The Vacuum Law of Abundance

In reaching for our desires many of us strive hard, pushing ourselves to exhaustion.

Perhaps a more effective and powerful way is to generate a vacuum. As the saying goes: “All things rush in to fill a vacuum”. The question is: how do we create this vacuum?

Below are 3 ideas:

1. Set an intention to receive

Many of us have subconscious feelings of unworthiness. Instead of choosing to achieve, set an intention to receive all that life has to give. Choose to be the best receiver you can be. This works because of it is a simple and powerful form of self love.

2. Lean back  

Less reaching, more allowing. Chasing after our desires can be ineffective and often brings about a loss of personal power. By leaning back, we stop over functioning and allow life to guide us. You will often find that the wisdom of the universe is far superior to our personal thinking. The things we attract to ourselves through leaning back is usually way better than the prize we were reaching for in the first place.

3. Create spaces

Create spaces in your lives to receive the abundance you desire. Create time spaces, say no to time wasters. Create physical spaces by cleaning out your room. Create social spaces by discerning between those who care and those who do not. Create mental and emotional spaces through meditation. I recommend the pulling down mental exercise. This works amazingly well to help clear old thought and energetic patterns. It will also bring to you clarity so your actions are more powerful and effective.

Hope these concepts are useful to you and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. How has creating a vacuum helped you in your life?



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