Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can be a breakthrough for you, especially if:

1. You fail to get answers from normal medical testing, including blood and urine tests.

2. You have “medically unexplained” symptoms.

3. Conventional medicine cannot help much beyond diagnosis and prescibing drugs for symptoms.

Blood tests and urine tests provide important information, but they only evaluate the fluids in the body. The blood’s minerals and contents are kept within strict limits. Your hair, on the other hand is a safe place for your body to dump out excess metals and toxins, since the contents of your hair will not interact with any other body systems.

Hair is much better as predicting trends which may lead to future disease. Imbalances in minerals tend to show up in the hair well before they would ever present in the blood. If you want to uncover metabolic dysfunctions, mineral imbalances and heavy metal poisoning; a hair tissue mineral analysis can give you a much clearer picture.

What can Hair Mineral Analysis Reveal?

  • Lifestyle imbalances
  • Dietary problems
  • The metabolic type
  • The energy and vitality level
  • Gland and organ activity
  • Carbohydrate tolerance
  • Toxic metal assessment
  • Reducing guesswork in recommending diets, nutritional supplementation and detoxification methods
  • Trends or tendencies for over 60 common health conditions
  • Psychological/emotional assessment.


More can be revealed such as movement patterns, which have to do with a person’s current activities in relation to the person’s progress through life. Other things include the stage of stress, autonomic nervous system assessment and trauma patterns.

A hair mineral analysis test is the starting point and basis for a full development program designed to balance, rebuild and detoxify your body.

If you would like to obtain a hair mineral analysis, you may explore the packages below, or contact us to learn more.