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Activate your fullest potential

  • Development programs can be a breakthrough for you when:

    1. You fail to get answers from normal medical testing, including blood and urine tests.
    2. You have "medically unexplained" symptoms.
    3. Conventional medicine cannot help much beyond diagnosis and prescibing drugs for symptoms.

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    Why development programs?
  • Development science is completely different from other healing programs in its design and intent.

    Development programs cause development, which is the process of activating one’s complete genetic potential. This results in great wellness, a much stronger body, improved thinking and new abilities.
    Genetic activation
  • For precision and safety, we use hair tissue mineral analysis to assess the balance of the body. Hair analysis is a standard test used for the biological monitoring of trace elements in humans.

    Our hair tests are performed by Analytical Research Labs, Inc. (ARL), the best in the industry.
    Scientific testing
  • In most healing modalities, symptom removal is the primary focus, but deeper imbalances are often not addressed.

    Development programs are designed for deep balancing and healing. Symptom removal follows naturally as a “side effect“.

    Deep healing vs symptom removal
  • Development programs build vitality and life force energy. The more this energy can be enhanced, the healthier anyone will be.

    Development programs build vitality by focusing on nourishing, resting and balancing the body.
    Bioenergetics and Vitality
  • Many types of mental and emotional healing occur with development. These include releasing emotional traumas and improving mental faculties.

    Brain fog, depression, anxieties, panic attacks and phobias respond exceedingly well with a development program. The program is grounding and promotes calm, awareness and healing.
    Mental and emotional healing
  • In a mysterious way, hair minerals expresses the entirety of a person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life.

    There are more than 200 identified hair mineral patterns. Your hair mineral patterns will help you deeply understand yourself.


Development programs has been offered for over 45 years to more than 100,000 people.

The program works on root causes of illnesses, and is superb for most physical, mental and emotional health conditions. These include:


Development Program
Initial Program


Development Program
Retest Program



I am so glad I am on the development program! I am 28 and just had a baby. My baby is healthy, rarely cries, and sleeps well.
My fatigue is gone, brain fog is gone, anemia is gone, hypoglycemia is gone, controlling anxiety is gone, and fears are gone. Life is so rewarding and wonderful now.
As my body has become more full of the vital nutrients I was lacking for most of my life, I have become more fully myself and have been more true to my life's calling.
Now, at age 80, the cancer is gone, my teeth are healing and actually filling in, and I feel like a man of about 40.



Dr. Paul Eck (1925-1996) was a brilliant researcher, clinician and the founder of Analytical Research Laboratories in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Dr. Eck stumbled upon the new assessment method of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis in the early 1970’s and, where others saw it mainly as a way to detect toxic metals, Dr. Eck applied to this finding all of his knowledge of The Stress Theory of Disease (Hans Selye, MD), Metabolic Typing (George Watson, PhD), Autonomic Nervous System Balancing (Melvin Page, DDS), and more. From there he developed Nutritional Balancing Science, also called “The Science of Human Energy”, a new system of healing and a way of balancing the body allowing it to heal itself. Learn more.

​Dr. Lawrence Wilson

​Dr. Lawrence Wilson has a Bachelors of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a medical degree from the Centro De Estudios Universitarios Xochicalco, Ensenada, Mexico.

For over 38 years he has worked as a nutrition consultant, researching development science and supervising others regarding setting up development programs. He learned the basics of this science from Dr. Paul C. Eck, founder of Analytical Research Laboratories, USA. Since Dr. Eck’s passing, he has expanded and refined development science and continues to do so.

Dr. Wilson is the author of four books including the book "Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis", one of the most important and comprehensive books on the subject. He also manages a large website providing a wealth of information on hair analysis and health. Learn more.


Hello I'm Koay Yih Zi, a nutritional balancing practitioner. I work under the mentorship of Dr. Lawrence Wilson providing hair mineral analysis services and development programs. After benefitting greatly from a Development program, I completed a Diploma in Basic Development Science from Westbrook University, USA and would like this share this special program with anyone seeking deep and permanent healing. I serve people around the world via distance consultation. Consultation can be provided in both the English and Chinese languages.