Covid-19 – Staying well during a viral epidemic

By Dr. Wilson

18 Feb 2020

New figures from China indicate that the corona virus or Chinese virus, is still spreading in China, and more people elsewhere are also infected. This type of virus is not the most lethal. However, it can cause death in weak, malnourished, toxic bodies. This is a major reason to begin and continue with a development program. This generation has not lived through a major flu epidemic. However, based on how a development program helps with other infections, we we believe anyone who follows this program will be safe.

Details about a development program. A key to this program is to go to bed by 9 PM and get at least 9 hours of rest and sleep daily.

Another key is the development diet. This involves eating loads of properly cooked vegetables – 2-3 cups with each meal. The only food to eat raw is dairy products, which must total no more than 4 ounces daily and are not an important food for development.

Vegetarian diets, fruit-eating and smoothies or shakes are appealing, but we find them to be harmful, no matter how nutritious they are, because they make the body too Yin in macrobiotic terminology. This is confusing because many health authorities recommend them.

Another key is the healing and detoxification procedures we suggest. These are powerful to build health and can help protect the body from viral infections. These are the red heat lamp sauna therapy, reflexology, the spinal twist, coffee enemas and the pulling down exercise.

Other common sense preventive measures. We suggest avoiding all international travel and avoid crowds. This means avoiding places such as movie theaters, sports stadiums, concert halls and all crowded places.

Stay clean, wash your hands often with soap, and wash clothing often. These simple steps can greatly reduce the risk of viral infections.

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