Full Development Program – Retest Program

A retest hair mineral analysis report and an updated development program covering diet, supplements, detoxification procedures and lifestyle – all under the guidance of Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

Guidance provided to explain the plan and results via video call, followed by email support until your next hair analysis retest. (every 3/4 months to monitor progress).  Once ordered an easy to follow hair test kit will be sent in the post.



  • Hair sample kit to be mailed to you 
  • 25 page booklet hair test lab report, updated program and analysis of changes since previous test.
  • 45 minutes video call going over your results and program
  • Email support until retest completed within 3 to 4 months after initial test
  • 20% off supplements from Endo-met when ordered as my client

The process takes a few weeks depending on when we receive the required forms back and when you mail your hair sample to the lab.


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