Improved blood pressure, cholesterol and urea acid levels

I have been following the program about a year so far. Have seen improvements in my yearly blood test where my blood pressure, cholesterol level and also urea acid measurement have seen improvement. At the same time, my weight levels have decreased to a healthier BMI. Overall diet, supplements and also infrared sauna seems to be helpful.

YY Koay
34 years old
Feb 2020

Healthier joints, improved digestion and weight maintenance

After I had cancer stage 1B, I had hysterectomy but no chemotherapy.  At that time, I was ignorant about the rules of healthy living.  I wanted to improve my immune system so I visited many holistic doctors such as Ayurveda, homeopathy and TCM (Chinese medical).  Most of them prescribed herbal medicine or certain liquid in the case of homeopathy.  So I thought I  only have to consume what the doctors gave me and then there was no need for lifestyle change.

I later learnt that that is not true.  From Ayurveda doctors and reading up on their belief, I realised that my lack of sleep and late to bed was one of the major factors.  I ate lots of fruits as I thought they were good for my body.  As ageing kicked in, disconcerting symtoms appeared.  Achy knee joint, finger joint and neck were part of those sign of all was not well.  I had lots of gas in my tummy, constant farting (no one knows how to deal with it) constipation and poor digestion.

After I got into the Nutritional Balancing Programme (NBP), my health problems slowly reduced drastically with retracing in between. It is really tough at first in terms of time, effort and awkward socially eating in unconventional way.  I love all the sweet stuff e.g. dessert, ice cream and chocolate.  I had a really hard time reducing them to a minimum.  Then there was the effort to buy, wash and cut (prep) the vegetable and to source for good quality meat.  I was lazy to do more so I pressure cooked my food sprinkled with a little sea salt.  It seems very bland compared to the ‘delicious’ commercially prepared food.  However, after some time, I was able to see and feel the difference.  After a NBP meal, my stomach didn’t feel saturated.  Noticed that most of the food sold in the stalls were carbohydrate (rice or noodle) and meat, very little vegetable.

I next went into the detoxifying programme.  The red light therapy helped reduced and broke down the calcium deposit around my joint.  The coffee enema  helped to clear the gas in my tummy and cleared my colon and digestive tract.  Initially, I was skirmish about trying the coffee enema but through viewing the procedure shared by some on the youtube, I managed to get a hang of it.  After each of these sessions, my tummy and joints all feel much better.  Now I do 2 coffee enema each day – back to back.  I added 15 mins of stretching exercises and spinal twist to align my body.  All in all, took 2 hours to finish the program.  Couldn’t find more time, so I did the pushing down exercise while doing the half or 3/4 hour sauna.  Pushing down exercise helps me to be aware how distracted my mind is and my lack of focus.  It is a simple and effective way to improve my level of concentration in whatever I do.

What is the effect the whole NBP?  While my friends eating the traditional diet or eating out most of the time, put on more weight, my weight did not increase.  The NBP seems like a solid program that covers all aspect of health with no pretentious short cut.  No effort, no gain.  If I were to attend music class and don’t practise, I won’t be able to play the instrument  or if I keep reading about being successful without ever venturing into it, naturally nothing substantial will come out of it.  Likewise, if we only read and listen about the program without implementing the knowledge into our lives, the status of our health will not improve.

With such a good program, naturally, I would love to share it with others but in reality I know that many prefer the short cut and would not opt for a program that requires effort and time.  Most would rather be entertained for 2 hours than to spend it on improving their health (which most take for granted) unless they fall seriously ill with little hope of cure.  Moreover to change a lifestyle and diet habit can be very difficult unless the person is ‘sharp’ enough to figure out the benefit of such a program plus have the discipline to carry out what they sense is good for them.  Each time I hear and see my friends having sudden critical illness/disease or dying, I am glad that I have this program to guide me in taking care of my health.

The change didn’t come straightaway, I add on a little when I see improvement in my health.  After 2 years on the program, I have embraced more items in the program despite resistance from some family members who are critical of my new diet.  I don’t follow it 100% all the time.  Personally, those who are fortunate and blessed will be able to find this program and will gain much from the unselfishness and research of Dr. Lawrence Wilson, late Dr. Eck and their team of doctors who have put much effort into this NBP and sharing it.

EH Tan
64 years old
Feb 2020

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