ARL Hair mineral analysis lab report with practitioner summary

The ARL hair mineral analysis report is currently the most accurate and gives a comprehensive analysis on the market today. The report will indicate mineral deficiencies and metal toxicity and possibly reasons for symptoms. Dietary and supplement suggestions, as well as other advice, is also made in line with the findings. Once ordered an easy to follow kit is sent to you in the post.


You will receive in soft copy:

  • a report graph of 15 major minerals and 6 major toxins and full report analysis of the results and a suggested supplement program
  • easy to understand summary notes of the results from a nutritional balancing practitioner
  • a computer generated lab summary of the findings
  • Option to upgrade to a personalised development program designed by hair analysis expert Dr. Lawrence Wilson
  • 20% off supplements from Endo-met when ordered as my client

Once you have ordered then a kit will be sent to you with full clear instructions on how to take the sample and how to send the kit to the lab.

If you don’t already have a practitioner and would like to consult with us directly and become our client, please upgrade to a Development Program. This will provide you with a bespoke personalised plan, as well as a hair analysis, to cover and educate you on correct diet, full supplement program, detoxification, lifestyle and mindfulness training.  Our programs are based on methodologies developed from 40 years of research to help you improve and regain health and vitality.

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