A Development program is a powerful combination of diet, targeted supplements, meditation, lifestyle and detoxification; tailored for you based on hair tissue mineral analysis. This program is one of the most powerful natural healing programs available, especially for difficult health conditions. This is because it is not focused on symptom elimination and rather works to to bring about the expression of a person’s full genetic potential. Over time the program gives much better health, greater toxin elimination, improved immune response, faster regeneration of the body and increased brain power. All our clients’ programs are individually designed by Dr. Lawrence Wilson, a foremost authority on nutritional balancing based on hair mineral analysis.

“I’m in a constant state of appreciation for this program.  The deepest, most incredible healing is possible if you’re belief in this program is as strong as mine.  Save yourself the ridiculous amount of money that I spent for healthcare, books, supplements, vegan diet, blood type diet, etc.  Instead, start a development program today.”

– Client testimonial JF, USA

Overview of the Development Program

Hair Analysis

The program begins with a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). HTMA measures the levels of 21 minerals deposited in your hair tissue. This test provides vital information on your cellular activity and assesses the physical and psychological state of your body.


The dietary recommendations are based on the findings in your hair analysis. For everyone, a large base of cooked vegetables is recommended. Additionally, your body requires specific amounts and types of protein, healthy fats, and, for some, limited grains. Specific types and amounts of drinking water are also recommended. The diet is the most important part of the program.

Customised Supplements

Customised supplements are given to balance the ratios indicated by your hair test. Food today simply does not provide the nutrition we need, making supplementation necessary for everyone. Shotgun supplementing based on symptoms is often inaccurate and expensive, and can negatively influence your health. We give as few supplements as possible with an emphasis on safety, cost, and efficacy.


There are a few procedures at home that greatly enhance the body’s ability to eliminate toxins, both biological and chemical. These include near infrared light sauna therapy, coffee enemas, spinal twists, deep breathing, accupressure and skin brushing. Our clients report that they come to enjoy both the procedures and the results.


A powerful component of the program is a pulling down mental exercise that moves energy straight downward from your head to below your feet. This exercise grounds the mind and enhances the natural flow of life energy. Over time it develops the will, heals emotional and mental traumas, and rejuvenates the entire body and brain.


Your daily habits including sleep, relaxation, mental attitudes, and sun exposure all impact your wellness and affect the rate at which your body can heal. We coach you through simple changes that can make a huge difference in your progress.



After 3-5 months, we recommend retesting your hair for an updated program. As you continue on the program different mineral imbalances will be revealed. An up-to-date program will ensure you are targeting your current imbalances and giving your body what it needs to continue to move forward.

Next Steps…

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