  Foot reflexology is also amazing, at times, to keep subtle energy flowing through the body and to remove toxins.

Also helpful are supplementary nutrients such as kidney glandular product and trimethylglycine to supply methyl groups.  Rarely, we use herbs such as garlic, milk thistle and dandelion.  However, most herbs are somewhat toxic and are not helpful for this reason.  I very rarely recommend baths because they are too yin.  One must not take more than two baths weekly at the most.

Step 4. Final elimination through the urine, feces, skin, and lungs.  This step has mainly to do with one’s lifestyle.  It is important to avoid constipation, and to breathe deeply and drink enough water every day.

Also very important is to maintain the health of the skin by avoiding contact with toxic chemicals.  Beware of toxic body care products, even those sold at health food stores.  These include soaps, shampoos, lotions, hair dyes, makeup, and other body care products that can poison or congest the skin.


As you can see, this is not a simple process.  This is the reason that anyone who claims to detoxify the body in a few weeks or a few months, or even in few years does not understand detoxification well, or is just lying.



  Understanding that toxins cause disease leads many people to undertake various detoxification regimens to heal themselves.  While helpful in theory, I find this harmful in almost all cases.  Here is why:

  1. They are not needed if one follows a nutritional balancing program.
  2. Most of them involve deficient and unbalanced diets such as vegetarian diets or raw food regimens.
  3. Some involve fasting.I find this is definitely dangerous today because the bodies are so nutritionally deficient already.
  4. Some detoxification regimens also involve toxic methods such as the ionic foot baths, clay baths if done often, too many water baths, which is very yin, and the use of herbs that are somewhat toxic.
  5. Some methods involve chelators, which are also somewhat toxic and which always deplete some vital minerals along with the toxic metals.For more on this, read Chelation TherapyCleanses and Fasting, and Detoxification Protocols on this site.

All the above can easily throw the body further out of balance and deplete it nutritionally, no matter what other benefits they provide.  Please beware of these problems today.

In contrast, a properly designed nutritional balancing program will remove all of the toxic metals, thousands of toxic chemicals, all biological toxins eventually, and much more.  It will do this faster than any other method I am aware of, in a gentler, safer way than other methods.

For this reason, I do not recommend ANY cleansing diets or detoxification regimens at this time.



The idea that toxins cause disease is a critical one.  However, I find it must be combined with other concepts of disease or a person will be misled.  For example, low adaptive energy causes disease and is probably even more important, at times.  Without enough adaptive energy one cannot eliminate the toxins.

An unbalanced body chemistry also causes disease and death in all cases.  Unless the body is balanced properly, once again it is impossible to remove toxins properly and adequately.  The balance of the body chemistry is complex, and involves mineral levels at the cellular level, yin and yang, mineral ratios, and more.

Nutritional balancing is one of the few modern biochemical sciences that addresses this balance in a delicate and precise way.  So while the idea that toxins cause disease is an important one, it is not sufficient of itself to understanding how our bodies work, in my experience.


An important concept in regard to detoxification is that some toxins in the body may be “layered”.  This means there can be some mercury, and a little deeper is a chronic infection, and a little deeper is some cadmium, and a little deeper is more mercury, and so on.

We know this because, as an experiment, I have tried removing specific chronic infections with various methods.  It has not worked well.  It seems like the one must “work through the layers” to remove deeper toxicity.

This is one reason that nutritional balancing does not force toxins out of the body with chelators, for example.  Instead, nutritional balancing programs mainly support and renourish the body.  Then the body decides in what order to remove toxins, when, and how fast.

This is a major difference between nutritional balancing and other detoxification programs that are aimed at mercury, for example, or perhaps cadmium.  Their approach might be called allopathic.  By this I simply mean that one identifies a toxin, and then gives a remedy for it.  With a nutritional balancing program, one rarely needs to identify which toxin is present, and no specific remedies are required or used.  Also, the body decides the speed and timing of the removal of all toxins.


One of the key advantages of nutritional balancing is its ability to safely, comfortably, inexpensively and often quite easily eliminate most, if not all, toxic metals, toxic chemicals, radioactive particles and biological toxins.

In addition, mental and emotional toxins, and psychological traumas of many kinds, are slowly brought up to the surface of the mind for processing and elimination as well.


Methods used.  Nutritional balancing makes use of about 15 methods in a coordinated way to detoxify the body.  These include:

  1. Reduce toxic exposures.This is done via a healthful diet, proper drinking water and a healthful lifestyle.


  1. Increase adaptive energy.This comes from balancing the oxidation rate and the major mineral levels and ratios.  It makes far more energy available for detoxification and healing.  It is a key difference between nutritional balancing and most other approaches to detoxification.


  1. Increase rest and sleep.This is critical for maximum detoxification.


  1. Remove the need for physical and emotional compensations.Many toxins act as compensatory mechanisms.  For example, cadmium raises the sodium level.  Also, the “three amigos” (iron, manganese and aluminum, all in biounavailable form) appear to boost adrenal and perhaps thyroid activity in slow oxidizers.

Removing the need for these compensations and adaptations is what appears to allow these toxic minerals and compounds to be removed so easily and quickly.  Otherwise, they are very difficult to remove from the body.

Removing the need for adaptations also helps prevent them from re-accumulating, which can happen with other methods.

  1. Balance the qualities of yin and yang.Balancing these subtle qualities strengthens the body and increases the available adaptive energy.  This is discussed later in this article.


  1. 6. Balance the autonomic nervous system.Detoxification is primarily a parasympathetic activity.  It requires organs that are stimulated by parasympathetic nervous system activity such as the liver, kidneys, and intestines.  Any therapy that promotes parasympathetic activity or inhibits sympathetic activity will assist detoxification greatly.  Methods used with every nutritional balancing program are:

* A healthful diet free of stimulants.

* Supplemental calcium, magnesium, and zinc to help relax the sympathetic nervous system.

* Extreme care to avoid supplements, herbs and other substances that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, or that unbalance the body, increasing tension in the body.

* Sauna therapy, especially when done upon awakening in the morning or just before bedtime.

* Enemas and colonic irrigation.

* The Pushing Down Mental Exercise.

* Foot reflexology.  This simple technique is very relaxing.

* The Spinal Twist.  This procedure will reduce tension and misalignments of the spine.  This is also very relaxing for the nervous system.

* Removing toxic material from the body that irritates the central nervous system is very helpful.  For example, iron, manganese, aluminum, copper and other metals, when in oxide forms, act as irritants that help keep the body in a sympathetic state.


  1. Reduce harmful stress of all kinds.Stress interferes with detoxification for several reasons:
  2. a)The body must use up a lot of energy adapting to stress
  3. b)stress of any kind activates the sympathetic nervous system, which impairs detoxification.
  4. c)stress depletes many vital nutrients such as zinc and magnesium needed for detoxification
  5. d)stress weakens the body greatly, making detoxification much more difficult.


  1. Replace less preferred minerals with more preferred minerals.This is both a cause and an effect of detoxification.  In order for detoxification to proceed rapidly and safely, one must replace the less preferred or toxic minerals in millions of enzymes with more preferred vital elements such as selenium, chromium, zinc, magnesium and others.


  1. 9. Support the eliminative organs.Nutritional balancing makes use of at least a dozen methods to improve the activity of the eliminative organs.  These range from improving the diet, drinking the right water and resting more, to colon cleansing, saunas and other detoxification procedures.


  1. Increase the body temperature to help normalize enzyme activity.Many adults have a low body temperature due to fatigue, illness or decreased thyroid or adrenal activity.  Increasing the oxidation rate and regular use of a near infrared heat lamp sauna helps normalize this.


  1. Deep cleansing of the liver and large intestine with coffee enemas.


  1. 12. The use of antagonists.These are specific nutrients or compounds that oppose or compete with toxic substances. They antagonize in various ways:
  2. a)Somecompete with toxic metals for absorption.
  3. b)Some antagonists replace the less preferred minerals in enzyme binding sites.
  4. c)Some, such as zinc, safely escort toxic metals out of the body, or in other ways facilitate their removal.
  5. d) Some replace toxic metals in various tissues, but not enzymes.
  6. e)Antibiotics and antitoxins may be considered antagonists for bacteria or other toxins. For infections, however, nutritional balancing uses safer and often more effective agents such as colloidal silver and bee propolis.


  1. Clearing emotional and mental toxins.Emotional blocks and traumas can reduce detoxification as badly as any other factor. Methods that can help release them that are part of nutritional balancing programs include reducing the physical toxin level, enhancing overall vitality, improving memory and cognition, and what I call personality integration.


  1. The right type and amount of drinking water.This is vital to hydrate the body, and provide nutrient minerals, as well.  Pure water also helps reduce a person’s intake of toxic chemicals and metals.

Rarely, we use distilled water for a few days to assist detoxification.  Distilled water is often called “hungry water”.  It contains very few minerals.  As a result, it holds and helps remove from the body many minerals and other toxic substances.  It is not for long-term use, however, as it will remove many vital minerals, not just toxic ones.

  1. Uncovering layers of toxins.Many toxins are buried deeply within body organs.  Nutritional balancing slowly brings up the layers to be uncovered over a period of several years or more.  I know of no other method that can uncover and remove these deeper layers of toxicity.

            The allopathic concept of identifying a single toxic metal as the cause for a symptom is only partially effective, in my experience.  In fact, everyone has most toxic metals in their bodies.  In addition, they are layered and often the deeper deposits will not be revealed on any tests, even hair tests, until they begin to be uncovered.

  1. Eliminate many chronic infections.  Infections produce powerful toxins and they use up the body’s vitality in fighting them.  Eliminating infections thus frees up a lot of adaptive energy for detoxification.  Methods used to eliminate them include:

* Heating the body with saunas or hot baths. Many infectious organisms are sensitive to heat.

* Balancing the body chemistry to enhance adaptive energy.

* Removing toxic metals and replenishing missing vital nutrients. 

*Coffee enemas are very helpful to get rid of some infections.

* Improving the sodium/potassium ratio, in particular, along with other mineral imbalances.

* Improving circulation, oxygenation and hydration.

* Healing emotional traumas and other issues that weaken the immune response.

* At times, using specific anti-microbial agents such as colloidal silver, bee propolis, vitamin A, or rarely others.

  1. Parasite cleansing.  Some people have intestinal parasites that can produce toxic substances in the intestines.  They also interfere with proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.  These are all slowly eliminated on a nutritional balancing program.  Methods used to eliminate them with nutritional balancing are:

* Ox bile and pancreatic enzymes in the digestive aid we use weaken and even digest many parasites.

* Daily use of a near infrared lamp sauna enhances circulation and raises the body temperature.  This weakens some parasites.

* Coffee enemas can dislodge many parasites.

* Increasing the vitality of the body by balancing the oxidation rate and replenishing many minerals and vitamins helps greatly to make the body less hospitable to all parasitic organisms.

  1. Other therapies when needed.  Nutritional balancing is not intended as a complete healing system, and I do not know of any such system.  All healing arts have their place.  Methods such as bodywork, chiropractic, and biofeedback may all assist detoxification, at times.

Rarely, a person may require a medical drug for sleep or for something else until the body can heal enough that it is not needed.  However, the toxicity of drugs, surgery and other medical methods make them unsuitable for a healing method that emphasizes detoxification.  The only except is if all of the more natural and less toxic methods have been exhausted and are not sufficient.


            Some doctors and health authorities recommend many other methods of detoxification.  These include fasting, special diets, baths, clay packs, herbs, and others.

A separate article on this site discusses many methods of detoxification.  It is divided into methods we like, methods that are okay but not as good, and methods to avoid.  The article is Detoxification Protocols.



The methods below are always used together in nutritional balancing program, in an integrated combination, to remove all toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals, as well, from the body.  Full documentation as to why these methods work and how to use them is found in numerous other articles on this website.


  1. Increase the amount of rest and sleep greatly.Extra rest and sleep is critical for any detoxification program for several reasons:
  2. a) Detoxification takes place mostly when we are resting or sleeping.During the day when one is active, the body is mainly focused on the daily activities, not on eliminating poisons from the body.
  3. b) Rest and sleep reduce sympathetic nervous system activity.This is so important it is listed separately as a powerful method to enhance detoxification of all chemicals, metals and other types of poisons.
  4. c) Resting and sleeping more conserves the body’s energy for healing.Most people use up too much energy in their daily activities.  This slows progress tremendously.
  5. d) The essential organs and glands, such as the adrenals, thyroid, liver, kidneys and others rebuild best when rested.
  6. e) Sleep allows mental and emotional processing to occur.This reduces stress, which helps release toxic metals.  Many people live in continual stress because they do not process each day’s events and traumas enough at night due to not enough resting time.

  1. Inhibit the sympathetic nervous system.This is another key to our programs.  Sympathetic nervous system activity reduces the elimination of all toxins from the body.  This is well known in medicine.

The liver, kidneys, bowel, skin even the lungs are all associated with the parasympathetic nervous system.   They are also important organs of elimination.  Sympathetic nervous system activity inhibits these activities powerfully.  One can reduce sympathetic activity in at least six ways:

  1. a) As mentioned above, get a lot more rest and sleep.This is a primary method of reducing sympathetic nervous system activity.
  2. b) Diet is important needs to be as nourishing and non-stimulatory as possible.Lots of cooked vegetables provide the most minerals possible.

The diet also needs to minimize chemical additives and other toxins.  One should also  limit caffeine, sugar, wheat, most beef, and other stimulating, irritating, allergic or sensitive foods in the diet.

  1. c) Supplements used in nutritional balancing programs are carefully chosen to have a parasympathetic effect.This means strictly limiting all stimulating products, including many herbs, as well.
  2. d) The lifestyle must be restful in general.This can have a big influence on the nervous system, even if one sleeps enough.  It includes one’s activities, relationships, job or career, thoughts and emotions.
  3. e) ThePushing Down Exerciseis very helpful to reduce sympathetic nervous system activity.  Regular prayer, certain affirmations, and always watching one’s “mental diet” can be critical to reduce fear, anger and negativity.  Too much that is on the television, the news and other information sources is harmful to the body’s delicate nervous system.
  4. f) Other ways to reduce sympathetic nervous stimulation are to be careful with excessive exercise, reduce cell phone use, and avoid other radiation sources.Far infrared saunas give off harmful EM fields and should not be used.

Red heat lamp saunas, however, are excellent to reduce sympathetic nervous system activity.  Reduce noise levels, freeway driving and other more dangerous or unnerving activities. These and many other simple changes together can reduce your stress level dramatically.

  1. g) Reducing certain imbalances on a hair mineral chart also can dramatically lower sympathetic nervous activity.These include, but are not limited to, balancing a fast oxidation rate, reducing a high Na/K or a high Ca/Mg ratio, improving zinc, selenium and chromium status and lowering certain toxic metal levels.


  1. Eat an excellent-quality diet of 70-80% cooked vegetables and some animal protein daily.Avoid all fruits, fruit juices, sweets, most nuts and seeds and strictly avoid vegetarian and raw food diets.

This diet is the richest in alkaline reserve minerals that I know of.  The body will absorb and utilize less toxic metals if it receives more of the preferred minerals.

A recent  study in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition measured the mineral content of organic versus commercial food.  Results indicated that food labeled “organic” that was selected randomly from Chicago food markets had an average of twice the mineral content of standard supermarket food.

The famed people of Hunza who live to 120 years or longer in excellent health drink glacial runoff that was so mineral-rich the water was cloudy (see The Wheel of Health by G.T. Wrench, paperback edition, 2009).

            Other mineral-rich foods that are part of the diets we recommend are kelp, sea salt, and bone broth.

The fiber from cooked vegetables and whole grains reduces bowel transit time and reduces constipation, which help limit the absorption of toxic metals.  For much more on diet, please read the Slow Oxidizer Eating Plan and other articles on diet on this website.

  1. Other dietary considerations.These include;
  2. a) Avoid all restrictive and extreme diets.These include strict vegan and vegetarian diets, for example. These are almost always deficient in zinc and many other essential nutrients.  Read Vegetarian Diets on this website.

Raw food diets do not work well today because no one is able to extract enough minerals from raw foods.  The minerals are not available because they are bound up with tough vegetable fibers that we cannot properly digest, even with a digestive aid.  Raw food is also much too yin for general consumption.  Read Raw Foods for more information about them.

Cooking does not reduce the mineral content of food and usually makes minerals much more bioavailable by breaking down fiber.  Cooking also concentrates the food so that one ends up ingesting many more vital minerals.

  1. b) Avoid living on protein powders and other processed supplements instead of foods.For example, egg or whey protein powder is not a substitute for eating eggs or fresh goat milk.   The latter are whole foods that are much richer in many minerals.  Food supplements are never a substitute for an excellent diet.
  2. c) Avoid most refined foods such as white sugar, white flour, table salt and white rice.These are almost devoid of vital minerals and will cause the body to absorb and utilize more toxic metals.

  1. Improve the eating habits, attitudes and other aspects of lifestyle.Excellent eating habits include having regular, sit-down meals in a quiet place.  Also, eat quietly and slowly, and chew thoroughly.  These habits assist nutrient absorption and proper elimination.  Poor habits include skipping meals, snacking all day, eating on the run, and eating the same foods every day wit no variety.

Attitudes.  A relaxed and positive outlook greatly facilitates elimination and healing of all illness.  One’s attitudes can matter greatly as well.  They either relieve stress, or add to it.

I encourage an attitude of gratitude and avoidance of all victim thinking.  This include thinking that anyone else is a victim, either.  Such apparently small changes in one’s thoughts and actions can have a huge impact on general health and the body’s ability to heal and eliminate toxic substances.  In contrast, hopelessness and low self-esteem impair elimination.  These factors are too often overlooked by medical and holistic practitioners.

In some cases, other lifestyle patterns are destructive and must be changed, such as drinking too much alcohol, recreational drug use, spending time with negative or destructive “friends”, and other lifestyle issues.

  1. Nutritional supplements.Nutritional supplements called mineral antagonists can help reduce toxic metals in the body. For example, kelp is an inexpensive source of iodine that can help remove fluorides, chlorides and bromides from the body by competing with them for absorption and for binding sites in the cells of the body.

Kelp also contains alginates that help bind toxic metals in the intestines so they will be removed.  Kelp also contains a wide range of other vital minerals to body needs to rebuild itself.  All act as antagonists to some degree to the toxic metals.

In addition to kelp, nutritional balancing programs usually involve supplemental zinc, selenium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals.  Calcium and zinc are cadmium antagonists.  Selenium and zinc are mercury antagonists, and so on.

In nutritional balancing science, however, supplements must only be used in a way that does not unbalance the oxidation rate and the major mineral ratios.  This is a major difference between this method and most other nutritional methods of healing.

The reason for this is that unbalancing the major mineral ratios decreases a person’s vitality, which will negate or at least reduce the effectiveness of the entire program.  Also, one must be careful not to use too many supplements.  This adds too much yin energy to the body and can confuse the body.  Also, many supplements subtly negate each other.  For example, copper and vitamin C are definite antagonists.  Therefore, supplementation must be kept simple and clearly follow these and other rules.

  1. Support the eliminative organs.This greatly facilitates toxic metal removal. Balancing the mineral levels and ratios on a hair analysis is a powerful support for the eliminative organs.

In addition, for the liver and bowel, we always give ox bile and pancreatin.  We sometimes use a kidney support formula to support elimination through the kidneys.

The procedures such as red heat lamp sauna therapy, coffee enemas, foot reflexology and the Pushing Down Exercise also support the eliminative organs.

  1. General nutritional support.In addition to the above, nutritional balancing programs always include general nutritional support such as vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients.  Food alone does not provide enough of these to replenish our demineralized bodies.

  1. Improve adaptive energy.Increasing the amount of energy available to the body cells is a great key to toxic metal and toxic chemical elimination. The body must produce plenty of biochemical energy in order to eliminate toxins. This is sometimes overlooked by physicians, even holistic ones.

  1. Balance the oxidation rate.The primary way to enhance adaptive energy using nutritional balancing science involves a properly performed and properly interpreted hair mineral analysis.  With it, one can identify the oxidation type and the oxidation rate.

One can then use foods, lifestyle, diet and other methods to balance the oxidation rate. This gentle balancing procedure, done in all nutritional balancing programs, greatly enhances the body's ability to eliminate toxic metals.  For more on this topic, read Fast, Slow and Mixed Oxidation.

One must also avoid any supplement or procedure to remove toxins that upsets the oxidation rate.  I teach this science to anyone who is interested.  Click on the link, Training, for more information about learning this method.

  1. Reduce exposure to toxic substances as much as possible.This includes exposures in foods, such as pesticide residues on foods, and chemical additives in foods.

It includes pure water, if possible.  However, I differ from some health authorities on this issue.  The only water I recommend is either spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water.   To understand why, read Water For Drinking.

I also suggest reducing the toxins one acquires by contact.  This includes soaps, lotions, cosmetics, creams and all skin products.  It also includes dental amalgam removal, except in the case of active cancer, which can be made worse by amalgam removal.  Wait until the cancer is under control before doing this and preferably be on a nutritional balancing program to help reduce the side effects of amalgam removal.

Some people also need to reduce occupational exposure to toxic metals.

  1. Improve circulation, oxygenation and hydration.This is done with sauna therapy, deep breathing, the correct type and amount of drinking water, mild exercise (more is not needed and just wastes energy), and improving general health.  Also, inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system assists with circulation.

  1. Balancing yin and yang qualities in the body, and in one’s life, in general.The concept of balance between opposite forces is one of the most ancient teachings on planet earth.  I find it is also critical for detoxification of heavy metals.  For more, read Yin and Yang Healing on this website.


  1. Distilled water, on occasion, but only during healing crises or purification reactions.Drinking distilled water will remove some loosely bound toxic metals.  However, it can deplete essential minerals in the body because it is mineral-free water.  Therefore, I only recommend it during a healing reaction and when a person is already following a nutritional balancing program.  At these times, it can be used for a few days or perhaps a week to reduce elimination symptoms and speed up the removal of certain toxins from the body.

  1. Remove the need for compensations and adaptations.This is a little more technical. Often, toxic metals perform an adaptive role in the body.  They can support the activity of the adrenal glands, for example, and they can actually be used in some of the body’s millions of enzyme systems to a limited extent.

By balancing the body chemistry delicately, the need for a toxic metal in an adaptive role can be removed.  This makes possible the removal of many toxic metals.

This methodology is built into nutritional balancing programs that are correctly designed.

  1. Reduce all stress.Stress of any kind will slow the removal toxic metals. Therefore, reducing all stress on the body and mind greatly enhances toxin elimination.  Read Understanding Stress for more on this important topic.

  1. Replace less preferred minerals with more preferred minerals.This is also a somewhat more complex topic.  For each metallo-enzyme in the body, there is one or perhaps two preferred metals or minerals that will cause the enzyme to function optimally.

Nutritional balancing programs always seek to replace less preferred minerals in enzyme binding sites with more preferred minerals.  This is required for all deep healing.  It is done by giving the appropriate foods and supplementary nutrients, avoiding the others, reducing toxic exposures and stress, conserving energy for healing with more rest, and other methods.


  1. Increase the body temperature when it is low.This may not seem important, but it is a very powerful method of enhancing many body activities, including elimination.

Indeed, all the body’s enzyme systems function optimally when the body temperature is ideal.  However, most people have a low body temperature today, due in part to toxic metal accumulation in the thyroid and adrenal glands.  Other reasons are fatigue, a low thyroid for other reason, nutrient depletion and others.

One can use a sauna to heat the body a few degrees every day.  Even if it is only for 30-60 minutes at a time, this can have a tremendous effect of normalizing enzymatic reactions in the body that, in turn, promote healing and detoxification.

  1. Eliminate infections and parasites of all kinds.This may not seem related to toxic metal removal, but it is. Most people have several dozen chronic infections in their bodies.  Common sites are the eyes, ears, throat, bronchials, intestines, teeth, and bladder.

Each of these infections uses up adaptive energy or vitality in the body.  As they are cleared using nutritional balancing – and never antibiotics that tend to be toxic – a person’s vitality increases and his ability to then eliminate toxic metals increases, at times drastically.

  1. Emotional and mental cleansing.This is an unusual concept, but can be vital to detoxify the body.  We find that cadmium, for example, is associated with what may be called ‘macho’ styles of thinking.  If a person will do the pushing down exercise, or just read the Bible, for example, it will help to release negative and violent thoughts.  This will help remove some cadmium from the body.

Similarly, copper toxicity is associated with fearful thoughts.  If one reduces fearful thinking, then this will help reduce copper overload in the body.

  1. Bridging over damaged enzymes.This is a very important mechanism whereby by giving higher doses of some vitamins, especially B-complex vitamins, one can bridge across enzymes damaged by the presence of toxic metals.  These enzymes are needed to help remove the toxic metals.

  1. The use of a powerful digestive aid for everyone.No matter how good the food one eats, if digestion is weak, and it is weak in almost everyone today, one will not absorb enough minerals and other nutrients.  Insisting on a powerful digestive aid is therefore essential for many people to facilitate proper mineral absorption.

  1. Integrating all of the above methods in a way so that none interferes with the others.This is essential.  A problem with many medical and holistic approaches to toxic metal removal is that the methods of detoxification get in each other’s way, which negates some or even all of the benefit.

For example, chelation is effective to remove some metals.  However, most chelation, even natural chelating agents, remove some vital minerals along with the toxic ones.  This is extremely harmful, and it is not an easy problem to solve.  Simply taking minerals does not seem to work adequately.  One reason is that minerals are complex, are found in many forms, and are best absorbed from food, not formulated products, in general.

Another problem with chelation is that the chelators are often slightly toxic, which damages the kidneys, liver and other organs, interfering with metal elimination.

Chelation may also mobilize toxins from relatively harmless areas of the body and redistribute some in the kidneys, and this is harmful, as well.

  1. Release traumas.This is most helpful for detoxification.  It is a large subject, but the main idea is that when traumas are present, they directly interfere with elimination in the body because they affect the nervous system.  Nutritional balancing releases most traumas fairly easily.  For details, read Trauma Release on this site.

  1. Release toxins in the body’s own sequence, order and its own timing.This is extremely helpful to make the process of toxic metal removal as safe as possible, and more effective, as well.  It is accomplished in nutritional balancing programs by focusing on raising the body’s energy and vitality level, rather than focusing on pushing out particular toxic metals.

As the body’s adaptive energy level rises, the body decides which metals to remove first. Neither the doctor nor the client make this decision for the body.

  1. Correct latent diseases and disorders.Nutritional balancing causes the healing of latent or sub-clinical health problems.  This is an unusual ability of this program and depends upon raising the adaptive energy level of the obdy.  Once these heal, the body is more capable of thorough detoxification.

For example, many people have slightly damaged livers or slightly damaged kidneys.  Yet the damage is sub-clinical or latent, meaning it does not cause any symptoms.  When a person begins a nutritional balancing program, often these sub-clinical conditions are corrected first because they are the basis for later healing.

  1. Other natural and balancing therapies.Therapies that combine beautifully with nutritional balancing include gentle chiropractic, osteopathic manipulation, Rolfing, structural integration, and foot and hand reflexology.  These can help to reduce stress, improve vitality, support the eliminative organs, improve circulation and more.

  1. Avoiding other therapies.This is also important to remove toxic metals.  For example, many herbs, most natural hormone therapy, most vitamin and mineral regimens, homeopathy, and most medical drug therapy, unless needed for a life-threatening condition, can and will impair toxic metal removal in various ways by unbalancing body chemistry, adding toxins, or otherwise altering the body chemistry.

For example, vegetarian diets are too low in zinc and in sulfur-containing amino acids and this impairs detoxification.  Raw food diets do not allow the body to absorb enough minerals from vegetables, and this inhibits detoxification.  Both these methods are also very yin, which strongly inhibits detoxification.



Many toxic metals accumulate in these organs.  In most Americans, in particular, who have used pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter remedies, healing these organs takes time.

Fortunately, the liver has great regenerative ability, especially when one is less than about 65 years old.  We use every method possible to enhance liver functioning.  This includes:

  1. a)A clean, healthy diet and pure water to drink, as explained above.
  2. b) A healthfullifestyle, especially going to bed by 9 Pm and lots of rest and sleep.  The liver does its main work during rest and sleep.  Missing this single factor is often a key as to why some do not succeed in restoring the liver.
  3. c) Nutritional support for the liver includes milk thistle, dandelion root and perhaps other herbal products that are superb.Be careful with some herbs, however, such as burdock root and others, as they are somewhat toxic.  They may be used for a short time, but are not for ongoing use as milk thistle and dandelion can be used.
  4. d) Other procedures for the liver are a daily coffee enema, or even two per day for very toxic conditions, colonic irrigation to reduce debris and fermentation and putrefaction in the colon, castor oil packs over the liver and the use of a near infrared lamp sauna.

Of these, the coffee enema or really a coffee implant, is the most powerful and wonderful procedures that I have seen.  I cannot say enough good things about the effects of this simple, though slightly unpleasant procedure.  More about coffee enemas is found in an article on this website, Coffee Enemas, and in the Detoxification Procedures article.

Using a near infrared sauna on a daily basis, or better twice daily, is also very helpful for liver detoxification. Traditional saunas and far infrared saunas may be okay, but do not seem to work as well.  Far infrared types may emit harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

  1. e) Attitude change is critical for the liver in some cases.The liver is associated with a “bilous personality”. In modern language, this means anger, resentment, hatred and other harmful emotions.  For some people, this is the key to their liver regeneration.  Meditation, relaxation and forgiveness are thus important for the liver.
  2. f) Other healing modalities may help, especially body work such as Rolfing, acupuncture and acupressure.For instance, we recommend everyone to rub their feet each day.  This seems simple and maybe silly, but can have beneficial effects, particularly if one is skilled at it.  The technique is easy to learn and to practice.

The kidneys.  To restore the kidneys, many of the same items are critical.  These include an excellent diet that is balanced for the oxidation type, along with a very healthful lifestyle and reducing your exposure to all toxins.  Other items include:

  1. a) Herbs for the kidneys.Uva ursi, parsley and other herbs are helpful to a degree.  We also use kidney glandular substance with excellent results.
  2. b) Drinking plenty of spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water or sand-filtered tap water is critical for the kidneys. Be sure to drink enough pure water (2-3 quarts daily for all adults).We don’t recommend other types of water.

Strictly avoid reverse osmosis water, “drinking waters”,  most “purified water” and alkaline waters.  Carbon-only filtered tap water is okay and second-best, but not as good, in most cases, as a good spring water.  Drink an hour after meals or up to 15 minutes before meals, rather than with meals.  Read Water For Drinking for much more on drinking water.

  1. c) Rest is also critical for the kidneys, which are close to and associated with the adrenal glands.This, in Chinese terminology, is related to the kidney meridian, a meridian that is very weak on most people.  Rest cannot be overestimated to restore the kidneys and the adrenal glands.

The skin.  This is the third most important eliminative organ, and most doctors pay no attention to it whatsoever!  In most people, today, including most children, it is toxic or congested and for these reasons quite underactive in its job of eliminating many toxins from the body.

This even applies to newborns today.  Vaccines affect the skin and can cause it to become less active, as can overdressing infants.  Read more about the vaccine abomination in the article on this website entitled Vaccination.

Bathing in toxic bath water harms the skin, as can tight clothing and some synthetic clothing.  The use of toxic lotions, skin creams, and body care products also harms the skin of many people.

Sauna therapy.  Improving the skin requires a lot of work in most cases.  Even with two saunas daily, plus all our other efforts, just restoring the skin will take six to twelve months in most adults.  Children require less, as their skin is usually in far better condition due to more sweating and fewer toxic exposures.

Saunas draw blood to the surface, powerfully stimulate circulation and decongest the internal organs.  Infrared saunas penetrate more deeply and are often more comfortable as they work at lower temperatures.

I find the best saunas are those powered by infrared heat lamps.  Far infrared saunas are okay, in most cases, but are not as good as a near infrared lamp sauna.  Almost all far infrared saunas emit stray electromagnetic fields that affect some people.

Steam baths and other procedures such as skin brushing, sitting in hot tubs or others may be used, but are not nearly as good.  Sweating during exercise is also not nearly as good, but better than nothing.

As an example of what saunas can do, The New York Rescue Workers Project has reported on the success of sauna therapy to help over 900 firemen, police and other rescue workers.
All of them were ill from breathing toxic fumes at the 2001 World Trade Tower bombing.  No other therapy was able to help these brave men and women recover their health.  Refer to the articles on this site about Sauna Therapy for more information.

The large intestine.  This is also an important organ of elimination and one that is in terrible condition in the vast majority of people.  Fortunately, it is easier to correct than the skin, liver or kidneys.  Diet, of course, plays a critical role in rehabilitating the intestines.  Eliminating sugar is most important, even the sugar found in too much fruit or juices.  Fiber is critical, as is enough protein for the intestine to rebuild itself.

In addition, lifestyle is important and coffee enemas can greatly speed the elimination of toxins from the large intestine and liver that often lead to bowel problems.

We recommend for most people a digestive aid, usually GB-3 by Endomet Laboratories in Phoenix.  This not only assists digestion.  It also kills many parasites in the intestines over time and helps eliminate poisons from the liver as well.

Other aids for digestion are other digestive aids such as Betaine Hcl-pepsin, bromelain and others.  However, they are not as good.  Deep breathing, some exercise and adequate rest and sleep are important for digestive strength as well.  Staying warm in winter is important as well.


Even with an excellent quality diet, healthful lifestyle, and consistent daily use of red heat lamp sauna therapy, coffee enemas, toxic metal removal at the deepest levels continue.  Repeated hair mineral analyses keep revealing more and more of the metals coming out of the body through the hair and skin.

NOTE: This is not because the program is slow to remove the toxic metals.  In fact, it is faster than any other method of removing toxins from the body such as chelation therapy, herbs, clay baths and other methods.

The main reason it takes years is that development is a long process.  Other reasons are:

  • Toxicity of the metals.  They are extremely toxic substances.  If they were removed too quickly, they could poison or even kill a person.  The body seems to know how to remove them at a pace that is safe, providing we keep balancing the body chemistry and supporting a person the entire time.  Otherwise, it just takes longer. Rarely, a person will have a powerful toxic reaction as a heavy metal is released from a storage site, but this is not common.
  • Location of the metals, in some instances. Some storage sites of the body are much harder to reach than others due to impaired circulation, or other difficulties such as the blood-brain barrier and others.  Toxic metals in the bones, for example, usually take longer to reach as well due to reduced circulation and just the depth or layer of the tissue where they are stored.  Sites that have suffered damage and some scarring such as often the ear canals, bronchials, lungs and other tissues may also be harder to regenerate and thus take longer.
  • Incorporated into enzymes.  Toxic metals are often not just in deposits or floating free in the tissues, although this is true of some of them.  These are the easiest to remove.

            Unfortunately, toxic minerals also replace essential minerals in enzymes throughout the body.  They cannot simply be pulled out with a chelator or anything else.  The body must very carefully and slowly replace them with enzymes that contain essential minerals.  This is a much slower process, but a vital one that slowly increases a person’s energy level and restores functioning of all the body organs as well.

  • Low vitality.  Energy is required to synthesize new enzymes, carry away toxic metals and activate the eliminative organs to remove them completely.  Most people, especially when they begin a program, have low cellular energy production that make this process much slower.
  • Impaired eliminative channels.  All toxic metals must be flushed or removed from the body through the so-called eliminative channels or organs such as the liver, kidneys, bowel and skin.  Some can be removed through the lungs and elsewhere but these are the main routes.  Most people have very damaged livers, colons and skin, so this slows the process of metal elimination drastically, often for a few years until these organs can be rebuilt and function at their optimum levels.
  • Impaired general nutrition.  As explained above, toxic metals must often be replaced by vital minerals in enzymes.  One may think that just swallowing some kelp capsules or other supplements and eating well will provide these replacements.
    However, the body has complex buffering systems, and it will only accept a certain amount of these essential minerals at one time.  This is even true even if one were to take minerals intravenously or intramuscularly (which we do not need or suggest).
    Each mineral must be bound to a mineral transporter to be properly utilized in many instances and the process of remineralizing and renourishing a body thus is a time-consuming process.  If we felt that IV or IM minerals and other nutrients were better, we would suggest it.  However, so far we have seen the opposite.  Other than very gross remineralizing of the body, these routes of administering nutrients seem to do more damage by upsetting the delicate balance of minerals in the body and bypassing the normal buffering systems of the body having to do with food absorption.  Exceptions to this principle may exist, but they are not many.


            This topic must not be forgotten in any article about toxic metals.  The elimination of heavy metals, as well as the removal of toxic chemicals and chronic infections, almost always will cause symptoms from time to time.  These symptoms are called healing reactions flare-ups, exacerbations, aggravations, crises of Herxheimer reactions in different natural healing arts.  They may include energy fluctuations, headaches, skin rashes and other symptoms as well.

Emotional and mental symptoms often occur as well.  These include feelings of depression, anxiety, irritability, insomnia or mood swings.  All purification symptoms tend to be very temporary.  The best way to handle them is to rest more, reduce your nutrition program if you wish and do supportive therapies.

These include extra coffee enemas, drinking distilled water in larger quantities, short, rather than longer sauna therapy sessions, colonic irrigation, Epsom salt baths and others.  In almost all cases, this will suffice to move the toxic metals out of the body a little faster and the symptom will disappear.

At times, more vigorous or severe healing reactions occur.  Almost any symptom can arise, from a cold or flu to various aches and pains or other types of symptoms.

Usually only supportive, natural methods  of care are needed to see a reaction through to completion.  However, if you are not sure, always contact a person knowledgeable in healing and purification reactions.  For more information, read other articles on this website such as Retracing and Copper Elimination Symptoms.



              Assessing the toxicity of the body is difficult.  Reasons for this is that toxins can be located deep inside body organs, where they cannot be detected through most tests.

Also, there are many types of toxins.  A person may not have much metal toxicity, for example, but may have more chemical toxicity, or some other kind.

There are many methods to assess the toxicity of human or animal body.  Among them are symptoms, blood and urine tests, hair mineral tests, and electrical machines.

            Is testing needed?  In regular medical care, functional medicine, holistic care and naturopathy, testing is very important.  The reason is that the remedies given for different toxins are different, and must be applied carefully.  Testing can be costly, especially if one is searching for toxic chemicals in the body.

Blood tests.  The blood is a transport medium.  Toxins are removed from the blood as fast as possible because the blood touches all the body organs, and having toxins in the blood is very dangerous.

Therefore, in general, the blood is only useful to detect acute toxicity, not chronic toxicity.  For example, it can detect if a child is eating old paint off the walls that contains lead.

However, most toxicity about which we are concerned is chronic, not acute.  Blood tests are generally too accurate for this assessment.

              Nutritional balancing.  This detoxification method uses hair mineral testing, but not primarily to assess toxicity.  Instead, we assume that everyone is toxic.  This is accurate, in my experience.

Also, with nutritional balancing there is no need to figure out which toxin is present because the program is designed to remove many types of toxins, including all of the most common ones.  These are important differences between nutritional balancing and methods such as functional medicine, naturopathy, environmental medicine and other common approaches to detoxification.


Without spending a lot of money on blood and other tests for toxicity, here are some symptoms that indicate toxicity:

Bad breath

Bad body odor

Gas or bloating


Bad skin color and skin eruptions

Brain fog

Mood swings




            Why use hair?  Recall that hair, an outgrowth of the skin, and is an eliminative tissue.  This means that it will be cut off the body, and anything in the hair will be permanently eliminated from the body.  For this reason, the body often tries to eliminate toxins of many kinds through the hair.

Does the hair test reveal the “body load” of a toxic metal?  No.  It only reveals what is being eliminated through the hair.  This is often related to the total body load of a toxic mineral, but not necessarily.

For example, often on an initial hair mineral test, few toxic metals are revealed.  This usually means that the body is having difficulty removing them.  It does not mean that they are not present.

We know this because when the person undertakes a nutritional balancing program  designed to eliminate toxic metals, the hair levels often rise very high on subsequent hair tests.  This occurs because on the program the body gains enough energy to remove more toxic metals through the hair and through other routes.

Hair mineral testing is my specialty area.  This test can assess toxicity in two overall ways:

  1. Specific indicators for excessive toxic metals in the body.
  2. General bodily toxicity indicators.

Here are examples of each type of indicator:


  1. A slow oxidation rate.All slow oxidizers are more toxic.  Slow oxidation is like having the motor in your car run too slowly.  Gunk builds up in the motor in this situation.

Another analogy is that it is like having water flowing too slowly through a pipe.  Eventually, sediment always builds up in the water pipe in this situation.

A more yin state of body chemistry Slow oxidation is also a more yin condition of the body.  This means weak and expanded, which makes it easier for certain toxins to build up.  For details, read Slow Oxidation on this site.

  1. A very fast oxidation rate, especially with a low sodium/potassium ratio.This indicates a strong sympathetic state of body chemistry.  This condition powerfully inhibits elimination in the body.  For details, read Fast Oxidation.

  1. Sympathetic dominance.This indicates a chronic activation of the sympathetic nervous system in a slow oxidizer.  The sympathetic nervous system strongly inhibits toxin elimination by driving blood and nerve energy away from the organs of elimination.  For details, read Sympathetic Dominance.

  1. Four lows pattern.This is usually an exhaustion pattern, that is always associated with excessive toxins in the body, even if none of them are revealed as elevated on the hair mineral chart or on other types of tests.

            The reason that high levels of toxic metals may not be revealed on the hair chart or other tests with this pattern is that the body’s adaptive energy level is too low too push out the toxins.  For details, read Four Lows Pattern.


  1. Four highs.  This is a somewhat deceptive pattern that always indicates an underlying slow oxidation pattern.  As explained in #1 above, slow oxidation is always associated with high toxicity.  For details, read Four Highs Pattern.


  1. Bowl pattern.This is an indirect indicator.  The pattern indicates nutrient deficiencies.  When the body is nutrient-deficient, it tends to pick up more toxic metals.  For more details, read The Bowl Pattern.

  1. A low sodium/potassium ratio.This is a weakness and electrical discharge pattern that also predisposes one to accumulate toxins.  For details, read Low Sodium/Potassium Ratio.


  1. Elevated hair levels of the toxic metals, and of some nutrient minerals, as well.  This pattern usually means the body is dumping a lot of these minerals into the hair in an attempt to eliminate them.  This is especially true if one is following a nutritional balancing program.

            Elevated nutrient minerals.  One might ask, why would the levels of iron, manganese, copper and other nutrient minerals be elevated on some people’s hair tests?

The answer is that these can be in a toxic form, such as oxides, carbonates and others.  Then these become toxins, as well, and our bodies must eliminate them.

              Rarely, a high hair level of a mineral occurs because a person has just put a mineral on the hair, such as using Selsun Blue shampoo, which contains a lot of selenium.  This is on the hair, but the mineral is not necessarily present throughout the body.

  1. Poor eliminator patterns.These indicate that a person cannot eliminate toxic minerals properly.  This is a more recent finding on hair mineral tests, and is quite reliable.  The criteria is a very low level of a mineral.  For the exact criteria, read Mineral Ideals, Ranges, Toxicity And Poor Eliminator Patterns on this website.



            I receive many emails and phone calls from people who are in trouble because they decided to take herbs, or decided to do coffee enemas, saunas, or other detoxification programs on their own.  Here are my observations:

  1. Not all methods are safe.
  2. Coffee enemas and near infrared lamp sauna therapy are very powerful and will cause healing reactions.
  3. The correct diet is very important along with any detoxification procedure to minimize intense reactions.Without the diet, the body simply cannot properly eliminate many toxins.
  4. One can begin with the‘Free Program’on this website.
  5. It is definitely best to work with one of theApproved Practitionerslisted on this website at this link.  This is so that it is done correctly, and you have someone to consult when healing reactions occur.  Otherwise, deep and effective detoxification can be scary, and sometimes unsafe.


Cautions with newborns and infants.  Babies are generally less toxic than adults.  However, many are ill, even if they seem healthy.

The main cause is nutritional deficiencies and toxic conditions in their mothers.  The babies’ condition is made much worse by vaccinations, antibiotics, and other drugs used today on babies and young children.

All babies need to be breastfed for about three years if they accept it.  In some instances, the mothers’ milk is not of good quality and the babies may reject it earlier.

Telling mothers to stop breastfeeding after the baby is 6 months or 1 year of age is among the worst advice that many doctors offer.  Mothers who follow a nutritional balancing program improve their milk quality very quickly.

Infants and young children do exceedingly on nutritional balancing programs.  Most of them handle healing reactions easily.  Most need just two or three supplements.

The diet needs to be mainly cooked vegetables and some animal protein, with no fruit, no juices, no junk, and no shakes or smoothies.  Babies also benefit from foot reflexology, and ten to fifteen minutes of red heat lamp therapy on the abdomen.

Cautions with children and teens:

* Children are growing fast.  Never deprive them of protein, and plenty of cooked vegetables.  This means avoid “cleansing diets”, which we find are not needed.

* Children over the age of about 6 need extra omega-3 fatty acids, a vitamin D supplement, calcium and magnesium supplements, and iodine in the form of kelp.

If children won’t eat vegetables alone, set a good example, use toppings they like, disguise them, cook them in thick soups, and give them about 2-4 ounces of carrot juice.

They can also be given Veg-Easy or Juice Plus dried vegetables in a capsule.  Green “superfood” powders are not as good because they must be mixed with something sweet in a smoothie, they form bad food combinations, and because, unlike capsules, they go rancid much faster.

* Avoid herbal products, as children are much more sensitive to them than most adults.

Be careful with vitamin doses.  Some doctors give babies or children adult doses of vitamins or worse, herbs, many of which contain small amounts of toxic metals.

* Nutritional balancing supplement programs from the computer at Analytical Research Labs often need adjustments for children.  They are much more difficult for a computer to design.

* Children over the age of 5 or 6, and teens benefit greatly from saunas.  The sauna clears their acne, relaxes them, and removes many toxins easily and painlessly.  It may also assist their maturing process.

* Most healing reactions are benign.  Rashes in children are a very common healing reaction, as is fever.  With a proper program, these go away on their own.  Try not to give children drugs for healing reactions.

* Most fevers can be handled naturally.  Other articles on this website such as Infections discuss how to handle healing reactions and retracing in children.

            Detoxification programs during pregnancy and lactation.  Some are rightly concerned about placing pregnant women on detoxification programs.  I suggest avoiding most detoxification regimens at this time.

Initially, I was very skeptical about placing pregnant women on a nutritional balancing program because it is a powerful detoxification method.  However, after 36 years of personal experience, as well as checking with other nutritional balancing practitioners, the programs appear to be very safe.

Additionally, the health of the mother and child are much better if the mother follows a nutritional balancing program before, or even just during her pregnancy.

The breast milk is also of much better quality and there are fewer problems with breast feeding.  Often, the baby will continue to want the milk for a longer period of time, which is very beneficial.

            Breastfeeding and detoxification.  Nutritional balancing programs while breastfeeding are superb.  Very rarely, baby will develop colic due to one of the supplements or due to the elimination of a toxin that finds its way into the breast milk.

In these rare cases, you may have to try each product one at a time to discover if one or another of them is causing the reaction.  Another idea is to take one’s nutritional supplements soon after breastfeeding so the supplements will be thoroughly assimilated before the next breastfeeding.

Detoxification in older or very ill people.  Older people have less ability to remove toxins due to lower vitality and often due to a more sluggish oxidation rate.  Therefore, begin slowly and gently with them.  Those over the age of about 83 usually need fewer supplements.


Avoid all fasts, especially any over about 2-3 days.  These are quite unsafe, in my view.  I worked as the medical director at a natural hygiene fasting spa for several years.  I found that the bodies are so toxic, so yin and so depleted today that books written about fasting 50 years ago, as most were, no longer apply.  Clients who consult me after fasting are often more depleted and worse off than before the fast, although some symptoms may have improved.

Avoid most herbs and herbal cleanses.  Among products that can be somewhat toxic are cloves, wormwood, black walnut, yellow dock, bugleweed and other commonly used herbs.  Even safe herbs may contain small amounts of toxic metals and other impurities that are hard to trace, but cause problems eventually if used continuously for more than a few weeks.

Avoid putting salt of any kind into drinking water.  This removes some toxins.  However, it also unbalances the macrominerals and causes subtle mineral losses that may take months to notice and are difficult to correct.

Cleansing diets and other cleanses.  These are not needed with nutritional balancing and slow a person’s progress in almost all cases.  Fruit diets and juice fasts, for example, are okay for a few days, but are very incomplete and cause more nutritional deficiencies.  They are also too yin, similar to fasting, and they slow the metabolic rate in most cases.  If you must do them, limit them to a few days at the most.

Clay baths. Some doctors like these.  However, clay is high in aluminum and other toxic metals.  Once in a while they are fine and will pull certain toxins from the body.  Definitely avoid long-term use and preferably use other methods.

Ionic foot baths such as the Q2, Biocleanse and others cause some detoxification.  However, they are harmful and should be avoided altogether.  They seem to spin the energy centers improperly.  They may be okay for those who are over 75, but no one else.

Alkaline water. Avoid all alkaline water.  Symptomatic improvement may occur.  However, they make the body yin and may have other problems.  Two people contacted me recently who slowly developed severe metal poisoning from this type of water.  Read Water For Drinking for more details on the problems with alkaline water.

Swishing oil in the mouth. This Ayurvedic method was great when the world was not totally polluted, as it is today.  It will do little for modern toxic mankind, as it is just not powerful enough.

Detox foot pads from Japan.  These are an older herbal detoxification method.  They are fine, but not very powerful.

Chelation.  This has been discussed earlier.  It is not needed and usually harmful in subtle ways.  All chelators remove beneficial minerals along with toxic ones.  There is never any need for a “metal detox” product or program if one is using nutritional balancing science because all the toxic metals will gently be removed in a natural sequence without the problems these products can cause.



An important purpose of detoxification of the body is to permit better manufacturing or biosynthesis of all body chemicals.  This helps prevent some genetic defects, and can greatly improve anyone’s health.

The DNA itself does not require detoxification.  However, the fluid of the nucleus of each cell, called the nucleoplasm, can benefit greatly from detoxification.

The nucleoplasm or fluid in the nucleus of each cell is the site where all the chemicals in our bodies are manufactured.  When this fluid contains too many toxic metals and toxic chemicals, some of them can find their way into our body chemicals such as our hormones, enzymes, proteins and others.

Analogy.  This is exactly like making computers or cars in a filthy factory.  Some of the dirt and grime tends to get into the finished products, and damages them.

Similarly, the genetically defective chemicals, sometimes called pleomorphisms, cause many symptoms in the body.  They also have to do with aging and death.

The worst of these toxins for your genes and chromosomes are toxic metals such as cadmium, mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminum, nickel, antimony, beryllium, bromine and, less often, a few others!  Please remember this.


Traumas are a type of injury to the brain that act somewhat like a toxin.  They get in the way of normal functioning of the brain an cause symptoms such as post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias and more.

Releasing traumas is something like releasing toxins from the body.  For details, read Trauma Release on this site.


Infections have a cleansing or detoxifying effect upon the body.  An example is a common cold.  One’s nose runs for a week, and this may eliminate some toxic substances from the nasal area.

This is part of the nature-cure theory that infectious organisms are not only opportunists.  They are also helpful for mopping up toxins in the body.  The theory is that infectious organisms only cause disease if there is present debris or toxins that need removal.

If this theory is correct, one should not suppress infections with antibiotics, herbs or other products unless the infection is life-threatening.  Instead, one should detoxify the body, and the infection will subside.

In fact, this is the preferred method of handling infections with a nutritional balancing program.  We do not like to use antibiotics, or even natural “germ killers” such as grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil, olive leaf extract or other toxic products.

Instead, we recommend coffee enemas, infrared lamp sauna therapy, and foot reflexology to promote detoxification and balancing of the body.  We also recommend a diet of chicken soup or other mild food, along with plenty of rest.  In this way, most infections go away easily without a need for suppressive drugs of any kind.

Making things worse.  In contrast, using suppressive drugs, as shown in medical studies of antibiotic therapy for ear infections, for example, often causes a recurrence of the infection.  The reason is simple.  The drugs (or some herbs) kill the “bugs”, the toxic terrain of the body remains.  So another infection often follows.

Eventually, the drugs don’t work as well.  Doctors call this “antibiotic resistance”.  It can be due to mutated germs.  However, it can also occur because the body has become more and more toxic due to the suppressive drug methods of treatment.  As a result, there is just too much “food” (really toxins) available for the infection to feed upon.

Suppressive methods such as antibiotics also add more toxins to the body because the drugs, or even health food store remedies, are often somewhat toxic themselves.  This also can contribute to future infections.


Our bodies use three common minerals as cleansers.  These same minerals are used in industry for similar purposes.

  1. Sulfur.Sulfur is a fiery mineral, a direct copper antagonist, and a general cleansing mineral.  It grabs on tightly to toxic metals, in particular.

Sulfur is found in many foods including radishes of all kinds, and the cruciferous vegetables, especially cabbage.  Those who do not eat many cooked vegetables do not get enough sulfur, and this impairs their detoxification significantly.

The form of sulfur in meats and eggs is one reason we recommend these foods, as they help with liver detoxification.  Vegetarian diets lack this form of sulfur.  Too much meat, however, is not helpful.  One reason is that sulfur is an acid-forming mineral, so one must moderate the amount eaten as meat and eggs.

  1. Chlorine.This is a completely different kind of cleansing mineral.  It is an oxidizer.  This means that it causes oxygen to combine with toxins.  This destroy many types of toxins, especially toxic chemicals and some viruses, bacteria and fungi.  It is like putting bleach in your laundry because bleach kills many germs.

There is enough chlorine in sea salt so that most people are getting enough of this mineral.

  1. Boron.This is also a cleansing mineral, and works somewhat like chlorine.  It also kills some bacteria and viruses.

Boron is a trace mineral found in many foods.  Excellent sources are broccoli, green beans and other vegetables and grains.  The best form to get it is from food.


            The loss of the menstrual blood each month in young women is a method of detoxification.  Many women notice the blood is a dark color, and sometimes smelly.  It is a benefit for these women, although they may not view it that way.


            Development programs are very unique among all healing programs in that they cause development.  This, in turn, causes the deepest detoxification of the body that we have seen.

The development process restores the thymus gland and later the Peyer’s patches, both of which become congested and less active in most people after age 40.  These are just two ways that development assists detoxification.  For details, read Introduction To Development.

UPDATE. 2016.  A recent finding is that Mellow White Miso by Cold Mountain can transmute or change mercury into a more benign substance and help eliminate it.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is a very common disturbance of the thyroid gland that is present in many adults, more so women than men.  It often causes no symptoms, but it can cause a reduction in the output of thyroid hormone.  This is called hypothyroidism.  It can also cause a goiter, at times, which is a large, swollen, inflamed thyroid gland.  According to allopathic medical doctors, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an auto-immune type of condition with no known cure, although taking selenium may slow down its progress.

Symptoms.  If these occur, they are usually due to hypothyroidism.  These include fatigue, dry and brittle hair, depression, dry skin and perhaps others.

Medical treatment. The medical treatment is to prescribe thyroid hormones for it and leave the patient on thyroid hormones for the rest of his or her life.  Some doctors also tell people to stay away from iodine when this condition is present.


We find that on a nutritional balancing program, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis generally goes away completely within a few months, especially if a person does not take thyroid hormones.  If one takes hormones, it slows deep healing of this condition.  It appears that Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an opportunistic infection or irritation of the thyroid gland.  This means that when the body is out of balance, this particular condition takes hold.  Other opportunist infections include candida albicans, acute and chronic mononucleosis, and others.

Nutritional balancing corrects Hashimoto’s disease by a combination of mechanisms:

  1. Renourishing the body with dozens of vital minerals, vitamins and other phytonutrients contained in massive quantities of cooked vegetables to be eaten each day.For example, selenium, zinc, manganese and other minerals, along with many vitamins and other substances, are needed to produce thyroid hormones and prevent inflammation of the thyroid.  Hashimoto’s disease always has an inflammatory component to it that doctor’s call “auto-immune”.
  2. Improving the vitality level by renourishing the body and balancing the oxidation rate, balancing yin and yang forces in the body, and balancing the major mineral ratios in the hair tissue.
  3. Other means, such as removing ALL the toxic metals, removing hundreds of toxic chemicals from the body, improving the liver and kidney activity, and much more.

When this is done in an integrated and coordinated fashion, most cases of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis clear up quickly and easily without the need for any specific intervention or drugs.  In fact, taking thyroid hormones always slows down the healing of the condition and, if possible, the client should stop the hormones for the fastest response.

Is iodine harmful for those with Hashimoto’s disease?  Iodine in drug form such as Lugol’s solution, Iodoral, Prolamine Iodine and others are not recommended.  However, we find that iodine in the form of kelp, in combination with an entire nutritional balancing program, is not harmful for most people, even though it will stimulate the production of TPO, an enzyme related to the thyroid gland.

Taking kelp, however, rarely causes a reaction in the body because most people are toxic with the iodine antagonists – bromine, chlorine and chlorides, and fluorides.  The reactions that occur due to taking iodine, especially kelp, may be easily confused with a toxic reaction, when in fact it is a cleansing or healing reaction.  In these cases, it is best to reduce the kelp or iodine for a while and slowly increase it as one can tolerate it.


Although this condition tends to go away on its own, it is notable that the thyroid gland is located at the level of the neck, which is also the location of the fifth energy center of the body.  This center is often damaged, particularly in women, and this may contribute to the condition.

Anything that will help clear, balance and strengthen this energy center will assist in clearing thyroid conditions.  These might include massage of the area, foot and hand reflexology on the large toes, all around the neck of the large toes, in particular.  Chiropractic may help in some cases, and more rest is definitely helpful.  In addition, use of the red infrared heat lamp on the thyroid area may be very helpful.

Thyroiditis during a healing crisis. One of our clients developed thyroiditis while on a nutritional balancing program.  She basically had a sore throat, but her thyroid hormone levels also decreased.  I urged her to leave it alone, but she went on thyroid hormones at the insistence of her medical doctor.  This appears to have just slowed her healing of this condition.  Most likely, the condition was present before beginning a nutritional balancing program and she was experiencing a flare-up of the condition as it healed.  We find that blood tests are often skewed for a while as the body rebalances itself.  This applies very much to all the thyroid blood tests.

Health foods that are not healthy

By Dr. Lawrence Wilson


Unfortunately, many foods that are called “healthy” today are not so healthy, in my experience.  These foods include ones that are not well-absorbed, somewhat toxic, or perhaps yin in Chinese medical terminology, or that somehow upset the digestion.  Among them are:

Salads.  Raw vegetables are thought to be excellent foods.  However, I find they have the following problems, for which reason I suggest cooking your vegetables:

  1. Raw is too yin. This means they are cold, expanded and centrifugal in their effects on our bodies.  This is not helpful today, which is a yin time in history.
  2. The minerals and some otherphyto-chemicals found in all vegetables are not as well absorbed when the vegetables are eaten raw.  Humans lack the digestive enzymes to break down the tough vegetable fibers. Taking a digestive enzyme does not usually solve the problem.

Thus, vegetables are best eaten cooked until they are soft, or semi-soft, in order to absorb many of the wonderful minerals and other nutrients they contain.

  1. Other reasons to cook vegetables are to concentrate them so you can eat more of them, and in places like restaurants and some nations, cooking is very helpful to destroy parasite eggs, bacteria and other harmful items that live on them.

Standard milk, cheese and yogurt. Commercial, pasteurized dairy products are often not such high quality foods today.  Raw dairy is best, and the other decent product is organic dairy, though raw is better.


Fruit and all fruit juices.  Fruits today have many problems.  Most are very yin in Chinese medical terminology.  This means they are expanded, and sugary  The mineral balance of most fruit is also not good today.  Also, fruit is often sprayed, even if it is labeled organic, as fruit is very prone to insect infestation.  Most fruits are hybrids, today, and not nearly as mineral-rich as some older varieties that are hard to find.  The water and sugar in fruit, along with fruit acids, disturb digestion, and they upset the entire body.  Sadly, fruit, as a category of food, is one of the most ruinous foods today, even organically grown or home grown fruit.

All wheat products such as breads, pastries, flour tortillas, wheat pasta, whole wheat cookies and muffins, and other flour products.  Wheat in all forms, even organic whole wheat, along with spelt, is quite irritating to the digestive system because wheat is severely hybridized and is no longer a good food.  The hybids produce many more tons of wheat per acre, but the mineral and protein content is much lower and the glutamic acid content is higher, making this an irritating food.  Some effort is being made to change this, but it is not too far along.  Until wheat can be returned to a more healthful and less hydridized crop, I suggest avoiding ALL wheat and spelt products.

Fermented foods. These are highly recommended by many health authorities for their probiotic quality and other reasons.  However, they are too yin, like raw foods, and they all seem to contain toxic aldehydres.  Please avoid them, except for some raw cheese and yogurt.


Green “superfood” powders, as opposed to green food capsules. These are also heavily promoted as health-giving “superfoods”.  However, they are often rancid, which is toxic, and they must be put into smoothies or drinks, which upsets digestion badly (see below).

Instead, I suggest dried vegetable capsules, which don’t go rancid nearly as fast, and kelp, a wonderful sea vegetable.  Do not use the other sea vegetables as much such as nori, wakame, dulse and the others.  They have less alginates that trap toxic metals such as mercury in the sea vegetables and prevent its absorption.  Also, I suggest avoiding the algaes that are so popular - chlorella, spirulina and blue-green algae.  These seem less compatible with human physiology in some way, although a little bit is okay.

Protein powders. I find that for most people, whole foods are best.  Problems with protein powders are 1) yin because they are broken apart and processed, and because they usually must be sweetened to eat them 2) bad combinations in smoothies and drinks, and 3) often much less nutritious than the whole food such as an egg or some raw cheese.

For protein, have 2 or 3 soft-cooked eggs, or a little chicken, turkey, lamb or lentils.  However, limit red meat and beans to about two servings per week in most instances.


Smoothies or shakes.  This is difficult for many people to imagine, but smoothies are not recommended at all.  They are all too yin because they are made of powders that are broken apart (very yin).  Then one adds water or worse, something sweet, which is also very yin.

In addition, they are usually difficult food combinations for the body to digest.  Also, drinking a lot of liquid when you take your food interferes with its proper digestion.  For all these reasons, smoothies actually damage the digestion.  At best, they do not heal the digestive tract, which is a primary aspect of health that everyone needs today.  In most cases, they make it much worse, no matter how “nourishing” they may be.

Beans. – low etheric energy food and slightly toxic.

Coffee. – great in enemas, but irritating to the stomach and the nervous system when consumed as a beverage more than 1 cup of regular coffee.

Juices. – 10-12 ounces of carrot juices with a few spinach leaves or other greens is great.  More than this is very yin and seems to upset digestion as well.

Water. – spring water is wonderful, and distilled for a few months is fine for detoxification.  Carbon-filtered tap water is not too bad in some locations.  Other waters don’t seem to work well, especially reverse osmosis, most shallow well water, sadly, alkaline waters, fancy 3 or more stage filters, so-called designer waters, and adding salts or minerals to your water. 

Pig products. – May contain trichina worm eggs or ova that are not destroyed by cooking, and for other reasons that are less clear to me.

Vegetarian and semi-vegetarian diets.  These are too yin and very deficient in essential nutrients, no matter what the vegans and vegetarians claim.

Loads of dairy or milk.  Even too much raw milk is too sweet and yin.  Limit milk intake to 4-6 ounces of raw milk or organic milk, and limit cheese intake as well to about 4-6 ounces daily or less.  Dairy is not an essential food, so don’t worry if you are allergic to it.

Too many combinations (complex meals).  This is a very common ‘health food nut’ error.  More than about 3 foods per meal, or less in some cases, is much harder on digestion.  Mono meals, meaning one food at a meal, are very good, or just have a starch and a vegetables or two, or have a meal of a protein and a vegetable or two.  Do not combine heavy starch and heavy protein, ideally, as this is also harder to digest.


Drinking with meals.

Tons of supplements.

Kombucha, gramma and rooibos tea.

Wine and chocolate.

Soy products.


Salmon and Tuna

Hard-boiled eggs or other hard-cooked eggs

Most herbs

Homeopathic remedies


Natural or bio-identical hormones.

Wine – is junk.

Weight Loss

By Dr. Lawrence Wilson


            The intent of this article is to provide a brief overview of the large subject of weight loss and then to focus on development programs and their effects on weight.

General comments:

  1. Most weight loss approaches make people less healthy.Most people are already malnourished (which in itself can cause weight gain).  Many weight loss methods limit food intake and this can make malnutrition worse.  These methods include:

- Suppressing appetite.  These methods include the use of HCG, Dexadrine or other drugs.  They also include surgery to reduce the size of the stomach.

- Limiting calories.  This includes programs such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and many other diet systems.

- Restricting when one eats such as intermittent fasting and other fasting regimens.


  1. Responsible, safe, permanent weight loss requires nutritional supplements.They are needed to replenish nutrients that are missing from our food and that help handle stress.  This is another failure of many weight loss approaches.
  1. Responsible, safe and permanent weight loss requires removal of about two dozen toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals from the body.These are present in everyone today and they get in the way of proper functioning of the body.  This is another missing part of most weight loss programs and an important reason for their failure and lack of safety.
  1. A development program, the subject of this website, is not a weight loss program.However, weight loss often occurs easily because one becomes much healthier.  It is a ‘side effect’ of:

- improving the quality of one’s diet and lifestyle.

- balancing body chemistry

- releasing emotional traumas


Most weight gain involves one or more of the following factors:

  1. Diet issues.This includes eating too much and/or eating the wrong foods,
  2. Lifestyle issues.This includes inadequate sleep or a totally sedentary lifestyle.

We do not advocate vigorous exercise.  We do not think it is necessary for weight loss.  However, mild exercise and deep breathing definitely assist with weight loss.

  1. Biochemical imbalances associated with weight gain.The best known of these is a low thyroid condition.  However, other glandular imbalances or metabolic problems can contribute to weight gain.
  2. Trauma and other psychological reasons.These are often hidden causes of weight gain.  Holding weight can be used for many purposes described below.
  3. Unusual reasons for weight gain.In a few cases, the Rogues use brain implants to cause weight gain.  These instances are resistant to all the usual methods of correction, including a development program.

Please contact us if you are following a complete development program and unable to lose weight.  We may be able to help.




  1. Too much food.One reason for overeating is eating poor quality food that leaves one hungry for nutrients, so one eats more.  A way to help avoid this is to eat only whole, natural foods, preferably organically grown.

In some people, overeating is simply a bad habit, such as eating when bored or tired, eating when anxious, or eating as just to have something to do or to avoid problems.

At times, traumas such as rape can cause overeating to make the body less attractive in order to avoid another rape.  Others overeat to cover up anger or other negative emotions.

  1. The wrong kind of foods or diets.The most common wrong food is carbohydrates, which includes sugars and starches.

Sugar-rich foods.  The less one eats of these, the better. They include sugar, honey, maple and other syrups, chocolate, fruit, juices, milk, milkshakes, nut milks, soda pop, lemonade, sports drinks such as Gatorade and Recharge and other sweetened beverages.  Today, bread usually has sweetener in it, and even grain-fed meat is somewhat sweet due to the way the cows and other animals are fed.

Starches.  These include breads, pastries, pastas, flour tortillas, cookies, cakes, donuts, rolls and buns, bisquets, cereals, granola, trail mixes, muesli, pies, and other desserts.  It also includes potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams.

To maintain a good weight, one needs to eat these in moderation or not at all.  We suggest avoiding all wheat and spelt products, which includes most flour products.

Very starchy vegetables include mainly sweet potatoes and yams.  We do not recommend these vegetables.  The only starchy grain we suggest is blue corn chips, at this time.  Blue corn is an heirloom variety of corn that contains certain selenium compounds needed for development.

Fats and oils.  These are high-calorie foods that can put on weight when eaten in excess.  When slow oxidizers eat a lot of fat, it also throws their bodies further out of balance, which can cause weight gain.

Food chemicals.  These can contribute to weight gain.  The most common are aspartame and other artificial sweeteners used in “diet foods”.  Studies show that these cause weight gain!  The reasons are not entirely clear.

The fewer you ingest, the better.  They have no place in the human body.  You will have to read labels to find them in processed food, which is often loaded with them.

Instead of these, focus on loads of cooked vegetables.  This is explained later in this article.



            SLOW OXIDATION.  Qualities of a slow oxidation rate that may impact weight are:

- Sluggish adrenal and thyroid glandular activity.  This leads to a pear-shaped body with more weight carried lower on the body.

- Fatigue.  Some in slow oxidation may eat to “keep up one’s strength or energy”.

- Impaired circulation is also common in slow oxidizers and can be one of the reasons those in slow oxidation may have difficulty losing weight.

- Impaired digestion and a leaky gut are common.  This causes food sensitivities that occasionally cause water retention and weight gain.  A digestive aid is very helpful.

- Yeast infections.  This can cause a bloated and ‘yin’ or expanded appearance.

- Copper Toxicity.  Most all slow oxidizers are copper toxic and zinc-deficient.  One effect of this situation is a decrease in real appetite and an increase in unusual cravings.  This can result in anorexia, but it can also and often does result in odd cravings and a lack of a consistent appetite control.

- Hypoglycemia and diabetes.  Many slow oxidizers also have a tendency for chronic low blood due to weak adrenal glands.  This can attract one to sweets and sugary foods, which may easily contribute to excess weight gain.


The fast oxidizer body shape – the apple shape.  The classic fast oxidizer shape is the apple shape.  There is a tendency to gain weight in the stomach and chest areas, while the arms and legs remain thin.

This is sometimes called a “Cushing’s disease” body shape, since it is associated with this illness.  It is due to overactive adrenal glands.  High insulin levels may also contribute, in some cases.

Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X.  Some with a fast oxidation rate have metabolic syndrome.  This is high weight, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high lipids.  They gain weight around the waist and in the upper body such as the chest.

This is a direct effect of excessive carbohydrates in the diet and/or excessive cortisone and cortisol secretion by the adrenal glands.  It is a mild form of Cushing’s syndrome, the disease of overactive adrenal glands.

Cortisone and cortisol secretion in excess cause fat deposition, especially in the abdomen and shoulders, where the fat pad is called a ‘buffalo hump’.  Fast oxidizers are prone to this condition.

Dietary carbohydrates cause weight gain in fast oxidation.  This body type may lose considerable weight quickly just by switching to a diet low in all carbohydrates and eating more fat and oil.  Reducing refined grains and white sugars is particularly helpful.

Water retention.  This is common in fast oxidizers for a number of reasons:

  1. Cortisol causes water retention.These individuals, more than slow oxidizers, often have poor muscle definition and a pasty, water-logged consistency to their skin and tissues with significant water retention.
  2. Cortisone also damages the kidneys, which can lead to water retention.In fact, this occurs in slow oxidizers as well for different reasons, namely the accumulation of toxic metals.
  3. A high tissue sodium level tends to cause water retention as a compensatory mechanism.
  4. Overeating on carbohydrates aggravates this tendency because carbohydrate foods break down to water.This would not be a problem if the person could handle the excess water, but often they cannot.

A need for zinc, copper and other trace minerals.  Fast oxidizers require more zinc in their diets to offset their high sodium levels.  Carbohydrates deplete their zinc, which causes their sodium level to rise further.

High insulin in fast oxidation. The insulin level tends to be higher in fast oxidizers, and high insulin can cause fat deposition.

Fast oxidizers need to reduce their insulin secretion.  An excellent way to do this is to limit carbohydrate intake.  This includes stopping all fruit and sweet juices, and reducing grains.  We suggest everyone eliminate wheat and spelt completely from the diet.

Limiting carbohydrates also means reducing the amount of sweet and very starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes and yams.


This is a common occurrence in those who are overweight in fast oxidation.  It indicates that a fast oxidation rate is temporary and will change to slow oxidation soon.  It also indicates several imbalances associated with weight gain:

  1. Excessive stress, which causes higher cortisone, high cortisol and higher insulin levels, all of which contribute to weight gain.
  2. Kidney stress, which causes water retention in many people.
  3. Emotional stress such as frustration, resentment and hostility.This also contributes to weight gain, indirectly, as discussed later in this article.

This pattern is described in much more detail in a separate article by clicking here.


Some people have a mixed oxidation pattern on a hair mineral analysis.  This is due to the presence of toxic metals, nutrient deficiencies and other factors including mental/emotional ones.  As healing occurs, mixed oxidation resolves eventually to a slow oxidation rate in adults.

One may go through a number of shifts in the oxidation rate before the oxidation rate settles down.  There is no way to predict the shifts in the oxidation rate because healing is very individual and personal.

A parasympathetic type.  These people have a more active parasympathetic nervous system.  This is associated with a more active digestive system.  These individuals enjoy eating and they digest and absorb food well.  They are also ‘couch potatoes’, meaning they do not enjoy exercise.  They tend to gain weight easily and have trouble keeping it off.


Many emotions and mental attitudes can lead to weight gain.  Here are some possibilites:

- Needing love.  For some people, food equals love.  Eating can be a way of receiving love.  Psychoanalysis has shown that this can be related to problems that one had breastfeeding as a baby.

- Angry.  One can eat to mask or cover up anger and resentment.  One puts on weight as a kind of insulation from reality.  These people feel very angry when they lose weight, so they tend not to continue with weight loss programs.  This is quite common.

- A need for safety.  Some people feel much safer carrying extra weight.  For example, it can make them less attractive to the opposite sex, or perhaps it makes them more attractive, they think.  In other instances, they just feel less vulnerable to physical attack such as rape or beating if they are heavy.

- The cozy warm feeling.  Some people like the feeling of warmth that comes with holding on to extra weight.  One is a little warm all the time.  It is a ‘cozy’ feeling that they love and never want to give up.

- Butterballs.  Some people like the appearance, not the feeling of being fat.  This may sound unusual, but it is true.  They like to look and feel rollie-pollie, like a butterball turkey.  They really dislike the ‘emaciated’ or ‘concentration camp’ look of some people, which they consider ugly.  The reason may be childhood conditioning or for other reasons discussed below.

- Breasts.  Some women – and/or their husbands and boyfriends - just love the appearance and feelings of breasts.  This is not necessarily about sex alone, and can be just as much about appearance, too.  Breasts are just fun to look at, fun to push around, fun to stuff into the bra, fun to wash, and yes, fun to have him play with - for hours if he wishes to (and he often does).

It is a fascination with breasts that is very real, although women with no breasts or men who are not ‘breast guys’ don’t understand it.  These women really hate and often mock the flat-chested look of thin people and think it is just plain ugly.

To keep their breasts large, these women will gain and keep too much weight.  It works and is fine with them.  They will eat fat, sugar, lots of pork and ham, or whatever it takes to keep those breasts large.  If they get cancer from it, so be it.  That is their attitude.

- Satisfying the man.  Some husbands or boyfriends sadly demand or at least strongly desire large breasts and/or a generally voluptuous, plump look in their sexual partners.  They say, “Honey, just keep the breasts and maybe the hips large.  That is all I care about.”

Sometimes the husbands or boyfriends don’t say it out loud, but they indicate by their gaze that this is what they like.  Their wives or girlfriends get the message loud and clear.  They realize they had better keep the breasts large or they may lose their husband.  These men don’t mind that their wives or girlfriends are too heavy as long as the breasts stay large.  This is rough on some women, and quite common.

This is a sad reason to keep extra unhealthy weight, but it occurs a lot.  Some women tire of it and say to heck with this.  However, do not doubt that they can lose their husbands to other women if they do this.  Some would say they are better off without the ‘breast guy’.  However, it can be financially difficult and rough in other ways, too.

- Strength.  Some people feel weak if they lose weight.  Often, thin people are weaker because the body loses some muscle when one loses weight.

Some people literally feel that if they are a healthy weight, they are just “blowing in the wind”.  They feel too sensitive and a little cold all the time.

In fact, many heavy people find being thin very uncomfortable.  They don’t even relate to thin people well at all.  They think thin people are “98 pound weaklings” and cannot understand why someone would allow himself or herself to be so thin.

- Bullying or ‘tough guy’ fat.  Some people like to push other people around.  This is much easier if one is heavy.  This is a little aberrated, but true.

- Respect.  Some people believe they get more respect if they are heavy.  Other people and even dogs and cats are more afraid of their size and strength, so they treat them better.

At times, this is true.  Thin people are sometimes given less attention and respect because people are not afraid of their size and strength.  Thin people may not realize this.

- More sexy.  Heavy people are often sexier than thin people.  Heavier people think thin people are very unsexy and unattractive.  This is something that thin people usually do not understand.

Being heavy means there is more flesh to play with and enjoy.  Heavier people often do not agree with the late 20th century Hollywood movie formula:  thin=sexy.  They believe this is a sick mentality, which can be true.

For example, some heavy people love bathing in the shower or tub with their fat rolling around.  The entire sensation is very sexually pleasurable.  Appearance matters much less to them.

If they become thin, this pleasure disappears.  They become “skin and bones”, which is no fun at all.  So they stay heavy to enjoy the body more.  Thin people do not have this pleasure and do not realize its reality.

Of course, thin people think that overweight people are unsexy.  However, they are wrong, in many cases.

This is true of both men and women.  It is influenced by one’s body type and health situation, and also often a result of subtle or overt comments made by parents and other adults when one was a child.

- Childhood conditioning.  Some young or older children are praised for being ‘heavy duty’, ‘tough’, ‘big’ or ‘hunky’.  The parent, relative or other person genuinely likes and is impressed by such a large body.

Some children are also bullied or made fun of because they are too thin and a ‘weakling’.  When they grow up, these individuals often want to maintain a heavy weight because in their mind this equals safety or being a good boy or girl.  This is a powerful reason for weight gain in some people.

Of course, in other instances, a child was chided or made fun of for being a little heavy.  In these cases, the person may consciously and unconsciously remain thin so that in their mind they will think they are a good boy or girl.

- Losers.  Some people feel they will never attain the Hollywood look, or be smart, or become rich and beautiful, so why bother. They like the Walmart look, which is the look of the common man or woman.

This is particularly true in America, for some reason.  Maybe because we have the most Walmart stores.  The Walmart look is overweight, no makeup or too much makeup, a little sloppy and slovenly, but with a very nice personality, at least on the outside (see hatred below).

- Hatred.  This is an extension of being angry in which the anger moves from the second energy center to the third center and becomes a fixed attitude.  Some people hate the norms of society, including the Hollywood ‘sexy’, ‘beautiful people’ look.  They will gain weight to mock it.  This is not the same as the next reason.

- Oppositional defiant.  This is also related to being angry.  Oppositional defiant is a mindset.  For example, if one’s doctor or the television news say to be lean, these people want to gain weight to just oppose the norm of society.  Whatever society wants of them, they oppose and defy!


Trauma causes some people to gain weight.  Various mechanisms may be involved.   One may eat to:

  1. a) Literally protect the body from harm by increasing its mass and volume.This makes it harder for an attacker to succeed.
  2. b) Make the body less attractive to a rapist.
  3. c) Make the body less attractive to the opposite sex, if this is the cause of the trauma.
  4. d) Hide one’s anger and rage about the trauma.The extra weight serves as a type of denial of the trauma.
  5. e) Cover up one’s shame and disgust with what has occurred and perhaps with the resulting body and mind.
  6. f) One may simply no longer care about one’s appearance due to a trauma, which can simply be a nasty look one gave you when you were five years old.
  7. g) Trauma depletes calcium, magnesium, zinc and other nutrients.Commonly, one loses the normal appetite control mechanisms as a result.  One then eats from nervousness, by the clock, or in some other way other than from real hunger.  This can lead to overweight, especially if one has other emotional issues that influence one’s appearance.
  8. h) A trauma can cause one to become alienated and depressed.This leads to any and all of the emotional issues discussed in the section above – and to overweight as a result.




Physiological correction.  As long as one does not correct the biochemical imbalances associated with overeating and other food issues, weight loss is often slow, temporary or just not pleasant at all.

One of the great benefits of a development program, as compared with all other diet programs, is that a development program restores the nutrients that control appetite.  It also gets rid of toxic iron, cadmium, aluminum, copper and other toxins that can cause or contribute to attitudes such as anger, hatred and oppositional defiance.  As this occurs, awareness grows and often weight issues just disappear overnight.

Also, one becomes far more aware of hunger and thirst, and this helps a lot with weight control.

Trauma release and other psychological correction.  This is also required for many people to control their weight.  A serious problem with most all weight loss programs is they do not address trauma and other serious psychological reasons for weight gain.

Trauma release with a development program.  Unlike almost all weight loss methods, a development program will bring up many memories and traumas.  This is needed to retrace them and resolve them completely.

Retracing is an unusual process of re-visiting, reviewing, and often reframing and understanding one’s past accurately and dispassionately.  For details, read Retracing And Healing Reactions.

Hating the healing process.  Unfortunately, many people do not like this at all!  They hate it, in fact, because they have suppressed their feelings for years.

Often their counselors and psychologists and doctors have recommended this course of action.  “Just forget it and live your life”, they say.  So that is what most people do with their traumas.

The feelings.  When feelings come up for retracing, many people are in shock.  The feelings are often truly ugly and disgusting.

For example, one suddenly, without warning, can feel like murdering people.  Often the object of their rage and hatred is someone close to them such as a husband, children or a close friend.

Projection.  This is called psychological projection because the real culprit or situation is usually no longer around.  However, the feelings seem very real.  They can be very intense and scary for most people.  We believe that overweight people, in particular, like to think of themselves as happy people, so it is quite a shock when they feel like murdering, beheading, stabbing or otherwise hurting others.

What to do.  It often requires deep breathing, some strong chamomile tea or a few calcium/magnesium tablets and lecithin capsules or granules just to calm down.  It may also require a long walk or good quality counseling with a friend or professional.

These are needed to come to terms with the feelings, accept them as okay, and actually embrace them as part of one’s healing process.  Then they mysteriously fade away.  In fact, the whole process is quite strange and mysterious.

Suddenly, one feels like one is ten years old again and the teacher just gave one a dirty look because one was too thin or something else.  Maybe the school bully just beat you up.  In other instances, you remember that the clique of girls just told you they are not inviting you the big party because you are too skinny and they don’t like your little breasts.  So you decided you will have big breasts, no matter what.  It is all rather unusual and strange.

The weirdest thing is that if you stop the development program and return to your old diet, or stop the coffee enemas or some other part of the program, or go back to salads for lunch, the feelings mysteriously go right away.

As a result, some people decide the program is bad for them.  “It won’t work.  It makes me worse”, they say.  No!  You are just healing your traumas!  This is one of the biggest challenges for both clients and Helpers with development programs.

It occurs because a development program enhances mental functioning in powerful ways.  If one can handle it, food issues often just fade away, sometimes overnight.  This is also strange and amazing, and quite wonderful.  It is like years of counseling squeezed into one day - or even one hour in some instances.

Interestingly, one need not know what the trauma was and one need not analyze one’s past with a psychologist, as some have done. Insights just occur automatically as the brain heals at deep levels.

The bioenergetic approach to trauma release.  We call this the bioenergetic approach to psychotherapy and trauma release because it has to do with increasing the adaptive energy of the body.  No effort or willpower is involved except one must do the program.  As this is done, processing of traumas occurs automatically.

The only problem is it does not occur on your schedule.  You can’t say “I will think about my problem between 2 PM and 2:50 PM with the counselor.  Then I will go back to my regular life.”  No way!

The feeling may come up just when you are relaxing to go to sleep, or just when you are ready to go on a fun date.  This can ruin the best evening!  For more details, read Trauma Release and Healing Rape.




- Only keep the proper foods in the home.

- Stay busy with activities that do not involve eating.

- Cultivate friends who want to eat well and let go of the others or socialize less with the ‘eaters’.

- Skip alcohol, which puts on a lot of weight.

- Skip all fruit and juices, except for 10-12 ounces of carrot juice daiy.  Fruit and juices can put on weight.

- Go to bed early and get lots of rest and sleep.

- Cultivate a healthful lifestyle with some exercise daily, but not to exhaustion.




  This consists of taking shots of human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG, or a homeopathic formula of it, plus a low calorie diet.

This method reduces appetite.  It can cause  weight loss for this reason, it is a starvation method that worsens health.  For details, read HCG For Weight Loss.


This method limits the hours during which one eats.  One may eat two meals daily instead of three.  It often helps with weight loss, but it causes the body to become more malnourished.  It is difficult enough to obtain the nutrients we all need if you eat three meals a day.  It is even more difficult if you skip meals.


Dr. Robert Atkins, MD sold over 10 million books about weight loss.  He advocated a higher fat and very low carbohydrate diet.  It was roundly criticized by medical authorities.  However, many have now changed their mind and realize that Dr. Atkins was on to something.

However, his low carbohydrate diet is very deficient in trace minerals and other nutrients.  It will make a person more malnourished.  For details, read The Atkins Diet.  We find that if a person eats a development diet with lot of cooked vegetables and takes the proper supplements, the very strict Atkins system is not needed by most people for weight loss.


Some weight loss programs suggest exercising vigorously to burn calories and perhaps for other reasons such as to oxygenate the body.  We find this is not that safe for many people whose bodies are quite ill.

With a development program, we suggest only gentle or mild exercise.  This is all that is needed.


This is another starvation method, although it does not appear that way.  This method helps with weight loss because one stops eating breads, pastries, cookies, cakes, and other cooked foods.

However, our bodies cannot absorb minerals well from raw vegetables.  Our bodies are not able to break down tough vegetable fibers and the hard fiber of grains.

A second problem with this method is that raw food makes the body very yin.  This slowly throws the body out of balance and worsens health in all cases, even if symptomatic benefits occur from the diet.

Raw food regimens with a lot of fruit usually do not work at all for weight loss.  This causes a lot of frustration for many people.  The reason, besides those given above, is that fruit contains a lot of sugar that upsets body chemistry and can actually put on weight.


This is another starvation method.  Vegetarian diets often feel better and work for a time because they involve simplifying one’s diet and eliminating fatty foods.  However, in our experience, ALL vegetarian regimens are deficient in vital nutrients and starve the body.

We do not believe that one can get all required nutrients from a vegetarian diet.  It is virtually impossible to get enough high-quality zinc compounds, selenium compounds, taurine, other sulfur compounds and more from a totally vegetarian diet.

In fact, vegetarian diets can cause weight gain, depending on what one eats.  Some people fill up on bread, rice, cake, candy, cookies, beans and sweet potatoes, and then wonder why they are gaining weight.  For details, read Vegetarianism.


A complete development program usually takes care of weight problems because it:

  1. Slowly restores thyroid activity.A development program causes the removal of chlorides, fluorides, bromides, copper and mercury from the thyroid gland.  It also restores iodine, manganese, selenium and other nutrients the thyroid requires.

As this is done, the thyroid begins to function normally.  Eventually most people do not need thyroid hormone replacement therapy unless the thyroid gland has been destroyed by surgery or radioactive iodine therapy.

  1. Reduces appetite by dramatically increasing one’s nutrition.This way one feels more satisfied, which reduces food cravings.
  2. Reduces insulin and cortisol production.These hormones turn carbohydrates into fat.
  3. Reduces water retention.This occurs due to better zinc levels, lower cortisol and cortisone levels, lower insulin, and a more balanced oxidation rate.
  4. Makes the body much more yang.Yang is a Chinese word that means warmer and more contracted.  Many people’s bodies are literally expanded.  As one becomes more yang, there is a general contraction of the body.

6 Helps one face issues and work through traumas.  This happens automatically on a development program as one’s adaptive energy level rises.  As these issues are resolved, abnormal food cravings often vanish, eating sensibly becomes easier, and often one naturally eats less and handles food better.

  1. Cellulite goes away, too.For more on this topic, please read Cellulite.


  1. The diet isessential. Do not try to avoid the diet. The stricter you follow the diet, the better will be the outcome.  For example, one needs to avoid ALL fruit and fruit juices, not just most of them.
  2. Cravings and odd feelings will occur at times.This is normal and nothing to be concerned about. Just do your best, using gimmicks, if needed, to keep you from overeating or eating the wrong foods.
  3. The time factor in weight loss.This varies depending on genetics, glandular balance, one’s health situaton and other factors.  A development program is not an instant cure.  Settle in for the long haul.
  4. The detoxification procedures are often very helpful or required.They include the use of a near infrared lamp sauna, foot reflexology, the spinal twists, coffee enemas and the pulling down exercise.  For details, read The Procedures Handbook.  Chiropractic and the Accelerators may be most helpful, as well.




Bloated look.  This is often due to eating a lot of sweets and/or alcohol.  These cause a yin condition, yeast overgrowth and general swelling of the face and body.

Doughy look.  This is often duet to consuming too many complex carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes or other grains or starches.  A doughy look is also a characteristic of myxedema, a condition characterized by very low thyroid activity.

Sickly and sort of sloppy appearance.  This can come from living on fast food and other processed, depleted and other poor quality foods.

The apple shape.  This is associated with a fast oxidation rate.  These people tend to carry more weight higher up on the body and develop a larger belly and perhaps larger breasts, with thinner arms and legs.

The pear shape.  This is associated with slow oxidation rate.  Weight is carried low on the body, primarily on the hips and legs.  Trauma is also more associated with this body shape.



A development program helps some people gain weight if they are very underweight.  This may occur because:

- One’s digestion and absorption of food improves due improve body chemistry.

- The nervous system functions better and this improves digestion and all body activities.

- Some people are not eating enough of the right foods needed to balance weight.

- Rarely, a person has a hidden hyperthyroid condition that resolves on a development program.  This can also cause weight gain if one is underweight.

- Correcting a copper imbalance can increase appetite, causing a person to eat more.

- An improved lifestyle with plenty of rest helps some people to gain weight if they are too thin.

- Removing toxic metals helps the entire body function better.

- Psychological and spiritual improvements such as healthier attitudes and resolution of traumas helps some people gain weight.

Chronic Fatigue

By Dr. Lawrence Wilson



Definition.  Chronic fatigue syndrome is a very common health condition throughout the world.  Its main feature is chronic and unrelenting fatigue that is not resolved by sleep, rest, taking a vacation, or other means.

In addition, some people experience joint and other pain, digestive disturbances, sleep disturbances, and problems with memory and concentration.  These can all be secondary to the fatigue.

Names. The same condition may be called:

  1. Chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS.
  2. Myalgic encephalopathy or ME.
  3. Post-viral fatigue syndrome or PVFS.
  4. Chronic fatigue immune dysfuntion syndrome or CFIDS.
  5. Adrenal exhaustion or adrenal burnout.

Not a recognized diagnosis.  Although common, it is not a recognized diagnosis in many medical books.  This can be frustrating because one visits the doctor, but the doctor does not understand or recognize CFS.

Excellent response with nutritional balancing.  CFS or ME responds extremely well to nutritional balancing science.  There is no need for any hormones, anti-depressants or any other drugs.  This article briefly introduces the causes, symptoms and correction procedures for this condition.

Personal story.  I am very familiar with this condition, and its effects on every aspect of life.  Nutritional balancing was, in part, developed as the ways I found to overcome CFS or ME.


As the name implies, the main symptom is an unrelenting fatigue or exhaustion, even if one gets a few good nights of rest or takes a vacation with no obvious stress.

There is often some overlap with other conditions such as fibromyalgia or other pain syndromes, adrenal burnout, hypoglycemia or cravings for sweets, hypothyroidism, chronic or recurrent infections, depression or anxiety, and perhaps others.

What distinguishes chronic fatigue syndrome from some of these others is the long-term nature of the fatigue syndrome, usually in spite of a person trying various drug and natural therapies.


            In our experience, the cause is usually multiple.  This means that one factor is not responsible for the condition.  Instead, it is the result of several factors operating together, including any or all of the following:

Toxic metals. These are always a factor, in my experience.  They interfere with thousands of enzyme reactions in the body, some of which have to do with energy production.

Removing two dozen toxic metals is always a priority with a nutritional balancing.  One need not know which ones are present.  I assume everyone has some of them all.  All of them will slowly be removed on a nutritional balancing program.  Nutritional balancing uses about 19 separate methods all together to remove toxic metals.  These are described in a separate article entitled Toxic Metals.

This is safer and more complete than using chelators of any kind, even natural chelation agents such as high-dose vitamin C, cilantro, chlorella or zeolite, for example.

Toxic chemicals.  These play an important role in some cases.  Many people have been exposed to dozens of toxic chemicals that can impair the body’s energy production systems.

With a nutritional balancing program, one need not know which chemicals are present.  Hundreds of them will come out of the body in their own order when one stays on the program.

Nutritional depletion.  This is always present as a cause of chronic fatigue as well.  The causes have to do with stress, impaired digestion, or improper diets of raw foods, for example, or refined foods.  Most food today is not as nutritious as in the past.  If a person does not eat well, or is stressed for any reason, digestion suffers and nutrient deficiencies easily develop.  Vegetarianism, fasting, or other extreme diets make the problem worse in many instances.  I have done all these things and was lucky to recover completely from chronic fatigue syndrome that resulted.

Chronic infections. In some cases, chronic infections play an important role.  These may be of primary importance, but more often they are opportunistic infections that thrive because the body is too weak to fight them off.

Common viral infections include Epstein-Barr virus, hepatitis B or C, cytomegalovirus and even HIV in some cases.  Fungal infections include candida albicans in most cases, and perhaps other fungal organisms.

Bacterial infections in the teeth, gums and elsewhere are also often common.  Lyme disease can also either give rise to chronic fatigue syndrome or just be an opportunist organism that makes things worse, but is not the underlying cause of the problem.  The latter is far more common.

Adrenal exhaustion and other glandular imbalances.  These may also be present, although not necessarily.  They are usually easy to assess using the hair mineral analysis, and respond well to nutritional balancing programs.

Use of medical or recreational drugs.  This is a growing factor today.  Many people report their problems started after they took antibiotics, for example.  Some people tell me their CFS began after a surgery in which anesthetics and other drugs were used.

Recreational drug use is another factor in some cases.  Drugs are all poisons.  Do not listen to anyone who tells you otherwise!  The body’s capacity to remove them is limited, and some are often stored in the liver, kidneys, brain and elsewhere.  There they continue to cause problems.  Nutritional balancing is excellent to remove drugs, although it can take a year or more.

Lifestyle imbalances.  These are actually common causes or aggravating factors in many cases of chronic fatigue syndrome.  Among the common problems are lack of sleep, going to bed too late, financial or other worries, relationship stress and improper attitudes such as playing the victim, extreme fears or depression.  Any of these can place so much stress on the body that they upset proper glandular and digestive functions, leading to the rest of the causes listed above.

In most cases, these factors are handled easily once a person really understands the problem and is willing to address it.

Mental and emotional factors. These often play a role as well.  Intense fear or anger, or even guilt can predispose a person to develop chronic fatigue, in some cases.  At times, other psychological conditions such as general negativity, resentments or something else may contribute to the condition.

Stress.  Excessive stress add to the factors above and uses up more energy that is needed for healing.

These are among the most important causes that I observe.  In rare cases, chronic fatigue may be the result of poisoning with a pesticide or a medical or recreational drug, or even a result of surgery, an accident or other type of stressor.



Over the past 35 years, I have helped thousands of people recover their full energy level with a nutritional balancing program.  This method is extremely well-suited to correcting most of the causes above of chronic fatigue syndrome.  Many people are so sick and tired of being tired they are ready to give up.  However, you can recover your energy and vitality, in my experience, and without using hormones or other drugs.

Nutritional balancing is a lifestyle and diet-based system.  This is extremely important for correcting the dietary and lifestyle components of chronic fatigue syndrome.  I find this aspect lacking in many holistic approaches.  Other methods often have an emphasis on high-tech testing and many remedies, and not enough attention paid to the exact diet, drinking water consumed, and the lifestyle.  So I would urge anyone with chronic fatigue syndrome to pay more attention to these factors.

Safety. Nutritional balancing is extremely gentle and safe.  This cannot be said of other methods of treatment that are used today.  For example, I would warn the reader to avoid the use of low-dose cortisone such as Cortef and others.

I would also warn against the use of any natural, bio-identical or synthetic hormones such as DHEA, pregnenelone, adrenal cortical extracts, testosterone, progesterone and others.  These will give a person some energy, but they upset the delicate hormone regulatory feedback system of the body and they make full correction much more difficult.  They are also expensive to test for and monitor.

With a nutritional balancing program, they are not needed unless a gland has been removed surgically or destroyed with radiation therapy.  For more on this topic, please read Hormone Replacement Therapy on this website.

Not do-it-yourself.  Nutritional balancing is not a do-it-yourself method.  I wish it were.  You can get started on your own with the “Free Program”.  However, a more powerful program requires the use of a properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral analysis and periodic retesting.

Reasonable cost.  Some programs are very costly.  Nutritional balancing is not that costly, although I realize this is a personal matter.  The testing and an updated program every 4 to 6 months is usually about $200.00 USD.  The other main cost is nutritional supplement that are about $200.00 USD per month.


Development and chronic fatigue syndrome.  The secret to the nutritional balancing approach is that it is not primarily a healing approach.  The goal is development, a rather unique set of changes that take place in the body when one stays on a program for at least 2 or 3 years.

The changes strengthen the body and make it less compatible with all the possible causes for CFS or ME listed above, and perhaps others.  For this reason, the programs often work well even when other approaches have failed.


Autonomic nervous system correction. This is an important part of every nutritional balancing program.  It is another aspect of health and healing that is often overlooked or glossed over too easily by physicians working with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Most people with chronic fatigue condition have a pattern on a hair mineral test called sympathetic dominance.  In some cases, it may take a year or more for the pattern to reveal itself.  However, it is often present and it stops many people from getting well.

One is overusing the sympathetic or fight-or-flight nervous system, and this inhibits the digestion, elimination and the immune response.  It must be corrected or progress will be very slow or non-existent.  For more on this, read Sympathetic Dominance on this website.


Other procedures.  Adding the daily use of a near infrared light sauna and daily coffee enemas is needed in many cases of chronic fatigue syndrome.  Each of these therapies is carefully chosen and has over a dozen therapeutic effects, many of which are excellent for those with chronic fatigue.  For more on these therapies, read Sauna Therapy and Coffee Enemas on this site.


Mental/emotional aspects.  Nutritional balancing has as its goal far more than just symptom removal. In my own case of chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as most others, there are subtle factors that are causative and need to be addressed.

Often, for example, changes in attitudes are needed and absolutely essential if one is to recover completely, which is always our goal and a very achievable goal.  In my own case, persistent daily use of the pushing down exercise was extremely helpful and probably absolutely necessary for my full recovery.  For more on this subject, read Meditation on this site.

To understand chronic fatigue syndrome much better, please read How To Increase Your Energy and Adrenal Burnout Syndrome on this site.


            Chronic fatigue syndrome is a multi-faceted and common disorder with both physical and mental or emotional causes at times.  Nutritional balancing science is extremely helpful for this condition, and in most cases, it can slowly cause full recovery by addressing and correcting its half-dozen or so causes.

How can you tell if you have been emotionally traumatised?

When we think of emotional traumas, what comes to mind is the neglected child, the bullied teenager, the beaten wife. Outrageous stories of abuse that happen to “other people”. However, traumas are really a common phenomenon.

Do you know that most of us have sustained traumas to a certain degree? Most of us are unaware of these traumas and their impact on us. Emotional traumas are stressful incidents that have reduced your capability to function at full capacity. These are usually emotional insults within the family and in society that have created invisible scars and wounds. Just as a person with an injured ankle hobbles around, many of us with our emotional traumas stumble around through life, putting our unfortunate narratives on repeat.

Some signs of emotional trauma are:

  • Black and white thinking. Labelling people in your mind as a simplistic “good” or “bad” is a short cut used by a traumatised mind to process daily experiences with minimal stress. The truth is that most people are doing the best they can within their limited world view, however, that particular “villian” really touched a nerve in you as he/she is triggering a previous traumatising incident. Hence, the knee jerk reaction is to black list the person. This may keep the pain at bay. However, it could also cripple your ability to develop strong relationships with a variety of people.
  • Fatigue and depression. The stress of a trauma can quickly deplete your body of nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, iron and niacin. This significantly lowers your vitality contributing to unexplained fatigue and depression.
  • Self doubt. Emotional traumas generate a lot of self doubt. For example, it may be too painful to admit that your parent really hates you, hence you doubt your perception of the situation. This doubt eventually permeates your overall thinking and weakens your ability to perceive the truth in all situations.
  • Remaining stuck in bad situations instead of getting out. This is related to the points above. Self doubt and fatigue both tend to keep a person too weak and tired to extricate himself from a bad situation.
  • Catastrophic thinking. Repeated emotional insults in the past can wire your brain into a rigid pattern of catastrophic thinking. Any small indicator can be interpreted as leading to the worst possible scenario. This is a major joy kill.
  • Anxiety and phobias. The stress of emotional traumas activates the fight or flight system, and this stressful response can be triggered repeatedly upon unconscious reminders to the original trauma.
  • Narcissism. This is a compensatory mechanism to block out any reminders of past insults and negative feelings of helplessness and inferiority. The damage this incurs within families and society is incalculable.

For us to be the best that we can be, it is imperative to release these traumas from our systems. One of the best ways to do so is through an energetic approach that raises one’s vitality levels to a point where self-healing takes place. It is essentially retracing the path that you have walked and undoing the cords that have tied you down. This can be done with a nutritional balancing and development program, a multi-modal approach that combines diet, lifestyle, individualised supplementation, a mental exercise and detoxification procedures.

No expensive retreats or seminars are required, and it can be done within the comforts of your own home and in your everyday life. As a nutritional balancing practitioner I have seen how this program changes lives and would heartily recommend this to anyone seeking to heal from emotional traumas.