Development science is simple and powerful.
How is it different from other healing modalities?

Genetic activation

Development is the special process of activating one’s complete genetic potential. This results in extreme wellness, a much stronger body, improved thinking and new abilities.  Development is your birthright, but this rarely occurs due to nutritional depletion and toxicity.

Our development programs causes faster development, and are based on hair tissue mineral analysis. The program includes diet, nutritional supplements, lifestyle, as well as detoxification and healing procedures.  Learn more.

Scientific TESTING

For precision and safety, our development programs are based on hair tissue mineral analysis. Hair mineral analysis is a standard test used around the world for the biological monitoring of trace elements and toxic metals in humans.

Our hair tests are performed by Analytical Research Labs, Inc. (ARL), the best in the industry. They use the most advanced instrumentation available, the Perkin Elmer ICP-MS nexION 2000B Mass Spectrometer to assess mineral levels in parts per million or parts per billion. Learn more.

Deep healing vs symptom removal

In most healing modalities, symptom removal is the primary focus. The problem is that symptoms often point to deeper imbalances that are not addressed.

Development programs are designed for deep healing, which involves restoring the body’s energy production system, its minerals ratios and more. Symptom removal occurs as a “side effect“ of these programs.

Deep healing is not a quick fix. In the long run, however, it saves time and money, and is far more rewarding. Learn more.


Our 20+ pages hair mineral analysis report and consultation sessions will help you develop self-understanding.

In a mysterious way, the hair of the head ‘conforms to’ the brain wave patterns of a person and this expresses the entirety of a person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life.

Over 40 years of research, we have identified more than 200 hair mineral patterns. Studying the patterns teaches one so much about the body and mind that it is one of the most rewarding studies imaginable. Learn more.

Mental and emotional healing

Many types of mental and emotional healing occur with development. These include releasing emotional traumas, reducing emotional excesses and improving cognition, memory and other mental faculties. Many people today suffer from brain fog, depression, anxieties, panic attacks, phobias. Most of these respond exceedingly well with a development program.

We also work to help a person let go of toxic emotions including anger, resentment, unfounded fears and envy. These activate the sympathetic nervous system and deplete vital nutrients. Learn more.

Bioenergetics or Vitality

In development science, vitality is defined as the amount of life force energy that a person has. The more this energy can be enhanced, the healthier anyone will be.

Many seemingly energetic people live on stimulants such as sugar, drugs or caffeine.  It is important to realise that vitality is not the same as being energetic, which often means one is over-stimulated.

Building vitality is absolutely required to restore health. We approach this by paying attention to lifestyle, diet, sleep and by balancing certain mineral ratios. Learn more.