By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

  1. Reduce stress wherever you can by living simply. Also, do your best to live and work in a safe location with clean air, peace and quiet. Try to do work that you enjoy, and do your best to surround your self with people and things you enjoy.
  2. More rest is critical for most people. Do your best to get 9-10 or more hours of sleep every night.  Also, getting to sleep early, between 8 and 9 PM, will give you the most restful night’s sleep.  Naps are also excellent, as you may feel tired, at times, as healing occurs.
  3. Gentle exercise only is best with a development program because it will help conserve most of your energy for healing. Limit your exercise to gentle walking, hiking, bicycling or perhaps swimming in lakes, oceans or rivers but not pools, due to toxic chemicals and infections.

Although some health authorities will disagree, it is not necessary to exercise vigorously.  Even Kenneth Cooper, the founder of aerobics, discovered this after a number of people dropped dead of heart attacks during vigorous exercise routines.

Most people are 1) exhausted, and 2) unhealthy.  As a result, vigorous exercise may feel good, but just stresses the body severely and is not a good idea.

  1. Breathing.Do deep breathing every day for at least 15-30 minutes.
  2. Try to minimize sexual fluid loss.This means to limit regular sex to no more than once a week, and less if you are tired or debilitated.
  3. Sunshine.Sun exposure for 10 to 20 minutes daily is very good.  Do not stay in the sun for hours, as this is toxic, even if you wear sunscreen.  Most suncreens are toxic, so please do not use them.
  4. Reduce toxic exposures.Reduce all chemicals on your skin such as perfumes, cologne, lotions, etc.  Also beware of lawn chemicals, pesticides, solvents, paints, and other toxins.  Use only natural products with as few chemicals in them as possible.
  5. Root canal-filled teeth.Root canal-filled teeth almost always harbor serious infection, even if you cannot feel it. Most often, it is best to have the tooth removed.  This can be extremely important in order to regain and maintain your health.  It is essential if you have cancer.
  6. Silver amalgam dental fillings.If you have silver amalgam dental fillings, begin now to have them replaced, preferably with composite resin fillings.  The silver amalgams contain mercury that is extremely toxic.

Also, do not get fluoride treatments and do not get metal braces on your teeth.  The metal usually contains nickel, a potent toxin.

  1. Minimize electromagnetic pollution.Try to use a wired land telephone, rather than a cell phone.  If you must use a cell or portable phone, hold it away from your head or use a headset or speakerphone.

Turn off all electrical devices when you sleep, and keep them as far away as possible from you at all times.

  1. Minimize and preferably avoid using all medical drugs and most over-the-counter drugs. Most are toxic.